Tuesday, July 29, 2008

the brain.. the brain.. the center of the chain

so there i was, flipping through channels.. when i stumbled upon abc family. i thought i recognized this show, but wasnt sure.. it was of some girl taking a test, and had all these good luck charms sitting on her desk.. i.e.. a rabbits foot, a horseshoe.. a starfish? anyway.. as she begins to tap her pencil.. she starts to chant.. 'the brain, the brain, the center of the chain..'
holy cow, blast from the past. blast from the past as in begging my mom to run to hollywood video and rent this movie, blast from the past as in wishing i was asian because of one of the main girls on that show was, blast from the past as in wanting to change my name to Dawn, and blast from the past as in wishing with everything i had that i was thirteen. "thirteen!?!?!? thirteen!!!"

yes, the babysitter's club. i got so excited i almost peed my pants, and sat there on my moms bed, alone, having a moment. and laughing at all the funny things they said and texting all the quotes to my sister. whenever i'd pretend to cry when i was little, i remember always wanting to say, 'its just an allergy! its an allergy okay!?!?' and i also wanted to catch some mean girl from my school in wet cement and have the only evidence her gray, spray painted sneakers. and i remembered making my friends in kindergarten all put their head in a circle like in the beginning of the movie. hahhaha. most of you wont even understand this blog except for my sisters. but it completed my heart to watch that show.


It's ME! said...

hahahaha! BSC forevah. I am embarassed, but kinda proud, that I can name almost all of the characters in that picture.

Dawn, Claudia, Maryanne, Kristi, Mallory, Stacy...

Dallas and Amylee said...

You are underestimating me and my many, I repeat, MANY BSC moments. I had my own club- probably about 4 times. Plus, I still own a whole slew of the books. I plan on reading them to my daughter and having her say- Mom, these are so stupid! I want to read Bratz... or something stupid like that.