Thursday, May 22, 2008


20 Years Ago
i wasnt even alive.

10 Years Ago
i was 8 years old. i know right. i was in Mrs. Perez's third grade class and definately was the teachers pet. i'd write poems and give them to mrs prerez, but i entitled them, "to the class", so really i just wanted her to read them out loud so all my other friends would be jealous of my poetry writing skills. and i was super fat.

5 Years Ago
i was thirteen. in the seventh grade i believe? yes i think so. i had just met my two best friends in jr high, brooke and christy, and was coming out of my shell. i was hott stuff in jr high, and had a boyfriend, whom now is referred to He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named.

1 Year Ago
i was seventeen, finishing up jr year. i had absolutely no love interests, and those were the days where all of my friends got along. now its a battle ground. and some of us arent on speaking terms anymore. sad. also that summer i had the best job of my life, a nurse's assistant at the hospital. i love people with alzhimers.

So far this Year
I've been in advanced theater, and got closer to my two new sisters, alexa and natalee falk. advanced theater has changed my life, and i've met so many people because of it. i've dated a few people here and there, but i must say this is the last time i'll ever date anyone younger than me. ever. i figured out where im going to college and starting off on a new road.

i was up late writing. oh and also, finishing the rest of harry potter six, my new obsession. i need to start book seven. yesterday i was really emotional and ate all the chocolate i could find in my house... i ran some pictures to this mans house for a macbeth poster we are getting a teacher, and then i sobbed about how theater is about to end.

This Year
i will start USU in august. also, i'll attend two of my very best friends weddings.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

my last play

Today i did my last play with my advanced theater class. i started bawling right before i went on. so i looked like a pregnant smoker who was emotionally unstable. it was really hard. basically i'll blog about it later. thats all.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

live dangerously

mom: "come on. lets go walk ozzie."
dad: "its ten thirty.."
mom: "we'll take a flashlight. live dangerously."

edward cullen= future husband

i wouldnt be opposed to dating a vampire. judge me if you must for being in love with a fictional character.


Tuesday, May 13, 2008

woot woot.

today i got my young womens in excellence thing. i was doing my experiences like an hour before i got it. i procrastinate my life. woot woot. next up: graduating highschool.

Monday, May 12, 2008

yay! she blogged.

This is my amazing theater teacher, Andra. (dont judge me because im a theater geek.) so basically, today... i skipped seminary because we had a sketchy sub and im not graduating i hopped my way on over to andras room to chill out. we got a talkin about how she doesnt have a blog, so i helped her create one. To be quite honest, it was one of the funnier hour and a halves i've ever had in my life. she was quite excited about her new blogspace. when i helped her write her profile, she of course put it my words of wisdom: "im a hot mom with a killer personality" i made the comment that we sounded like 13 year old girls giggling and chatting about her blog, and her other students in the class probably thought we were acting like pre-teens as well..awkward? no. hilarious? yes. it was awesome. andra teaches advanced theater, the only class i dont want to end. it has completely changed my life and im quite sure i'll blog about it later. i cant think of it ending right now or i'll get all sentimental like. andra is by far my favorite teacher at davis. shes a wonderful teacher and a wonderful friend and i look up to her so much.. oh and she has ADORABLE kids.

im gonna miss her when i graduate.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

tetherballs and fish.

so today during childcare, we took a little walk to the park. after telling the children not to pick up the rolly pollies, and to get off peoples lawns, we arrived at the playground. one of the little girls, jackie, went over to the tether balls and started playing. i played with her, and remembered how awesome i used to be. i hit it, and it accidentally hit her in the head. when i walked away, i looked back and saw her purposefully hitting herself in the head with the tether ball, and giggling at herself. when i went back, she told me to 'do a high one'. so i then proceeded to do an illegal bottle cap. yes, they are illegal in the game of tetherball. sure enough, it brought me back to the days of glenmoor elementary. i remember many times getting hit in the face, and running to the school nurse, Mrs. Dung, for ice (seriously.) when really it didnt even hurt that bad, it really just was a slap in the face and a hard hit to my 8 year old ego. i just wanted to ice bag to suck on because it was hot outside.

also, today i went fishing with my best friend alexa. she caught 6, and i caught 4. all of a sudden out of nowhere, come two attractive cowboys, when sure enough, i catch another one. as their horses are approaching, im reelin it in hard but am trying not to fall in. as they come by, they say, "we can wait.." and i stupidly say, "oh its ok dont worry about it." then they said.. "umm watch out.. your fish is tangled.." i look over, and my line is caught in a little bush, with my fish tangled up and banging its head on the sticks. embarassing, i know. even more embarassing though, was when a few fisherman asked me what bait i used, but i didnt hear them, so i just said. "we caught ten." then they repeated the question, which i didnt hear, and said, "rainbow." they looked at me awkwardly, and i said, "K have fun BYE!"

embarassing moments define my life.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

quote of the day..

my family was reading scriptures tonight..

chelle: " and it came to pass, that in the days of---"
(looks of bewilderment from me, dad, and chelle)
mom: "sorry, ozzie licked my shoe. keep going."