Monday, January 31, 2011

Mormon Mommy-Bloggers

i found this link on yet another girl's blog i stalk way too often... thought it was kind of interesting. Those of you who know me know that i just eat this crap up..i looooove nienie & other mormon crafty cutesy blogs.

Whaddyou think?

(I'm sure only my sisters will read this, but do it.)
(and dont even worry that i plan on going to hobby lobby and crafting today. hahaha.)

Thursday, January 27, 2011

time for change..+ kiddies

ok you guys. i need to change my blog name. it has bothered me since uhm, senior year of highschool...but that was the most creative thing i could think of. so, readers, suggest away before i think of something just as lame or lamer- than bloggiebloggieblog.


in other news: i love kids. wanna know why? they say hilarious things. today i was driving corb to tumbling..and we were rocking out to the lion king soundtrack in the truck..annnd we sort of got into it alot like we do when i put classical music on and we pretend to be some big-shot composer and over dramaticize everything (is that a word?)  Anyways, being you know, crazy and dancing, singing, etc.after a minute corbin stopped, but i was still pretending i was Zazu the responsible, british-bird... and this is what happened.

Corbin finally turned the stereo down...and i kept rockin out. he silently looked at me, and started poking my arm while i was singing. i looked at him...and he gave me the serious eyes..

Corbin: i wish there was a button to turn this down...

(yes. i have been muted by a 9 year old.)

also....when i was at tumbling with him, i was watching with the parents like i always do up in the viewing area, and there is this ADORABLE girl named sarah who is two years old who comes in every week to watch her big brother and sister tumble. (she looks EXACTLY like my sister Jackie did when she was little.)
anyways, this little girl, has the funniest, sassiest vocabulary ever. But, she'll only be my friend when i smile and compliment her, so i did. Mind you, she is TWO!!

Me: Thats pretty lipstick sarah! Is it your moms?
(she inches over to sit by me..)

Sarah: (glopping on sparkly lipgloss) Thank you! Um, its my moms.

Me: Prettttttyyyy!

Sarah: I have my finger nails painted, they are pink. Look at my nails! Do you have your toes painted?

Me: Yeah but you cant see right now cuz i have shoes and socks on.
(sarah takes off her velcro shoes and shoves her little toes by me)

Sarah: Big sarah painted them and they match my fingers, see? they are pink.

Me: Pretty! How old are you again?

Sarah: I'm 2. I'm a big girl. But i was just naughty a minute ago and i didnt get a quarter and my mom spanked me cuz i was bad.
(mom awkwardly laughs and says 'ohhhh she's telling lies..')

Sarah: But I'll listen next time. And guess what, I'm a big girl so I'm pottytrained, except for the other day i pooped and peed in my underwear.

potty-trained at TWO!? i wasn't potty trained till at least 3... and i remember at the age of possibly after 3, I pooped and peed in my underwear cuz i was too busy playing outside to care about proper toilet training. what the heck!?

Monday, January 24, 2011


day 12. A thought for the day.

umm i have too many thoughts/quotes.
 i'm going to post a bunch soon hopefully.

thoughts = lyrics, which = songs... so thoughts = kinda count for songs, right? :/
that sounded really stupid. i'm not a moron usually.

anyway.. heres some wonderfulness from some of my very best friends.
i just love this. and i love their beautiful voices.
and i just love them.
 they WOULD be able to cover a catchy  9.71-ish song with semi-awkward lyrics (if sung the wrong way),
into a beautiful little nugget.

Friday, January 21, 2011

eleben + hyperbole and a half

Day 11. Nicknames I have; why do I have them

cole- all my friends call me much that i dont really realize it. i answer more to 'cole' than 'nicole' . and when my close friends call me 'nicole' its weird.

coley-pokie- from the movie 'the other side of heaven'. i cant remember who started calling me this.. tami? dad? i dont know, but its funny whenever someone says it. i sort of wish they referred to me as 'feki'
 boo- this started out as a joke with a certain someone, but now he uses it more than he uses my real name. in fact, when he says my name, its weird.
nico- i think this one is used by my sister jackie, because we talk in speech impediments and/or like babies when we are with eachother.
coley- my sisters called me this when i was a widdle gul.
Ni-co-lito- (knee-cole-eeto)- my dad has odd names for us all. (jackelbuckybear, tambam, kristizzle, nicolito, and meeshell. wow. now that i write them out, they are WEIRD. ha. love it.) usually he yells them when the phone is for us, and i can only wonder what the person on the other line is thinking. once, someone heard my dad say "nicolito! tele-phhoooonnneee" in sort of a 'dad-accent' and they asked if he was mexican. No, he is not.
nikki- when i was fat, in the 5th grade, this was my 'new name'. i always tried to change my name, i dont know why..i was a weirdo..(when i was 4 i was convinced i would legally change my name to Kimberly The Pink Power Ranger as soon as i turned 18). anyways, there are a few of my friends who call me 'nikki' just to tick me off......its funny now. but still. nikki- ek. reminds me of a pigtail-wearin, overall-sporting, sketchers-wearin annoying 5th grader who wont shut up. aka- me
nikkipants143- this may or may not be my gamer tag :/

in other news, i laughed my pants off today in science class reading THIS blog post. click it. you wont regret it.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

break from 30 day..

okay. so this is what has been goin on in my life.

  • i'm doin Jillian Michaels 30 day shred. im gonna lose 20 pounds in the next while, snitches. i'm serious. no more nadeene, the fat girl. i'm 21, at my PRIME and should be beautiful and thin. so i need to lose weight, get healthy, and put on makeup for heavens sake.

  • i did squats with corbin on my back the other day. we laughed so hard.

  • friends of the elderly is going wonderfully, and i'm mad i havent blogged about it more. tonight i talked alot with a man who has polio, married 'the sweetest woman who ever lived' and gave me advice about living a happy life. i also talked with marion, born in norway and cute as a button. i just love my group. they make me so happy..i cant even tell you how glad i am i have this opportunity

  • classes are okay. lots of reading textbooks which i'm not good at...but my program is great and i'm so excited for my profession. it feels so right and i just love learning how to help people. there are so many different things i could go into...adoptions, international work, elderly care, medical, criminal, rehab groups, and sooo many more. my practicum assignment is coming up soon, (where i'll be interning next year) and i'm super excited. but when i told my dad i wanted to maybe go do juvinile probation, he said i'd get shot. ha.

  • i'm watching titanic.. and i think i should have been born back then. the dresses..the fabulous hats.. the red lipstick. COME ON!

  •  i need a job for the summer... anyone know of any sweet nanny jobs? mucho money? in a mucho awesome place?

  • for christmas i got another lovey dovey book, "Love Letters of Great Men". its great and i think i've mentioned it on here before. men back then used to be classy and they used to write letters to their loves. exerpt? sure.

 My angel, I have just been told that the mailcoach goes every day - therefore I must close at once so that you may receive the letter at once - Be calm, only by a calm consideration of our existence can we achieve our purpose to live together - Be calm - love me - today - yesterday - what tearful longings for you - you - you - my life - my all - farewell. Oh continue to love me - never misjudge the most faithful heart of your beloved.

ever thine
ever mine
ever ours


  •  today christy left a funny, but serious ad on the table for me to see.
"MISSING: Rocco the 3 legged jack-russel.
He is a special needs dog, and there will be a reward!! 
He has three legs and is has a serious condition called hemophelia, so please find him!!!"

  • and, guess what i found out. random fact: the voice actress who played 'snow white' was never allowed to be in another movie by disney, because she was so ugly they didnt want snow's image to be ruined. HA. cruel.

anyways, goodbye.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Day 10: What do you look for in a guy/girl?
When i was 12, i made a list of qualities i want in my husband. and i made one when i was 13, 14, 15 and so on. i even wrote a letter to my 'future husband' when i was 15, sitting in mrs. deatons 6th period class...and i'm stoked to give it to him because its absolutely ridiculous.
my list has nearly 90 things on it. thats alot and pretty unrealistic...but some of the most important things are:
1. gospel oriented.
2. hard worker
3. family man
4. understanding
5. good communication
6. trust worthy
7. respectful
8. my kind of weird sense of humor
9. polite
10. humble
...and 80 other things. but i'm so tired i cant list anymore. but those are super important, wouldnt you agree?

Monday, January 17, 2011


Day 9 - Put your ipod on shuffle and write 10 songs that pop up.
my ipod is dead. sue me. itunes is the same thing.
1. MJ- Smooth Criminal. (rest in peace)
2. Mika- Big Girl, You are Beautiful (waaaaaaaa. this goes out to me, the fatty)
3. The Beatles- Let it be. (senior year, across the universe, noodle and zachary.)
4.No Doubt- Dont Speak (me and corbin have sing alongs to this.. i cant help but love it.)
5.Jim Sturgess- All my loving (i maybe like this one more than the original?)
6.Kaylee Cole- Uncertain World (strange lyrics, catchy song! This goes out to the kids who went to that concert..hahaa.. SHENENDOAH. enough said)
7. Glee cast- Can't fight this feeling (reminds me of the countless days i drove my hawaii boys to the Hilton and put this Glee CD on repeat till they fell asleep. Countless. Hours...of trying to put them to sleep and avoid wild hogs on the hawaiian roads.)
8. Adele- Make you feel my love (this song goes on repeat often. sigh. one of the best love songs...go youtube it. worth it.)
9.Tay Swift- You belong with me (maybe i sing this really loud by myself in the car sometimes)
10. John Mayer- Dreaming with a broken heart (pathetically has been my theme in years past. for all who really know me.. you KNOW this is true. pah. theh-tic.)

Sunday, January 16, 2011


day8. If you could have any pet regardless of what it is, what would you want?

hmmmmm. this is a hard one for me..because i've had many pets. lets name them.
countless goldfish
stewie the hampster
harry potter the puffer fish
luna the beta
juliet the parakeet
lady gaga

and some more i dont remember. (in bold means they are still living. surprisingly...) so, with all the experience i have...

i would want any pet that:
didnt shed
make noise
or anything like that.

but all animals do most of those things.
hmmmm. so, pretending the following animal was magically the perfect, clean, good-smelling quiet pet...i would want...a few of them.

1. a horse of a different color. how FUN would that be!? dream come true. i'd ride to campus in STYLE!

2. My very own Dobby. Probably because he'd tell me i'm pretty every day and do favors for me. and i think magical creatures count as 'pets'?

3. a widdle happy baby snuggly smiley piggy. look how darling that is! my pig would win first place.

4. a little flying squirrel. some girl at my highschool used to bring hers to school and ever since then ive wanted one. it just would be fun to launch it at unsuspecting people...look at it rub its little hands together ready to launch!

and then.........
unsuspecting victim gets a face full of squirrel.


Friday, January 14, 2011


day7. Complete the sentence, "I am.."

...cuddling with my dog and watching 'Say Yes to the Dress'.

ahh. what a friday night.

day 6 snitches

day6. what did you do today?

man oh man. busy day. today i...

1.woke up at 5 a.m. to pee.
2. didnt fall back asleep till around 7.
3. alarm went off at 8:07.
4. ready for school, slimfast and out the door by 8:39
5. parking is non existant so waiting is worthless, at 8:59 i finally choose to park in a zone where i didnt have a tag and hoped i didnt get a ticket.
6. went to my social work practice class and sat in the front row because i was late... i kept imagining my professor as a dinosaur. because, she kind of looks like one. and her name kind of sounds like one.
7. at 10:15, walked back out to my car to find another parking spot that i was allowed to park in.
8. walked to the other side of campus in my new boots. (blisters begin).
9. 150 bucks later, bought a few textbooks.
10. walked in late to institute at 10:43. leanred about why marriage is necessary to our salvation.
11. headed to my 'energy' class with crazy professor who looks like the 'backin up' lady on youtube. (25 min early thank you very much)
12. back to the other side of campus for my second and last social work class at 1:30, blisters aching. rolling my ankles in my new boots 5 times already.
13. talk about prostitution for an hourish in social work class, get out early, head to work. 2:40. (guzzle another slimfast...i need to make myself lunches!!)
14. start math homework with corbin, took him to tumbling at 3:40
15. made around 100 color coded times table flashcards for him while observing his class
16. brought him home, helped him with homework and tried to comfort him when he cried about his spelling homework
17. drove home, extremely tired around 6:15 from a non-stop 9hr packed day..decided to skip working out. (as always :/ )
18. immediately into comfy clothes and watching 50 first dates with apples and peanut butter.
19. tried to rescue a sliding car, friends over at our house at 7:30. (they just got back from a mission in georgia and teaching english in chinaaaaa!)
20. bowl of coco roos/concert in christys room
21. about 45 minutes of intense mario cart
22. drive ryguy125 home in the blizzard so he wouldnt get frostbite.
23. hop in the bath- blisters STING. (never wearing heeled boots to campus again.)
24. clean. jammies. comfy couch.
25. blog

and that is how my tuesdays/thursdays will be everyday.
hut tut tut tut.... BYEBYE!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

mambo numbo five. (+happy birthday chelle)

5. Something that makes you feel better.

well.. a few things.
maybe this is selfish and prissy of me...
but the one thing that always makes me feel better? like when i have a suuuuuper bad day or get dumped by a boy?
a new pair of shoes.
honestly. it doesnt matter if they are flats or heels. my last break up i got sneakers... the one before that i think it was black stillettos..  haha. and i have QUITE the collection. I'll just leave it at that.
getting my nails done
my mama knows when i needa manicure. she'll force me to go 'get beautiful' if i am having a depressing week. after i get my nails did, i feel all purrty and confident. haaaa. self centered? maybe.
my mama
Shes my best friend. and ALWAYS has some sort of advice...whether its good advice or bad advice haha. (you know its true, mother.) She always makes me feel good about myself- and i know she is the one person i can always go to if i need anything...because she will always think i'm wonderful, even when i'm not. thats how mamas should be.
my little sister is 17 today. ahhhhh. my LITTLE sister. i remember the day she was born!!! how weird.
she is so pretty and cute and nice and is just great. so glad she was born. enjoy these little pictures from the mid-90's.


Tuesday, January 11, 2011

numba FOUR

day 4.What’s your guilty pleasure: tv show, food, and magazine?

tv show: GUILTY pleasure? sometimes me and christy watch trashy mtv shows that we shouldnt watch. silly dating ones, like 'for the love of ray j' or 'teen mom'... i'm sorry. they are just so darn entertaining.

food: peanut butter cup perfection. its the only thing i ever get at coldstone.
thats where my extra LBS have come in. i crave it all day everyday.

magazine: i'm not really a magaziner.
 but since i was oh.. 17 maybe.. i sometimes pick up bridal magazines and sit on the floor of smiths and read to my hearts content.
 i just love all the ridiculously coture dresses..
 and all the BLING!
 ahh. dream dream dream.


3. A picture or description of your favorite place in your world. And I’m not talking about like France or Greece. I’m talking somewhere you visit daily or atleast fairly often

hummmmmm. favorite place in MY world?

A bookstore. Borders or Barnes and Noble. and guess what- i don't even read that much. my sister tami is a total bookworm and reads books in like, a few hours.. me..not so much. when i find a reaaaaaalllllly good book i'll commit to read it, and love it forever. But honestly? whyyyyy do i love bookstores if im not a total book nerd? because i walk in and it smells like fresh book pages and coffee. i dunno..its just super cozy. i like cozy things. who DOESNT like browsing in a huuuuuuuuuge maze of books? and not just boring books... FUN books! i feel like belle off beauty and the beast when beast gives her her very own library. I sound like a moron..but this is my world. so whatever.

sometimes i just walk in, find a book or cute magazine that catches my eye, and plop down and look through it. and mostly i end up in the kids section looking at cool facts and world record books...... hahah.  before i know it hours have passed and i'm slightly embarrassed...AND..sometimes they give you samples of pastries they make in the little coffee shop in the corner. so how could you not love that!?

 Thats my most favorite place in 'my' world.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Day 2

2-Name a celebrity crush and what you would do if you got to spend a day with them.

(when did i get that red-carpet body? shizzam!)
Well well well. lets see. its obvious that michael bubles voice makes me SWOON. the funny thing is, is that if you saw him walking down the street, he just looks like an average joe. but MAN.... God bless those vocal chords. If i got to spend a day with him, i would simply set him down in my living room, set up a mic, sit on the couch and make him sing to me. sweet, sweet songs i would make him sing. Maybe at 4 hour intervals, with romantic picnics in between.

Michael Buble, you are a gift from heaven. It is #42 on my list of things to do before i die to meet you and have you sing into my eyes. I'd even let you sing to me if maybe we decided to jet to hawaii in a private plane of yours... because whats more romantic than a serenade at 30,000 ft in the air? to end my day, he would sing to me on the beach. the end.

that would be the day.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

30 day blog challenge- Day 1

Good way to start off the new year. so, here goes...found this on a cute blog i stalk and i hope to start and finish this little challenge.

Your name and 5 things about you that no one really knows

Nicole Linnae Booth
1. When i was two, i swallowed my grandpas heart pills because i thought they were flinstone vitamins. went to the hospital in an ambulance and they made me drink syrup of yackitup- or ipicac.
2. i used to fake injuries so i could go to the doctors when i was a kid. i dont know why. i'd think, 'hmm..nothings been wrong for a while. owww! my arm!!' then my brain would make my arm hurt..and walla-  a cherry sucker and if i was lucky, i'd get an x-ray and i could add a sticker to my x-ray sticker collection. sorry for all those co-pays mom. (i think you knew i was a faker sometimes)
3. i used to love the smell of newspaper. i'd smell it when i was little and once my sister noticed a grey mark between my eyes and said it was from rubbing it on my face. i tried to wash it off, turns out it was a little birthmark. hmmm. kinda familiar to the story when i tried to wash the 'dirt' out of my hair when my sisters told me i had 'dirty blonde hair'.
4. My biggest fear is hitting someone while driving. Maybe because i saw a 'touched by an angel' episode where a lady in a red car hit a little girl and it ruined her life. hence, why angels had to visit her, dar dar dar.
5. i've always wanted to be an actress. but the world is so smutty, i'd never let myself pursue it.
that is all. carry on.

Saturday, January 8, 2011


Well, December has come and gone. which means all the best holidays are gone too.
  • Christmas
  • My birthday
  • and NEW YEARRRS.

Christmas was great- up until my puppy ate a nylon sock and we almost had to send her to the big doggie playground in the sky.. luckily the surgeon saved her.

My birthday was great- lots of family and presents and my sister jackie surprised me by being a sneaky snitch and having some of my friends come over to surprise me after dinner. How am i so oblivious? maybe i was too focused on my food at wingers to notice any sneaky sketchiness going on between my family members. SNEAKY.

New Years eve was rung in with work in logan, nannying for my two boys. Its always a party with them...i then consumed too much icecream and 2 delicious pieces of Great Value cheesecake and i'm pretty sure I stayed up till 5 a.m. God bless america!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

so long 2010..

Remember this post? from last January on my other little blog? Well.... Its time to address some things...
my letter i wrote to 2010 goes as follows:

Dear 2010,
Be good to me. Find me a handsome boyfriend, help me lose the saddlebags i have on my theighs from eating nutella, get me a good paying job, help me climb down from the ugly tree and get back up the pretty hill that i slid down after the 8th grade, help me not be terrified of getting married, find me a good car and a puppy. Thanks.

Peace and blessings,

P.S. i wouldn't mind if you threw in a trip to Europe. Juuuuuust sayin.

2010 was OKAY to me.
-it did find me a handsome boyfriend that june
-it made my saddlebags BIGGER and i got CHUBBIER from nutella but specifically coldstone
-i did get a decent paying job
-2010 is still laughing at me swinging my legs in the ugly tree
-still terrified to get married.  (everyones facebooks wedding photos just.. scare me..)
-do NOT have a good car, however do have good parents who let me borrow.
-TOTALLY GOT A PUPPY. she almost died the other day from eating a sock, but hey. at least that 2010 puppy wish came true.
-and no, 2010 didnt sent me to europe. it did however send me to the aloha state...close enough.

as for you, 2011... demands are to come.
be prepared.