Tuesday, December 30, 2008

happy birthday, sweet nineteen.

december 29...
alas, the day has come where i turn 19. ten years ago i was nine. ten years more and i'll be 29. however, i still feel like i'm five. and my family would agree i act like i'm five, as well.

i had a wonderful, wonderful day today. i usually cry every year on my birthday, because some misfortunate event happens. a break up....a fight... whatever it is, i end up crying. so, hoping for a better day.......i crossed my fingers the night before.

i slept in to my hearts content and it was great. woke up at two... watched some tv..announced to the household it was my birthday.. showered.. got ready..presents..dinner..movie.. the highlights definitely were as follows though:

first of all, while opening presents, i realized i got everything i wanted...some without even telling my mom. wow. yeah. sweet man. righteous. happy birthday to me.

the birthday dinner to olive garden was especially entertaining. everyone had about 5 rounds of salad and bread sticks, and a wonderful dinner peppered with booth family hilarity. the conversation topic varied from burglaries throughout the past, to a poor man at the airport who i encountered....who didn't realize that he still had the tissue on his face, from his cut he recieved while shaving that morning. when my family is all together, they usually get really embarrassed of me and my comments...and ask themselves where i came from...but it was my birthday today, so pretty much anything i said, had to fly. because all day i used the term, "its my birthday."

seeing a few birthday cakes and hearing the olive garden staff sing its sweet song to other partying guests, made me want some of that glorious birthday cake. so, i made my dad tell the waittress that it was my birthday. of course, i was very excited to recive a free slice of chocolate cheesecake. little did i know what i was in for.

they brought out of the kitchen, about 3 people to sing. and a candle. a lone, single candle, stuck in a flimsy straw. oh but dont worry, they let me hold it. then, after their song, they took it away. i expected more of you olive garden. thanks for nothing.

anyway, after dinner we proceeded on our way back to kaysville. but, my dad, having parked on an inclined hill, seemed to realize that we were sort of stuck, nose first between some snow and the curb. he of course made everyone get out, and a few people push while he revved that big red minivans engine and tried to back out, fighting with gravity. while this episode was taking place, the whole right side of olive gardens customers dining at this huge window, were staring out at us, laughing hysterically at our situation. yes, we got out. and yes, i hope they enjoyed the sight of 6 giggling women at their frustrated driver.

then i went to the movies with my bff christy. we saw...the curious case of benjamin button...that one movie with hot brad pitt in it. umm, i'll let you see that and then tell me what you think. but lets just say, it was curious. but he is definately not ugly.

i had a wonderful birthday. got wonderful birthday wishes. happy nineteenth. no tears. no fights. no breakups. just spending time with the people i love :)

Saturday, December 27, 2008

quote of the day...

"I sort of just accidentally dated him..."
"How was it an accident?"
"It just was."


best part of the christmas vacation:

-7 pairs of matching pajamas
-gingerbread house making competition involving: noahs arc, hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry, and the secret garden... (just to name a few)
-playing christmas carols on the piano...one handed if needed due to lack of practice
-a fierce game of apples to apples where my father used the phrase: 'no fair'
-one whole day of wonderful mini helecopter flying..until it broke
-great christmas food including a broccoli christmas tree with mini tomato ornaments (thanks mom)
-annoying family pictures that we will appreciate later
-impersonating jimmy stewart while we watched 'its a wonderful life'

i love being home. i have a wonderful life.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Friday, December 19, 2008

baby jett.

On Dec 16, Jett Michael Miller was born!! His mom, Whitney, has been one of my best friends for the past few years now. shes such a good girl and will be such a great mommy. this is my favorite quote from her..
"you know down in lake powell how you catch those lizards and their tails fall off? but then they grow back? its like i'm growing a lizard! but its a human! and i'm two people right now!!!" (haha ohhhh whit..)

he is 9 lbs. 3 oz! and was a week early. go team!

what a cute little baby boy! its wierd because a week ago i was feeling him kick in whits tummy, and now i get to hold him! i cant wait to watch him grow up :) i love babies!

Monday, December 15, 2008

happy christmas break.

i was at a work party with my good friend matt...and as he was silently telling me the dirt on everyone.. "thats jose, he looks like hes eighteen but he's forty.. thats chuck and his socially awkward wife cindy... he smells so dont even walk by him.. and thats monte, the crazy 70 year old guy who brings in candy to work." then i hear monte and his wife discussing some novel made into a movie... and someone said,
"monte, you saw that chick flick, twilight!?"
then looked at us with crazy eyes, pumped his fist in the air and laughed hysterically as he said..
"i saw it twice, and i'll see it again a hoohahahaohaohahHAAA!!!!"
it reminded me of the crazy hispanic grandpa off the proud family.
his wife was absolutely beaming, as if she'd done her job perfectly.

anyways, merry christmas. enjoy.

p.s... does anyone think he looks like a mix between 'data' off star trek and al borland?

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

quote of the day...

"if he was two inches taller and didn't have a lazy eye, he'd be my dream guy." -meg

Friday, December 5, 2008

quote of the day..

so, i saw this painting on pride and prejudice.. and the figures were not clothed at all. and this is the conversation that followed..

nicole: why was everyone always naked in the paintings back then?
dad: it was the style
mom: ...perverts.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

i find it funny for some reason.

i dont know why i find these pictures of cats using bad grammar so funny. i can laugh at these forever. enjoy.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

visit to the grandparents...

we went to the grandparents house last night..andddd it was one of the funnier visits. my grandma and grandpa knew eachother when they were little kids, so they grew up together. they dated in highschool then got married after that.... but hearing the stories that they tell about eachother are priceless. especially when my grandma adds in snippy little comments that my grandpa ignores with a wave of the hand. gotta love it. also gotta love when my grandpa talks about those "evil left wing commies".

grandma: "You were meaner than tar when you were a little boy!!!"
(grandpa thinks for a moment with a smile on his face.)
grandpa: ".... i was." (belly laugh)


when asked to grandpa... "who was your first girlfriend?"
his reply..
"Grade school i was smitten with Sally Hawkins. She lived in Edgemont so it went nowhere. In the 7th grade, it was Bonnie Evans. She moved. No one serious after that till Mary. We sat next to eachother in Iva Reynolds english class."
(if you know my grandpa.. somehow thats funnier.)

(my grandma claims he started pulling her pig tails in class...but grandpa denies it. then they later fell in love. Gilbert Blithe anyone?) cuuuute old people!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

mmm thanksgiving

i didnt realize how much i truly appreciate my home until i left. i didnt know i'd miss it so much!! i didnt know i'd miss driving down main street and passing the library and little tiny theater.. i didnt know i'd miss having my dad walk in everyday from work asking me what i learned in school that day.. or i didnt know i'd miss walking in the door and telling my dog to shut up. hahahah. i didnt know i'd miss early morning family prayer either! (i actually was pretty positive i wouldnt miss that. but i do.) i love being home. i love the feeling i get when im in kaysville. i love seeing old friends and hugging them tight and getting flashbacks of laughing so hard we could have died. good times.

i love coming home and doing anything i can for my mom while she's sick. she's devoted her whole life to her kids, and now its finally our turn to take care of her. she is such a strong woman... i look up to her more than anyone. im so greatful that chemotherapy exists. even though its so hard to see my mom sick, i know she is getting better. im so glad doctors are so smart. my mom is amazing.

i love the holidays so i can stuff my face with my family and sit around our kitchen table. im so thankful for so many things. heres a few...
-my family. my dad is the hardest working man i know and my mom is the most self-less person on this planet. my sisters are my best friends...basically, family is everything to me.
-the gospel. where would i be without it?
-my home. the happiest place on earth. (disney land has nothin on us booths.)
-education.i never wanted to go to college growing up. ever ever. im the laziest person ever. but i knew that when i decided to go, i was so lucky that i actually had a chance to further my education. "the only thing you can take with you from your time here on earth, is knowledge"
-a free country. we can worship how we want, live how we want, choose what we want, express ourselves how we want, become anything we want.. God bless America. Seriously.
-good friends. this year, i've learned that alot of friends come and go. but everyone who has came into my life has been there for a reason. i know i've found some life long friendships though. i've been influenced by so many people, and i'm so thankful i've had the friendships i've had. "its not about who you've known the longest, its about who came into your life and never left." That quote seems to get me by lately.

there is sooo much more. i'd go on about this forever if i could. life sucks alot of the time.. but when i step back and look at what i have, i feel so blessed. i'm a lucky girl.

Monday, November 24, 2008

okay okay, twilight.

so yes, its time. i'm going to take down my wall of half fake embarassment and talk about this.
twilight or twilight movie Pictures, Images and Photos
i read twilight a few years ago annnnd was super stoked that there was a movie coming out. in fact, my sisters and i would sometimes twi-stalk on the internet, finding out new details about it. we were stoked to see how this amazing teenage-hearthrob book would come out on the big screens. since everyone has done this, i'll do it as well.

what i liked about this movie..

-Jasper Cullen may be the funniest movie character ever. edward scissor hands anyone? i did not picture him like this. and laughed my arse off at him. probably the best character ever.

-How edward would laugh at the people's thoughts around him. "Money.. sex... money.. cat.." CAT!? hahahahhaha i laughed out loud for five minutes after he showed the creepy mans face thinking 'cat'.

-Edward in his ray ban sunglasses... when he puts his arm around bella and lets her know 'i'm going to hell anyways..' loved it. probably most in love with him at that moment.

-Baseball scene.. not as cheesy as i thought it'd be. i liked it. there.

-fricking mike and eric. they were hilarious.

-Charlie having about 3647238x more awkward moments in the movie with bella, than in the book.

-The biology scene when edward first sees bella. he almost vomited. hahahhahahaha stinky bella.

-Claire de Lune. (yes britt, my fav too :) )

what i didn't like..

-Edwards sparkly skin and him jumping around like Zaboomafoo the leamer. in the book it doesnt seem so goofy somehow.. but when put on screen.. i couldnt stop laughing.

-How they left out some of the cutest parts. like when edward and bella kissed by the jeep. or how bella and jacob didnt sit at their spot on the beach. how will they do it in the next movie now that they left it out!? but hey, what can ya do.

-The vampires hilarious run. a 'moon run' if you will. hahahahah just seeing their legs killed me. (thank you megan for laughing hysterically with me in the theater)

-they seemed to fall in love too fast. and bella didnt seem like she loved him.

-Jacob's 5 dollar wig he probably bought at 'Honks Dollar Store'.

-How bella smiled maybe ONCE in the whole movie.

-Edwards creepy stare he did too much. he needed to look at her more tenderly, please...even though he wanted to kill her. come on. too much creepy stare-age rob.

-How bella said she 'wasnt afraid', but looked like she wanted to crap her pants in the woods.

-stephanie being in the movie? awk.

if you've read all of this.. (kirk, brit, amylee, shleby, tami and probably kristin too... you are so twi-hardish.) i hope i'll like it more the second time. they did only have 36 mil budget. but oh well.

Monday, November 17, 2008

quote of the day..

"For beautiful eyes, look for the best in others.
For beautiful lips, speak only words of kindness.
For poise, walk with the knowledge that you are never alone."

audrey hepburn Pictures, Images and Photos

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

quote of the day

"Fearless is not the absence of fear. it's not being completely unafraid. To me, fearless is having fears. Fearless is having doubts. Lots of them. To me, fearless is living in spite of those things that scare you to death. Fearless is falling madly in love again, even though you've been hurt before. Fearless is getting back up and fighting for what you want over and over again... even though every time you've tried before, you've lost. It's fearless to have faith that someday things will change. Fearless is having the courage to say goodbye to someone who only hurts you, even if you can't breathe without them. I think it's fearless to fall for your best friend, even though he's in love with someone else. And when someone apologizes to you enough times for things they'll never stop doing, I think it's fearless to stop believing them. It's fearless to say "you're NOT sorry" and walk away. I think loving someone despite what people think is fearless. Allowing yourself to cry on the bathroom floor is fearless. Letting go is fearless. Then, moving on and being alright... that's fearless. No matter what love throws at you, you have to believe in it. You have to believe in love stories and prince charmings and happily ever after. I think love is fearless." -taylor swift

Sunday, November 9, 2008

"i can top it..."

i got this text from my mom tonight.

"Ok, i read your blog about the men's bathroom. I can top it. When we were camping somewhere i went into the men/woman's bathroom where a toilet, sink and a urinal were. I was not that familiar with the in's and the out's of urinals. In fact i wasn't even sure the contraption next to the sink was a urinal. All i was really concerned with was that there was no soap. You know me. So low and behold i looked and found a cute little bar in a bowl thing next to the sink. As i reached for it, something in my head was screaming, It's not soap! ITS NOT SOAP! IT'S NOT SOAP! Just as i almost touched it, i figured it out. That IT was a urinal and the cute little soap thing was some sort of deodorant for pee in the urinal!! :( "

i laughed for about 10 minutes after i read this.

Saturday, November 8, 2008


my moms fortune cookie:

"you will soon witness a miracle"

:) love you ma

Friday, November 7, 2008

please let this brighten your day..

okay, its kinda long, but just watch a little bit of it. it will make you laugh, i promise. oh and ps im sorry about the language..its rap so i think its bound to have some crap in it. but just watch.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

quote of the day

"In reality, we're actually voting for a vice president, because McCain is gonna have a heart attack and die and Obama is gonna get assassinated." -Andra Thorne

Friday, October 31, 2008

this made my entire day.

im voting for arthur reed for president. he is my hero.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

awkward party of one

today as i was in a rush to get to class on time, i stopped by the bathroom. i realized something was wrong when it smelled reaaalllllly funny in there..i had been to this bathroom before but it seemed alot smaller today. then i saw a man walking towards one of the stalls. ummm straight up walked into the mens bathroom. i put my head down, left shamefully, and prayed no one saw me.

curse my life.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

odd days and even days

so, my parents... being the wonderful fabulous parents they are, sometimes get into arguments. not often... but very seldomly they get into fights they seem like they cannot resolve. (all i know is im glad i have the sort of parents who only fight occasionally.) so, one argument they had a few months ago just couldnt be solved. both of them wouldnt back down and it seemed like they were at a dead end. so they decided together that if the issue can absolutely not be resolved, then my mom would win on even days and my dad would win on odd days. cute.

a few days ago my mom and i were talking and i heard that they had argued about something... and i said..
"well was it an even day or an odd day?"
and she said...
"well..since i'll be on chemo the next six months, every day is an even day."

i thought this was funny. and cute. i love my parents.

Monday, October 27, 2008

megans walmart dream guy

note: this man was 70 and possibly intoxicated

Old man: Where'd you get that red hair?
Megan: Jesus.
Old man: It's sexy. (touches her hair)
Megan: Thank you?
Old man: My wife used to be a red head... now shes a white head. HHA-HA-HA-HHA!
Megan: ......

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

best part of my weekend..

so, the highlight of my weekend was overhearing a conversation at burger king between two boys approx 20 years of age... talking about the destiny of Voldemorts soul. they went on for probably a good 25 minutes about this. and were serious. and were deeply picking apart all the possible options. thats all.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

proof i have sleep deprivation:

i put toothpaste on my washcloth this morning... to wash my face.

toothapasdre Pictures, Images and Photos

note to self:
-Toothpaste is for brushing your teeth.
-Cetaphil is for washing your face.

123 break!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Quotes long put off..

ohhhh man.

quotes from natalee's 70 year old nana..
talking about walking through metal detectors at the airport....
nana: "im always afraid i'd have to pull off my bra and pull out my tooth!"

nana... when we were watching a movie..
nana:"is that that colored snoop dog?"
us: "nana!!!"
nana: "what i meant to say was.... is that snoop dog thats colored."

family quotes from the weekend..
kristin: "koalas are like handicapped teddy bears"
mom: "jackson comma michael!"
mom: "double chin city."
jackie: "would YOU wanna carpool with abba?"

when my mother didnt want me to leave and go back to logan...
mom: "hmm.... hurricane gustav in logan utah!!!"

mom: "i cant get sick. im going to have to wear a mask."
me: :(
mom: (seeing my worry and tears....) "No, not a hospital mask... a Zorro mask!!!"
me: ........

anonymous: "that skunk smells bad... usually i like it."

Monday, October 13, 2008

chicken treats?

today in my college english class (note: not third grade class), we did presentations on halloween. and told halloween stories. i think that yi huang just wants to know more about america... so she makes us do presentations on things like that and my personal fav...our presentation on 'our favorite ad- versment.' (advertisement).

anyway, today she said... "fo halloween we have nice party time and carve pumpkin and maybe eat candy and have you dress up and chicken treats."

chicken treats?

..... it took me a long minute to figure out she that 'chicken treats' was translated to 'trick or treat'

Trick or Treat Pictures, Images and Photos

Sunday, October 12, 2008

i found a dead cat on the side of the road..

this made me pee my pants. if you are sensitive to people with doll hands, refrain from watching.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

please know, this will be in my nightmares forever

on a friday night.. sometimes me and my sister youtube when there is nothing else to do. if i could go back in time and change tonight, i would. i never would have burned my retinas watching this. beware.

thank you kristin for ruining my life.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

quote of the day..

"20 years from now, lets worry about it. for now, lets party!" -my mother

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Agricultural Week at USU...

"I am in heaven!! There are tractors on campus, men in wranglers, carhart hats and work boots, livestock around and free food! This is the best day of my life!"
-Megan...(my roomate.... who grew up in idaho.)

oh, and... another perk of ag week.. while riding the campus bus, i got stuck behind a parade full of tractors going 5 mph on my way to class. go aggies.

what is curve?

today we tricked my english professor into grading our assignments on a 'curve'. you know, where you average everyones score and the class high is how much it was outta kinda thing so we all get a higher grade? she said.. "oh.. what is curse.. curve....? what is this? ohhhh... i see.."

i hope it worked.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


sooo yesterday i was in the car with some friends and then their other friend that i didn't know.. he was a nice boy named sam. well, we're driving and someone pulls up right next to us and sam goes, "hey i know them! roll down your window!" so i do.. and they say their hello's..and the guy in the other car was holding a thick black stick, so...still being stopped at the stoplight i ask.. " dude why do you have a police stick?" and the friend in the other car replies to me with only a confused look. then sam informs me... "uhhh.. thats a hookah pipe." (yeah.. for drugs.) awkward. shows ya how much i know about the streets. my bad.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Night o' Shakespeare

Yesterday i went back to good ol davis high for night of shakespeare. i was in advanced theater last year, and i cant even describe what its like being in that class. i finally found something i could devote myself to in that class, and i found something inside of me that i didnt know was there. so when i walked through those doors and saw the scuffed up black stage that we had splattered paint on so many times, saw the classroom full of black chairs we hauled in before and after every performance, saw the dust swimming around the stagelights.. it tugged at my heart strings a little bit.
There were six 'returners' from our class last year, and i was so excited to see them walk in that door right before that ensemble scene, i couldnt wipe the smile off my face. it was so great to see all the new kids in that class that i dont know, because i remember what it felt like not knowing what that class was gonna do to my life. i couldnt help but sit on the top of my chair so i could see every one of their nervous little faces. i remember walking out the first time on that stage and being so nervous i about peed my pants. i remembered staying up late trying to memorize lines and being exhausted the next day, and i remembered getting pre-show butterflies... when i saw some of the shakespeare costumes, it immediately reminded me of certain scenes from last year.. i could go on and on about this but i wont. this may sound silly to some of you who dont know what im talking about, but after that class ended i was so worried that i'd lose some of the closest friends i'd made...because the friends you make in that 'class' arent just 'school friends'... and lets just say i dont deal well with change. seeing them after the show and hugging them so tight felt so good and i finally was reassured that change isnt always bad.
I know how hard they all worked for this, and i know how stressful it must have been for them and for their director, Andra. i am so proud of ALL of them, even the new students i still dont know and cant wait to watch and grow. i was so surprised at how many amazing, powerful scenes and monologues there were and i was so moved at how much everyone has grown. Even during the dramatic moments, i was smiling and people around me probably thought i was nuts, but i felt like such a proud mother i couldnt help it. I was sitting by my bff amylee, and i turned to her and told her i wished i was able to watch my scenes from last year and see if they could match up to how amazing this year was. this performance really made me dig inside myself and realize things that i hadnt realized before. i think thats what a true performance does to you. it really, truly affects you. and this is one of the strongest, truest performances i've seen and i wish the actors could know that.
I feel like yesterday i got a teenie, tiny glimpse of what it woud be like to be Andra Thorne, their director. I saw the results of what these students had been working on for so long and i couldnt have enjoyed myself more. i wish they all know how proud i am, because i know how hard playing shakespeare can be. i know the frustration and time and effort that goes into this. shakespeare kicks your butt...and highschool kids normally dont get him. but this class does.

ive been procrastinating writing about advanced for so long because i didnt wanna realize that it was over, but yesterday i finally realized that it was okay :)

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

i love college.

We were assigned to make a cd in english and write about what the songs meant to us... this is what my professor said on the day after they were graded..

"i listen to some of your cd's and some of yoh music was ridic-uh-lus."
(if anyone has seen the SNL skit in the movie theater...'the back of yo head is ridicuhlus..' then you'll understand why i burst out in laughter in class. if not.. youtube it and watch it 3 or 4 times. its funny.)

i love my english class.

also, my shakespeare professor is from turkey and she probably is one of the funniest people i've ever met. she used the term.."like a monkey who jumped in a lake" the other day and i vow to say that phrase from now on. im not sure what it means..but..its ok.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


"we go sit on grassland and haf heart to heart. if i not there, you read. it nice on grassland." - my english professor..

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


okay. soo i got my first 'real' college paper back today. it was on a novel we had to read about a boy soldier..and i read most of it... i thought i did an okay job... so it was whatever right? i was ready for anything. well, to take up space on this 5 page paper.. i decided to write the writing prompts out at the beginning of each essay to take up space right? well it worked. i got my paper back, and on the front it said, 'Well Done' annnnd not alot of other papers said that. i didnt get any marks on any of the pages except the last one. at the top of the last page, it said, 'Where is your question?' (referring to the writing prompt that i used to take up space.) i must have forgotten to take up space on that one. well at the bottom, it said..

'I was going to comment that this was the best paper until you left that out.'

it was like losing at bingo by ONE number. (which i did last week and almost won a guitar.)

this is how i feel.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

irony is the spice of life

so... you know in my previous blog about manny the pesticide blind date boy? yeah well ummm... i turned on the tv to relax a little before bed.. you know. i saw that house was on and got way stoked. yeah.. the story was definately about two boys dying from pesticide poisoning. sweet. im stoked.

Monday, September 1, 2008

a comical snack

okay.. funny things this week.

i was driving back to logan today.. minding my own business and listening to the wicked soundtrack.. when all of a sudden i see a cop on the other side of the freeway stalling traffic. i drove past.. and i saw this little bike.. and im like shoot. why would a little girl be riding her schwinn across the freeway? then i hoped i wouldnt see anything horrible like an accident or something gross. so i drive up a little closer.. and see a policeman on the side of the road.... trying to dodge getting rammed in the crotch by a goat. im not kidding, it was one of the funnier moments in my life.

okay. okay i dont know if i tell you about my professor from 'chiner' who move here three week ago and never been to the states before.... but yaaaaaaaaaaaaa. we have to explain to her what nick names are..and what markers are.. and so forth. well anyway, in her class, she puts on chinese love songs and makes us write out our feelings about the song. as she was pulling up the tunes from chiner this week, i glimpsed at her playlist. ya she definately had 'like a virgin' by madonna up on the overhead board for all the class to see. awkward because i could totally see her jammin out to that. wayyy awkward.

also.. we got four goldfish to add to our humble home, and megs decided it would be okay to feed them a ritz cracker. spice up their diets a bit. they all were dead by the next morning. not belly up, but nose down with their tails waggin around in the water like they had a weight in their mouths. possible salt poisoning.

there is this boy in my shakespeare class who looks like david hasslehoff with rosatia and another who is one of those kids where you cant believe some of the things that come out of his mouth. his quaff is out of control. if i could immitate darrins laugh, i would. AH HU HU HU HU AH HUHUHU HU HU. i dont mean to be mean.. im just venting. i wanna drop that class every single time the tries to sit by me. so convieniently, i switch my grandmas ring onto my left finger and try to flaunt it every time he tries something. it works.

last but not least.. my date from hades. its a blindish date.. hes an RM so i thought he'd be more legit than some of the idiot freshman i've been hanging out with. no bueno, not legit. first of all, there was no attraction. if you know who manny is off of the movie 'ice age', there was a frightening similarity there. second of all, he was flirting with other girls on OUR date and we werent even sitting by eachother at the bowling alley and it was so awkward. third of all, he tried to extend this horrible date by watching a movie at his house. my roomate megan, bless her heart, called and said she got locked out of the apartment and i needed to come home. he said, 'oh i can just drop you off real quick then we can go back and finish the movie..' obviously he didnt get it. so we head back to my car, this time on his HARLEY..and conveniently cross the path of a truck spraying pesticides down the roads of logan. this is how the conversation went.
him: "aahhh duuuude. that stuff is poison!"
me: "what.."
him: "yeah man its like sooo bad for you. DONT BREATH K HERE WE GO"
me: (angry face.)

so we drive through the infected pesticide roads, and my eyes are burning so badly from the poison whipping in my face that i have dry poison tears running down the sides of my cheeks. we got to my car and i said.. im just gonna head in for the night, k BYE.

so i got home around eleven, smelling like poison and pesticides and deciding to never date again. ever.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

i'll update soon.

um.. so i have alot to say. but not alot of time soooo i'll sum it up and write a fatty blog later.

1. i love college. 4564782x better than highschool
2. describing yourself in college as 'lazy' is not smart when your college professor hardly knows english and didnt understand that i really meant 'sleepy' so i was sure to say that quickly after my idiotic mistake. (she move from chiner two week ago. not no english and she professor.)
3. frozen dollar dinners at wallyworld make the world go round.
4. walking to campus in the dead heat gives you the sweats
5. zout is my new best friend considering i spill on myself at least everyday. (thanks ma.)

ps.. im bringing home all my laundry this weekend. all of it...thanks.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Valerie & John's Wedding

sooo one of my bffs, valerie, got married this weekend. we've known eachother since diapers..and she finally found her prince charming. when she came out of the temple, i'd never seen her happier in my whole life. honestly, i hope i'm that happy when i get hitched. me and a few of other old friends were some of her bridesmaids along with other family. the flowers and set up was beaauuttiifffuulll! and it was such a pretty day in oakland. even though they got two flat tires and their transmission gave up... she didnt let it ruin her special day :)

she got married in the Oakland California temple, and then had the reception at her home in Hollister. her dad built a dance floor and a band stand for the occasion, and went all out. it was wonderful. she was absolutely beaming the whole entire day, and had stars in her eyes for cryin out loud! of course, knowing valerie, she would have a bounce house at the wedding. which yes, i kicked out the small children out of... "okay guys, big kid time. get out." really, i said that.

they have an apricot orchard in their backyard... so of course all her brothers (all four..) went all out on the idea of having illegal fireworks. it really was amazing.. and im stealing that idea for my wedding. hooray for Mr. & Mrs. John Brodie!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Accio Warner Brothers!!! ... so i can punch you in the face.

so there i was. looking for some song on the internet while i'm wasting my life away on this wonderful computer. headlines catch my eye..

"New Harry Potter release date July 2009"

what!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! No, not November like it was supposed to come out. eight months later. eight. i'm outraged. i just barely started the whole series in february and got this harry-potter-craze runnin through my squib veins over here. Warner Brothers says they won't release it till next summer because thats when "family movie viewing rates" are at its highest.

i think its because The Dark Knight and Twilight got WB shakin in their Hogwarts robes and were scared that they wouldnt make enough galleons off the movie. you selfish, selfish company. breaking millions of muggle hearts everywhere... get ready for an uproar of kids with eyeliner-drawn lightning marks on their forheads to storm your house and secumsemptra your favorite family member. 

this. is. harry potter waarrrrrr!

Monday, August 11, 2008


me: hang on, i'll cha cha it!
mom: how about cha cha your brain.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

devastation: the found santa clause letter.

so there i was, looking in my dads drawer for some stamps to send a letter to my good friend zachary, who is on a mission. all of a sudden, i see my name and messy old address from california scribbled on an envelope...

i picked it up.. and it was addressed to 'santa clause north pole'... and i had drawn on a stamp of scribbles in pen. on the back in very large letters, it said, 'TORTISE'. i could only imagine what the contents of the letter held..devastation, for one.. and embarassment for the other.

Dear Santa,
I've been verry good. I would love a tortise. please? a small nerd ( i scribbled scribble out nerd?).. phone set. at radio shack. nintendo 64. a treehouse. snow, cable, soccer ball gameboy color. slippers. hairstuff. makeup? silly puddy. raidio jewlry.
nicole linnae booth.

mind you, this is all in sloppy cursive, so i must have been in 3rd grade. at the top of the letter it said,

NO tortia (tortilla)
YES tortise.

as if i wanted to make sure santa wouldnt bring me a piece of flat mexican bread. all over the back of the letter said tortise tortise tortise. i knew id never get that stuff.. but hey. i would always dream big. and no, i didnt get a turtle tortise whatever. instead i got little plastic figures and i named one chloe and derrick or something.
sweet, sweet memories.

this is a random picture of someone i dont know, but look at the fear in his eyes. that thing wants to eat him. but yes, i wanted this to be my cuddly pet and had my heart set on it. i was so weird.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

growing up. staying immature.

ok. so im finally blogging about leaving home and growing up and moving out.

today i went to the doctors with my mom, and when he was doing the eye test on me, my mom tried to distract me from it and i started laughing nonstop for five minutes, and she did too, to the point where there were tears in my eyes. this wasnt ideal because it was the eye doctor and i think he got a little agitated with us. but alas, im going to miss the faces my mom makes in doctors offices when she gets bored.

im going to miss my dad walking in from work everyday when im always on the computer, and without fail, he asks me what i learned at school that day and how it was. and i'd always reply with 'nothing..and stupid.' im a punk, but whatever. im going to miss the look on my parents faces when i make an inappropriate joke.. or my little sister stealing my seat at the dinner table and me getting really miffed about it. i know im being over dramatic about leaving home.. i know its not leaving forever, but i hate change and dont adjust to it well.

the other night, me and my ma were up at 3 in the morning talking.. as usual since we both dont sleep, and i started bursting out crying saying, "i cant even coooook!". it was pathetic. so since we dont sleep, the past two nights shes taught me how to make an omlette. and cheese cake. and im pretty sure i can survive on that, right? im gonna be gaining my freshman 50 no doubt. not 15, 50.

i remember all through school just wanting to be done with it and ready to start my life.. all that mish-mo. i still want to, im just scared out of my mind. its not that bad. just college. but im gonna miss seeing my family everyday. my mom telling me to get out of her bed since i watch tv in it everyday. reading and having my dad come into my room and turning the light off to save electricity and getting ticked at it. my little sister sneaking into my room when she thinks im not looking to try on my clothes. my moms hilarious days peppered with random priceless quotes that make me and chelle laugh way way hard..where she then replies with.. 'do not repeat me!! ever!!' . my dogs stupid expression on his face when one of us gets home. making my dad laugh out of embarassment in church and my mom get angry because i'm being noisy. probably hitting one of my sisters. or talking in my retarded voice that always wins their hearts. :)

huzzah for growing up i guess. im gonna have to try way hard in college. but im still going to be immature and try to make ihop let me order off the kids menu by talking in a retarded voice and crossing my eyes in hopes of winning. (and im still claiming my seat at the dinner table when i come home, snitches.)

quote of the day

"im going down in the basement to sew. yippie yi yo."
-my mother

Monday, August 4, 2008

quotes from my mother..

these were too good not to put up. forgive me mom.

"its a triple trailor truck!!"

"im going to become a farmer... (thinks hard for a moment..) and hire dad to be my farm laborer."

"instead of hell and damn, im going to say... ding dong. oh ding dong!"

"sorry.. let me change my mood. (waves hands in the air and changes into a british accent..) hello daughtas!!!"

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

the brain.. the brain.. the center of the chain

so there i was, flipping through channels.. when i stumbled upon abc family. i thought i recognized this show, but wasnt sure.. it was of some girl taking a test, and had all these good luck charms sitting on her desk.. i.e.. a rabbits foot, a horseshoe.. a starfish? anyway.. as she begins to tap her pencil.. she starts to chant.. 'the brain, the brain, the center of the chain..'
holy cow, blast from the past. blast from the past as in begging my mom to run to hollywood video and rent this movie, blast from the past as in wishing i was asian because of one of the main girls on that show was, blast from the past as in wanting to change my name to Dawn, and blast from the past as in wishing with everything i had that i was thirteen. "thirteen!?!?!? thirteen!!!"

yes, the babysitter's club. i got so excited i almost peed my pants, and sat there on my moms bed, alone, having a moment. and laughing at all the funny things they said and texting all the quotes to my sister. whenever i'd pretend to cry when i was little, i remember always wanting to say, 'its just an allergy! its an allergy okay!?!?' and i also wanted to catch some mean girl from my school in wet cement and have the only evidence her gray, spray painted sneakers. and i remembered making my friends in kindergarten all put their head in a circle like in the beginning of the movie. hahhaha. most of you wont even understand this blog except for my sisters. but it completed my heart to watch that show.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

quote of the day..

i'll leave the author out of this.. for her sake.. :)

driving past the park yesterday...

"its a hundred and one freakin degrees!... (glances at soccer field..) oh ya, lets go play soccer since its so cool outside.. (glances back at the road she was neglecting..) get out of my street!!!!!!!!!!!!! Watch out or i'm gonna get ugly!!!"

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

quote of the day..

my mom was sitting on her bed flipping through the channels..

mom: fine. i'll just watch animal planet!
me: i want a monkey...
mom: ohhh mannn they'll bite your face off!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

nananananannana batman

this is paul being a creepster joker. people were camped out for DAYS for this.

so..seeing batman was the highlight of my week. and im not a movie person really... it was a plus because:
1. christian bale was either in church clothes or his bat suit.
2. heath ledger stole my heart as a killer sociopath
3. maggie jillenhall whoever wasnt even that cute in the movie, which makes me feel great about myself.

christian bale makes me swoon. mother may i. but really, every five seconds this movie would make some drastic change and i'd gasp everytime it happened. im quite sure my cute date was pretty annoyed at me by then. such a dark and twisty movie i LUH it and i want to marry it.
me and scotty.. (best math class crush ever!)

also, i saw everyone from my highschool at the premiere annnnd wanted to die. there are a select few i love. theater kids, and a few others. this nice boy scotty who took me. but mannnn im glad i'm outta there. anyways, basically all i'm trying to say is heath ledger (rest in heaven) can kidnap me anyday and i'll gladly let christian bale swoop down from the rooftops in his tight batsuit and rescue me.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

fourth of july

im horrible at blogging on time. anyways. the fourth.

ummm okay so holidays are a big deal in my family...i mean, a big deal. on the fourth, we have a feast of patriotic colored food...we always wear appropriate colored clothing to match the holiday.. (christmas: red or green.. easter: pastels.. 4th: red, white and blue.. etc..) and occasionally we have the family fight but mostly thats just on thanksgiving. we had some family over..but we missed my two sisters away at the moment, tam and jackie, and the other booth girl, steve groch, who usually graces us with his presence on national holidays.

my mother, being the patriotic woman she is, decided that this would be the appropriate center piece for our feast.

yes, its a sparkler in the salt shaker. i love my family.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

im a walking food baby.

so last night i got really hungry. so i went to the fridge and got this HUGE lump of left over garlic mashed potatoes. after i buttered and warmed them up..i realized that those potatoes sure did look alot like a nice bowl of icecream.... so THEN.. i decided to get out the new breyers icecream and make my own home made unhealthy chocolate peanut butter treat.. then i decided to shove down a few rolls just for kicks, and realized that i felt like edward when he was thirsty for some grizzlies.

kill me please.

also, i was reading in my journal today from oh.. i dont know.. eighth grade? it went like this..
- "oh my gosh im so stressed out, i weigh like 110 pounds. i'm so fat."

i no longer have my 9th grade hot volleyball body (even though i sat on the bench the whole season..) but yes. i eat what i want. im gunna get what i want.

JUST NOW.. i realized that ive eaten my chocolate peanut butter ice cream concoction about everynight for the past two weeks. yes, i can now grab my love handles. all i have to say is real women have curves. and, with that thought, i'm off to the fridge.

Monday, July 14, 2008

quote of the day..

this was right after i walked in the door from going to my singles ward...

dad: "see any cute boys?"
mom: "ya, dads lookin for some..."
me: "oh i'll let them know.."
dad: "...you guys suck."

Saturday, July 5, 2008

i love new york

okay, so its time i write about new york...

so.. i went on this one trip with my theater friends and my way sweet theater teacher, and it was way awesome. first of all, because i've never been outside the western u.s. and second of all, i was going with people i loved. we went to ellis island..rode some ferrys..saw mario lopez..almost touched him but i froze.. took some awesome pictures...

saw some musicals.. my favorite would have to be wicked. i love love loved this musical, it was amazing. you know when you get chills from something way epic? yeah i definately got chills. and am madly in love with fiyero. oh and, i saw young frankenstien and xanadu..which i wont comment on.

the trip was so chill, we basically did whatever we wanted. i went to some awesome museums.. got lost on the subways... walked in central park..went and toured nbc studios.. oh and got caught in the rain many-a-time.

this is me and chris in times square :)

on the last night, me and some friends went to a jazz/swing dancing club which was amazing. there were alot of old people..and we probably were 10 years too young for this kinda club but we didnt care :)

and my favorite, how could i forget, we did baptisms in the manhatten temple. this is my teacher andra :) love her.

we also saw coldplay on the today show. wow. too much excitement in one week :)