Monday, May 31, 2010

on the road again..

so, i need to write this down before i forget about it.
last night, i was coming home QUITE late....
and randomly, in the middle of salt lake...
i saw a woman walking the opposite direction of traffic,
on the side of the freeway,
clad in nothing but a short, maroon towel.
i think she was taking a midnight dip in the moonlit refinery. bless her heart.
i thought about turning around and asking her if she needed help.
and then i thought about picking up a naked stranger on the side of the freeway and felt like kicking myself for even THINKING it would be a smart idea.
that is all.
carry on.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

not enough hours..

i worked a 16 hour today.
cried my eyes out.
my co-worker probably is fearing for my sanity.
i can't move a muscle.

ive been listening to 'delicate' by damien rice nonstop as of late...go listen. its so goooood.
i also have been eating ridiculous amounts of chocolate...what else is new.
i'm gonna be a balloon in all the wedding pictures to come, just you wait.

3 days till i go to califoooooooo-nia.
then maybe i'll fly to hawaii on a whim?
whaddya say?
lay by the bay?
eat some hay?

i'm so tired.

oh ps. i got a fancy typed-up letter in the mail today...

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Happy 21, livvy!

oh how i love this girl!!!
she turned 21 just the other day, so we decided to celebrate at cheesecake factory!
man. time sure flies when you're busy bein a nugget.
you're the best liv! i'm so glad you were born. :)

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Hey guys,
can i tell you how excited i am for things to come?
first off..

this couple is getting hitched: (aka my wonderful sister and georgiepoo)

second of all...i'm going to hawaii to be a nanny.

third of all...someday i'm gonna meet the greatest guy and have a great family.

can't wait for whats ahead of me.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

bless her.

i've been feeling a little like this the past few days...
just like a bucket of freaking sunshine.
it must be the coming summer months..
bless this little girls heart!
thank you natalee for showing me this little gem!

"Write it on your heart everyday, that today is the best day of the year."
-Ralph Wlado Emerson

(or that you just like your house, your pajamas, your hair, your haircuts, and you can do anything good!!!)

Thursday, May 20, 2010

This just in:

Change of plans for the summer guys.

Fraulein Maria (aka nicole linnae booth)




Nicole's summer.

(literally. thats one of the pools i'll be watching the kids at.)

Dont be jealous. ok do be jealous.
rememeber how i was going to go back to my hospice patients this summer? we'll instead i'll be nannying on the big island, sitting in the pool/beach/swimming with dolphins/tending adorable kids.

Well, I am working for my hospice patients a little bit before i fly out, but i fly out the day after Jackie and George tie the knot.
crazy, right? Nothing good ever happens to me. I've mostly been to the western U.S. and canada once for some icecream. and i'm spending my summer on an ISLAND.
how do you solve a problem like maria?
send her to paradise, thats how.

maybe i'm going to come back a different ethnicity. like. tanese.
maybe i'll come back a jungle woman.
maybe the plane will crash and i'll get 'LOST'. (i'll be kate if i can find myself a jack shepard.)
maybe i'll get eaten by a shark while snorkeling.
maybe prince charming will show up and he'll teach me how to surf and we'll fall in love.
maybe i'll be singing 'rock-a-hula' the whole way there on the plane.
maybe this is toooooooooooo good to be true.
(oh did i tell you? the adorable mom is the marine wildlife director at the hilton..nbd i'll be swimming with dolphins this summer.)

This is where i'll be the majority of my day with the litte kidlies:

God bless you, Hawaii.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Heather Nicole Gardner's Big Day!!!

So, my bff Heather Clark got married. You can imagine the tears. We were playing the shuffle game on our roadtrip to the wedding, and the song 'Question' came on by Old 97's. (google it) Don't worry that i started crying in the backseat of the car at 7 in the morning because i was so happy and excited for heath. oh and don't worry that chris got it all on video.

Heather is the most wonderful girl, and I look up to her so much. (here comes the tears again.)She inspires me to be a better person, and i know that we were meant to be bffs. our older siblings were friends when i lived back in Fremont, and somehow me and heath didn't know eachother. Come to find out, when she grew up...she was bffs with my bffs from elementary. smalllll world. So, mine and heathers love just worked out perfectly. I'm so glad i got to know her when i was 16...and so glad i convinced her to come to Utah State with me :) I told her if she came, i guarentee she'd meet a hot, good mormon boy she could marry. badda bing badda boom! (Cayl, sorry that i threatened you on our first double date we took together. haha. i knew you wouldnt break her heart, i was just teasing..ha..)

Anyways, i can't tell you how happy it made me to see her walk out of the temple with her wonderful hubby, Cayl. They are so in love. and so perfect. and so forever.

Thank heavens liv brought a camera..and thank heavens she successfully made 150 beautiful cupcakes too. (you should book her!)

Also, yes...Cayl is singing 'Unchained Melody' to her, for their first dance.

Isn't she just glowing? She is by far the most beautiful bride I've ever seen. I dare anyone to try and outpretty her on their wedding day, because i guarantee they can't. i love you heath!

Sunday, May 16, 2010


its been too long, blogworld. too long indeed.
but i've been BUSY.

busy goin to Boise to stay with livvy and chris!
busy watchin my best friend heather get married (pictures to come..)
busy painting my room RED because it was time to change the pepto-bismal pink
busy trying to find a job...(possible change in plans you guys, cross your fingers..)
busy planning my diet but eating chocolate cake instead.
busy being engulfed with all this LOVE thats goin on around me!

summer is here. ahhh happiness.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

fun fact.

Here are the worst paying college degrees:

College Degrees Starting Salary-Mid-career median salary

10.Drama $35,600-- $56,600
9.Fine Arts $35,800-- $56,300
8.Hospitality/Tourism $37,000-- $54,300
7.Education $36,200-- $54,100
6.Horticulture $37,200--$53,400
5.Spanish $35,600-- $52,600
4.Music $34,000-- $52,000
3.Theology $34,800-- $51,500
2.Elementary Education $33,000-- $42,400

1.Social Work $33,400 $41,600

i obviously won't be needing or even wanting sunbursts or marble halls.
i'm gonna be in the poor house you guys!

(Good thing Michael Buble already proposed and we can live off his 'crazy love' tour money for at least 10 years. phewww.)


i keep getting wedding announcements from some of my best friends.
which is a definite yay/nay/wait/aww/ugh moment for me.

but seriously. this is how i feel.

my order is in, folks.
thats all.

Monday, May 10, 2010

here's to you, ma!

You guys. heres a secret.
My mom is the most wonderful lady in the world.
She's a good wife.
a loving mother.
a stubborn cancer survivor.
a faithful church-goer.
a positive-thinking relationship guru.
a holiday extrordinarre
a prayerfully guided woman
AND, she takes in dogs from the pound.
Her heart must be 300 sizes too big.

Happy mothers day mom!
You are the best woman i know.
and the funniest.
and the most beautiful.
and i hope to be half the woman you are someday.
thank you for being my best friend and loving me unconditionally!

ps. remember when we made this for you for mothers day about 18 years ago?

ps again remember how you MUST have a sense of humor for putting your children in these awful outfits?

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Happy Birthday Laur!

Happy 19th birthday!
This is my friend Laur. She is great.
Sorry I couldn't come to your party, boo!
I was busy goin down the bayou!
I love youuuuu!

sigh. goodbye sophomore year.

3 in the morning again, folks.
this time, i'm in kaysville.
my residence for the summer of 2010.
i can't sleep.
i have a headache.
and i've already peed like 6 times in the past 2 hours..
its making it so i wont fall asleep.
diabetes? no.. bladder problem? (wink wink.)

I finished up finals on thursday. they sucked.
I went to bed at 4 or 5 in the morning every night last week!
why, you ask?
Well i was shopping online and drawing and doodling my kids names in my journal of course. normal things to do..
before very important finals.
but seriously...during the daylight hours,
i studied hard but most likely failed stats. whatever.
my awesome recitation leader (the ron weasley look-alike)
was so kind during the final..
he came and patted me on the shoulder and told me i was doin great and to keep going.
i asked him to pray for me and he did. bless him!
at the end of the final i wrote a little note to him saying..
"Bryan, if i pass this class, God bless you. if not.. sorry i failed. Youre great!"

I passed my APT test. (aka i needed to pass it to get into my social work program!)

i left good ol Oakridge 6c. it was hard to leave, surprisingly.
oh how i'll miss that purple couch, munster! he ate so many things. and once he even treated us to icecream with the 10 dollar bill we found in him!.
i'll miss sitting on munster with the roomies with all of our laptops out.
i'll miss playing nintendo with them.
i'll miss us all being together.
i'll miss playing the shuffle game with them.
i'll miss our random and way too often double chocolate brownie nights.
i'll miss our shmonday runs together..(shmonday=we are so hungry and need food but wait till its 12:00 sunday night so we don't break the sabbath).
i'll miss eating cupcakes with them.
i'll miss sunday dinners.
i'll miss the girl talk we would have after we went out with a boy.
i'll miss laughing so hard with them that livvys laugh wakes the neighbors.
and christy rolls around on the floor holding her stomach in joy/pain.
and heather raises her eyebrows and says 'OH my gosh.'
(eeek. i just started singing the vitamin c song in my head...i apologize...
reminiscing will stop in a moment, i swear)
i'll miss heatherbird.. because shes growing up and getting married and moving away.
i can't wait for our roadtrip to IDAHO next weekend though for the wedding!
oh i love weddings.

I said goodbye to my friends who are leaving for the summer...mostly to sell somewhere random across the country. boo. i hate that.
because maybe i won't ever see some of them again.
and i hate that.
at least lauren briggitybrown isn't gonna be sellin apex this summer! yeehaw.
(did you like that nice little shout out, sweetie?)

i have a strange obsession with grasshopper thin mint cookies as of late. maybe i bought a whole package of them the other night. maybe in two hours they were gone. maybe i ate them all, maybe i didnt.

The princess and the frog? Disney movie? takes place in baton rouge? and the BAYOU?
hours of nonstop impersonations of raymond the hillbilly firefly.
but seriously, its one of my favorite disney movies,
and i'm a harsh disney critic

Magic erasers? MAGIC. they get any stain off ANYTHING.
wanna know whats creepy? before i was done cleaning today, it disappeared.
poof. abracadabra, it vanished. MAGIC.

One month till Jackie and George tie the knot. YES!
this tiny tank needs to tinkle again.
good night.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Pranksters. nooohh funnnhhheeeeeeeee

so we decided to do a prank. to our friends. they didn't think it was as funny as we did. nor did the sea food guy at albertsons. he thought we were creeps. but, four dollars and twelve cents later, the hilariousness began.

and so born was squidward the octopus:

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Nie Nie

if it takes a while to load..just hold your horses. its worth it.

I've been following NieNie for quite sometime now. shes amazing. you should read her blog.
#19 on my list, meet Stephanie Nielson before I die.

click here to read her story about the plane crash and her life since.

Tuesday of finals

Its 2 in the morning.
I have a final tomorrow at 9.
so naturally, I'm blogging.

Today i studied for 5 hours. 3 of those being at a stats S.I. i'm going to fail that class..and i have accepted it.. but at least i tried, right? and my future hub wont care if i cant do statistics..right?

Speaking of future hubs... WHERE ARE YOU? you should think about stoping by this summer. yes? no? What are your feelings on this?

I took a sleeping pill last night at 4 in the morning because i needed sleep. i havent taken one since november! let me tell you.. MY have i missed those random dreams of monkeys riding on camels backs going to save the world. woooooweeee. such a treat for finals week.

Friends of the Elderly ended last week. We had a sing along. it was adorable... imagine all the old people just singin their little hearts out. I kept requesting all these old songs that they would 1940's songs.. and the other volunteers where like.. what the heck? who are you? HA. maybe you don't know, my names Nicole and i basically speak/breathe OLD.

I am on the verge of tears right now due to PMS, stress, and the fact that i just ate my weight in chocolate.

Today i laughed really hard when my friend was telling me that she spilled her gatorade in her backpack...and in it was all her textbooks, ipod, phone, etc....and all she screamed out at the silent library was... "NO!!! NOT MY CALCULATORS!!!!" yes, calculators plural. hahaha. oh allie. bless your heart.

I move home on friday. My summer will consist of working as a hospice aide again. arent you so excited to hear my stories? i'm so excited to be with them again.

I guess its time for sleep.

here is a picture. that i like. of my best friends.
only a few more days with these beauties :(
i'm tired.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Lets hear it for LOVE

13 days till my best friends wedding!
i dont wanna talk about it, i'll cry.
but look how cute she is!
(cayl isnt bad either i guess.. ;) )
i love them and how in love they are.


Click here to stalk Mary, their cute photographer!