Wednesday, September 24, 2008


sooo yesterday i was in the car with some friends and then their other friend that i didn't know.. he was a nice boy named sam. well, we're driving and someone pulls up right next to us and sam goes, "hey i know them! roll down your window!" so i do.. and they say their hello's..and the guy in the other car was holding a thick black stick, so...still being stopped at the stoplight i ask.. " dude why do you have a police stick?" and the friend in the other car replies to me with only a confused look. then sam informs me... "uhhh.. thats a hookah pipe." (yeah.. for drugs.) awkward. shows ya how much i know about the streets. my bad.


jackie herself said...

you shoulda asked me. i am an expert in "the streets."

cole linnae said...

i know miss booth. you know where to get your alcohol on campus