Monday, May 12, 2008

yay! she blogged.

This is my amazing theater teacher, Andra. (dont judge me because im a theater geek.) so basically, today... i skipped seminary because we had a sketchy sub and im not graduating i hopped my way on over to andras room to chill out. we got a talkin about how she doesnt have a blog, so i helped her create one. To be quite honest, it was one of the funnier hour and a halves i've ever had in my life. she was quite excited about her new blogspace. when i helped her write her profile, she of course put it my words of wisdom: "im a hot mom with a killer personality" i made the comment that we sounded like 13 year old girls giggling and chatting about her blog, and her other students in the class probably thought we were acting like pre-teens as well..awkward? no. hilarious? yes. it was awesome. andra teaches advanced theater, the only class i dont want to end. it has completely changed my life and im quite sure i'll blog about it later. i cant think of it ending right now or i'll get all sentimental like. andra is by far my favorite teacher at davis. shes a wonderful teacher and a wonderful friend and i look up to her so much.. oh and she has ADORABLE kids.

im gonna miss her when i graduate.

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