Tuesday, September 9, 2008


okay. soo i got my first 'real' college paper back today. it was on a novel we had to read about a boy soldier..and i read most of it... i thought i did an okay job... so it was whatever right? i was ready for anything. well, to take up space on this 5 page paper.. i decided to write the writing prompts out at the beginning of each essay to take up space right? well it worked. i got my paper back, and on the front it said, 'Well Done' annnnd not alot of other papers said that. i didnt get any marks on any of the pages except the last one. at the top of the last page, it said, 'Where is your question?' (referring to the writing prompt that i used to take up space.) i must have forgotten to take up space on that one. well at the bottom, it said..

'I was going to comment that this was the best paper until you left that out.'

it was like losing at bingo by ONE number. (which i did last week and almost won a guitar.)

this is how i feel.


Kristin May said...

hahahaha. There you were, thinkin you were just taking up space, and its what you're teacher wanted. You suck at sticking it to the man lol.

Shelby LaNece said...

Oh my, dude.
Ahahaha. I feel you.

jackie herself said...

hahahaahah. i love this picture of you. im sorry that your friend shelby also knows what it feels like to wear a cone on her head to prevent her from not only from biting her stitches out, but also from getting any type of kitty sustenance.