Monday, February 21, 2011

hipster disney princesses

thank you to my sister tami for introducing me to these gems. rofl.
i really do not like hipsters... or thick glasses... or people who wear ripped clothes on purpose. quit trying so hard to discover everything before everyone else, and dont try so hard to look like you havent showered for at least 17 days. it makes me wanna slap ya across the face.

 hipster princesses=funny

follow me for other rofling pictures i post way too much :)

in other news:

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Tami said...

Ga ha ha ha ha. You are so welcome. I hadn't seen half of these yet.

Jo said...

Psshhhahah Pocohanota's (ok obviously can't spell) scarf is my favorite. I enjoy our like minded-ness

Christy Marie said...


Engchik said...

awesome. my ex bf and i just had a convo about which disney princess i am most like. i did like miss R in Tangled!

Mattie (also known as your fairy princess) said...

Not only do I loves these but I made a few myself, so far I made a handful of hispter Jasmines but I have to say the Belle one is perfection, tour-de-force in ironic-hispter-snobbery :)


Kelly Bryson said...

Ouch about Urban Outfitters. My sister works at one, but thank goodness, I'm not as cool as her;) Funny post- Mer_barnes linked to it on Twitter.

Anonymous said...

This is hilarious. Totally made my day!

Anonymous said...

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