Thursday, January 27, 2011

time for change..+ kiddies

ok you guys. i need to change my blog name. it has bothered me since uhm, senior year of highschool...but that was the most creative thing i could think of. so, readers, suggest away before i think of something just as lame or lamer- than bloggiebloggieblog.


in other news: i love kids. wanna know why? they say hilarious things. today i was driving corb to tumbling..and we were rocking out to the lion king soundtrack in the truck..annnd we sort of got into it alot like we do when i put classical music on and we pretend to be some big-shot composer and over dramaticize everything (is that a word?)  Anyways, being you know, crazy and dancing, singing, etc.after a minute corbin stopped, but i was still pretending i was Zazu the responsible, british-bird... and this is what happened.

Corbin finally turned the stereo down...and i kept rockin out. he silently looked at me, and started poking my arm while i was singing. i looked at him...and he gave me the serious eyes..

Corbin: i wish there was a button to turn this down...

(yes. i have been muted by a 9 year old.)

also....when i was at tumbling with him, i was watching with the parents like i always do up in the viewing area, and there is this ADORABLE girl named sarah who is two years old who comes in every week to watch her big brother and sister tumble. (she looks EXACTLY like my sister Jackie did when she was little.)
anyways, this little girl, has the funniest, sassiest vocabulary ever. But, she'll only be my friend when i smile and compliment her, so i did. Mind you, she is TWO!!

Me: Thats pretty lipstick sarah! Is it your moms?
(she inches over to sit by me..)

Sarah: (glopping on sparkly lipgloss) Thank you! Um, its my moms.

Me: Prettttttyyyy!

Sarah: I have my finger nails painted, they are pink. Look at my nails! Do you have your toes painted?

Me: Yeah but you cant see right now cuz i have shoes and socks on.
(sarah takes off her velcro shoes and shoves her little toes by me)

Sarah: Big sarah painted them and they match my fingers, see? they are pink.

Me: Pretty! How old are you again?

Sarah: I'm 2. I'm a big girl. But i was just naughty a minute ago and i didnt get a quarter and my mom spanked me cuz i was bad.
(mom awkwardly laughs and says 'ohhhh she's telling lies..')

Sarah: But I'll listen next time. And guess what, I'm a big girl so I'm pottytrained, except for the other day i pooped and peed in my underwear.

potty-trained at TWO!? i wasn't potty trained till at least 3... and i remember at the age of possibly after 3, I pooped and peed in my underwear cuz i was too busy playing outside to care about proper toilet training. what the heck!?


Amylee said...

Don't let it blow your mind little one, 2 years old is the average age to start potty training.

You also shouldn't worry about the fact that I peed my pants in the 8th grade... and possibly last week.

Christy Marie said...


ps. there is NOTHING wrong with bloggiebloggieblog. its..awesome.

Callie said...

haha you're hilarious. You had me laughing at loud, kids say some crazy/funny stuff. Love it and your blog.

Tami said...

I was about to suggest you be a hipster and name your blog an obscure line from an obscure song...then I realized... that is what my blog title is. I need to change mine too, now.
How about:
The Pennycole Diaries