Saturday, September 27, 2008

quote of the day..

"20 years from now, lets worry about it. for now, lets party!" -my mother

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Agricultural Week at USU...

"I am in heaven!! There are tractors on campus, men in wranglers, carhart hats and work boots, livestock around and free food! This is the best day of my life!"
-Megan...(my roomate.... who grew up in idaho.)

oh, and... another perk of ag week.. while riding the campus bus, i got stuck behind a parade full of tractors going 5 mph on my way to class. go aggies.

what is curve?

today we tricked my english professor into grading our assignments on a 'curve'. you know, where you average everyones score and the class high is how much it was outta kinda thing so we all get a higher grade? she said.. "oh.. what is curse.. curve....? what is this? ohhhh... i see.."

i hope it worked.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


sooo yesterday i was in the car with some friends and then their other friend that i didn't know.. he was a nice boy named sam. well, we're driving and someone pulls up right next to us and sam goes, "hey i know them! roll down your window!" so i do.. and they say their hello's..and the guy in the other car was holding a thick black stick, so...still being stopped at the stoplight i ask.. " dude why do you have a police stick?" and the friend in the other car replies to me with only a confused look. then sam informs me... "uhhh.. thats a hookah pipe." (yeah.. for drugs.) awkward. shows ya how much i know about the streets. my bad.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Night o' Shakespeare

Yesterday i went back to good ol davis high for night of shakespeare. i was in advanced theater last year, and i cant even describe what its like being in that class. i finally found something i could devote myself to in that class, and i found something inside of me that i didnt know was there. so when i walked through those doors and saw the scuffed up black stage that we had splattered paint on so many times, saw the classroom full of black chairs we hauled in before and after every performance, saw the dust swimming around the stagelights.. it tugged at my heart strings a little bit.
There were six 'returners' from our class last year, and i was so excited to see them walk in that door right before that ensemble scene, i couldnt wipe the smile off my face. it was so great to see all the new kids in that class that i dont know, because i remember what it felt like not knowing what that class was gonna do to my life. i couldnt help but sit on the top of my chair so i could see every one of their nervous little faces. i remember walking out the first time on that stage and being so nervous i about peed my pants. i remembered staying up late trying to memorize lines and being exhausted the next day, and i remembered getting pre-show butterflies... when i saw some of the shakespeare costumes, it immediately reminded me of certain scenes from last year.. i could go on and on about this but i wont. this may sound silly to some of you who dont know what im talking about, but after that class ended i was so worried that i'd lose some of the closest friends i'd made...because the friends you make in that 'class' arent just 'school friends'... and lets just say i dont deal well with change. seeing them after the show and hugging them so tight felt so good and i finally was reassured that change isnt always bad.
I know how hard they all worked for this, and i know how stressful it must have been for them and for their director, Andra. i am so proud of ALL of them, even the new students i still dont know and cant wait to watch and grow. i was so surprised at how many amazing, powerful scenes and monologues there were and i was so moved at how much everyone has grown. Even during the dramatic moments, i was smiling and people around me probably thought i was nuts, but i felt like such a proud mother i couldnt help it. I was sitting by my bff amylee, and i turned to her and told her i wished i was able to watch my scenes from last year and see if they could match up to how amazing this year was. this performance really made me dig inside myself and realize things that i hadnt realized before. i think thats what a true performance does to you. it really, truly affects you. and this is one of the strongest, truest performances i've seen and i wish the actors could know that.
I feel like yesterday i got a teenie, tiny glimpse of what it woud be like to be Andra Thorne, their director. I saw the results of what these students had been working on for so long and i couldnt have enjoyed myself more. i wish they all know how proud i am, because i know how hard playing shakespeare can be. i know the frustration and time and effort that goes into this. shakespeare kicks your butt...and highschool kids normally dont get him. but this class does.

ive been procrastinating writing about advanced for so long because i didnt wanna realize that it was over, but yesterday i finally realized that it was okay :)

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

i love college.

We were assigned to make a cd in english and write about what the songs meant to us... this is what my professor said on the day after they were graded..

"i listen to some of your cd's and some of yoh music was ridic-uh-lus."
(if anyone has seen the SNL skit in the movie theater...'the back of yo head is ridicuhlus..' then you'll understand why i burst out in laughter in class. if not.. youtube it and watch it 3 or 4 times. its funny.)

i love my english class.

also, my shakespeare professor is from turkey and she probably is one of the funniest people i've ever met. she used the term.."like a monkey who jumped in a lake" the other day and i vow to say that phrase from now on. im not sure what it means..but..its ok.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


"we go sit on grassland and haf heart to heart. if i not there, you read. it nice on grassland." - my english professor..

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


okay. soo i got my first 'real' college paper back today. it was on a novel we had to read about a boy soldier..and i read most of it... i thought i did an okay job... so it was whatever right? i was ready for anything. well, to take up space on this 5 page paper.. i decided to write the writing prompts out at the beginning of each essay to take up space right? well it worked. i got my paper back, and on the front it said, 'Well Done' annnnd not alot of other papers said that. i didnt get any marks on any of the pages except the last one. at the top of the last page, it said, 'Where is your question?' (referring to the writing prompt that i used to take up space.) i must have forgotten to take up space on that one. well at the bottom, it said..

'I was going to comment that this was the best paper until you left that out.'

it was like losing at bingo by ONE number. (which i did last week and almost won a guitar.)

this is how i feel.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

irony is the spice of life

so... you know in my previous blog about manny the pesticide blind date boy? yeah well ummm... i turned on the tv to relax a little before bed.. you know. i saw that house was on and got way stoked. yeah.. the story was definately about two boys dying from pesticide poisoning. sweet. im stoked.

Monday, September 1, 2008

a comical snack

okay.. funny things this week.

i was driving back to logan today.. minding my own business and listening to the wicked soundtrack.. when all of a sudden i see a cop on the other side of the freeway stalling traffic. i drove past.. and i saw this little bike.. and im like shoot. why would a little girl be riding her schwinn across the freeway? then i hoped i wouldnt see anything horrible like an accident or something gross. so i drive up a little closer.. and see a policeman on the side of the road.... trying to dodge getting rammed in the crotch by a goat. im not kidding, it was one of the funnier moments in my life.

okay. okay i dont know if i tell you about my professor from 'chiner' who move here three week ago and never been to the states before.... but yaaaaaaaaaaaaa. we have to explain to her what nick names are..and what markers are.. and so forth. well anyway, in her class, she puts on chinese love songs and makes us write out our feelings about the song. as she was pulling up the tunes from chiner this week, i glimpsed at her playlist. ya she definately had 'like a virgin' by madonna up on the overhead board for all the class to see. awkward because i could totally see her jammin out to that. wayyy awkward.

also.. we got four goldfish to add to our humble home, and megs decided it would be okay to feed them a ritz cracker. spice up their diets a bit. they all were dead by the next morning. not belly up, but nose down with their tails waggin around in the water like they had a weight in their mouths. possible salt poisoning.

there is this boy in my shakespeare class who looks like david hasslehoff with rosatia and another who is one of those kids where you cant believe some of the things that come out of his mouth. his quaff is out of control. if i could immitate darrins laugh, i would. AH HU HU HU HU AH HUHUHU HU HU. i dont mean to be mean.. im just venting. i wanna drop that class every single time the tries to sit by me. so convieniently, i switch my grandmas ring onto my left finger and try to flaunt it every time he tries something. it works.

last but not least.. my date from hades. its a blindish date.. hes an RM so i thought he'd be more legit than some of the idiot freshman i've been hanging out with. no bueno, not legit. first of all, there was no attraction. if you know who manny is off of the movie 'ice age', there was a frightening similarity there. second of all, he was flirting with other girls on OUR date and we werent even sitting by eachother at the bowling alley and it was so awkward. third of all, he tried to extend this horrible date by watching a movie at his house. my roomate megan, bless her heart, called and said she got locked out of the apartment and i needed to come home. he said, 'oh i can just drop you off real quick then we can go back and finish the movie..' obviously he didnt get it. so we head back to my car, this time on his HARLEY..and conveniently cross the path of a truck spraying pesticides down the roads of logan. this is how the conversation went.
him: "aahhh duuuude. that stuff is poison!"
me: "what.."
him: "yeah man its like sooo bad for you. DONT BREATH K HERE WE GO"
me: (angry face.)

so we drive through the infected pesticide roads, and my eyes are burning so badly from the poison whipping in my face that i have dry poison tears running down the sides of my cheeks. we got to my car and i said.. im just gonna head in for the night, k BYE.

so i got home around eleven, smelling like poison and pesticides and deciding to never date again. ever.