Saturday, July 19, 2008

nananananannana batman

this is paul being a creepster joker. people were camped out for DAYS for this.

so..seeing batman was the highlight of my week. and im not a movie person really... it was a plus because:
1. christian bale was either in church clothes or his bat suit.
2. heath ledger stole my heart as a killer sociopath
3. maggie jillenhall whoever wasnt even that cute in the movie, which makes me feel great about myself.

christian bale makes me swoon. mother may i. but really, every five seconds this movie would make some drastic change and i'd gasp everytime it happened. im quite sure my cute date was pretty annoyed at me by then. such a dark and twisty movie i LUH it and i want to marry it.
me and scotty.. (best math class crush ever!)

also, i saw everyone from my highschool at the premiere annnnd wanted to die. there are a select few i love. theater kids, and a few others. this nice boy scotty who took me. but mannnn im glad i'm outta there. anyways, basically all i'm trying to say is heath ledger (rest in heaven) can kidnap me anyday and i'll gladly let christian bale swoop down from the rooftops in his tight batsuit and rescue me.


Dallas and Amylee said...

Oh my gosh! It was the best show ever! Who know Heath Ledger had such a talent as a freaky murderous clown? It reminded me of why I am scared of clowns in the first place. And, now, I am also scared of Paul.

Shelby LaNece said...


Everyone loves them a little Scott Hickenlooper.
Yeah. Anyway, Heath and Christian are HOT.

Kristin May said...

okay i loved this movie with my entire SOUL. and I screamed when that guy hanging in a bat suit slammed against the window. AND. A few other times. It was embarrassing.