Wednesday, March 27, 2013

the gay stuff.

i know everyone is posting their opinion about gay rights and what not...and i am too. hey-o. but mostly this is for me, to figure out how i feel about the whole thing. stop reading now if you don't wanna hear confused jabber of a 23 year old on things i don't understand.

first of all, im a mormon with a strong testimony of the gospel and believe in marriage between a man and a woman. it is sacred and God designed it that way so we could take part in the creation of babes so they could come to the earth to experience their test. We are given the opportunity to CREATE..and that is ONLY possible through a man and a woman. a weewee and a hooha. IM SORRY BUT ITS TRUE. joking aside, it is a divine power given to us. a gay couple cannot create babes. yes they can adopt...(which i also feel strongly about because i was a hospital social worker and saw a lot of couples neglect and abuse their babies..and i think a gay couple who loves and cares for their child is OBVIOUSLY better than a straight couple abusing their kids. thats me at least.)

i also have gay friends and accquaintances. i never really did until a few years ago..and when i started to love them- i started to understand on a deeper level how unfair it is that people treat them the way they do.. If anyone EVER crossed any one of my friends who are homosexual, i'd be livid. if they discriminated against them or did anything to harm would hurt me as well, just like anyone else hurting a friend who is different would affect me and i'd wanna throat punch them. its not fair for one person to treat another person wrongly, no matter what. bullying and discrimination is wrong.

i believe that people of a different sexual orientation should be allowed many of the things that are being denied to them right now. joint visits to see their partner...being able to be a part of the estate in their partners will...etc. i don't think those things should be denied.

and then we get to marriage. because i support rights of these HUMANS-just like us- doesn't mean i support the marriage part. its tough..because if i supported the marriage part..the right to legally be bound to your partner...i personally feel that would be blatantly going against my belief in the sanctity of marriage between a man and a woman. i dont think denying legal marriage to a same sex couple is an awful thing.....they can still be together. but i can understand how they feel discriminated against. but...if i supported gay marriage, i would be supporting the lifestyle that is counseled to stay away from by the church i love. it KINDA would be like me supporting a woman who is trying to make it legal in our church for girls to have the priesthood.
no. don't get me started on that because that IS an issue and it makes me crazy.
anyway, if i supported gay marriage, it would be disrespectful to Heavenly Father....because what he says...goes. no questions asked. in my mind, that is the final answer.

my belief of not letting gay people marry each other isnt a strong belief of taking away rights from someone. its a strong belief of heavenly fathers counsel about marriage between a man and a woman.

i may get ridiculed for these statements...thats okay. thats the thing. I have been hesitant to voice my feelings on this, because no matter what i say, someone isnt going to like it. its going to be wrong in someones eyes. isnt it hard to say how you feel, without possibly offending someone or coming off the wrong way?
its hard. FRICK.
i'm probs going to offend at least one person and the worth of my character may be tarnished because I feel like the government shouldn't change what our forefathers fought for...they were men of God. they wanted people to be treated equally...but were men of God and believed in the institution of marriage between a man and a woman.

I am not saying gay individuals cannot be 'men of god' or unspiritual or anything like that. no way jose! i believe being gay is both nature/nurture. mostly nature, and nurturing those feelings moves their lifestyle choices along.  

i feel really strongly about gay mormons....we believe it is their trial in this life, and they are encouraged to keep coming to church, fight those urges, and stay celibate...because THIS is their trial. this is their test. how hard would that be? it would be extremely difficult. it makes me ache to know that they may feel trapped and lonely and won't be able to have the companionship that they TRULY desire. its hard for me. i dont think anyone should be lonely and not feel love and companionship and that makes me wanna CRYYYYYYY. thats a lot of years facing one trial...and feeling alone. and being counseled to not act on your desires from your church leaders you love. but people follow that counsel. and they get through it, and live happy lives.

Heavenly Father knows best. i dont understand why people would argue with that. many of my mormon friends support gay marriage..and i don't really know why, other than the conviction of not taking away rights from others. for me, i couldn't be okay with that because the church is firm and clear about what we believe. but i dont judge my mormon friends for believing that. thats their belief. everyone is entitled to that.

all i know, is everyone should RESPECT and love each other, no matter what their sexual orientation is. Homosexual people should not be ridiculed, hurt, bullied, etc because guess what.. you dont know what its like. you don't know how it feels. and neither do i.

what do i know? im a straight mormon girl with my own views and opinions..and i stand by my beliefs.
so..yes im traditional. but that doesnt mean i'm an awful person for believing that only a man and a woman should be married...because thats the whole point of life. so many of us traditional people are being ridiculed. it sucks.

i dont wanna open a can of worms. so pleeeeeeease dont comment a debate. these are just my thoughts.


it doesn't make sense to me any other way.