Monday, January 17, 2011


Day 9 - Put your ipod on shuffle and write 10 songs that pop up.
my ipod is dead. sue me. itunes is the same thing.
1. MJ- Smooth Criminal. (rest in peace)
2. Mika- Big Girl, You are Beautiful (waaaaaaaa. this goes out to me, the fatty)
3. The Beatles- Let it be. (senior year, across the universe, noodle and zachary.)
4.No Doubt- Dont Speak (me and corbin have sing alongs to this.. i cant help but love it.)
5.Jim Sturgess- All my loving (i maybe like this one more than the original?)
6.Kaylee Cole- Uncertain World (strange lyrics, catchy song! This goes out to the kids who went to that concert..hahaa.. SHENENDOAH. enough said)
7. Glee cast- Can't fight this feeling (reminds me of the countless days i drove my hawaii boys to the Hilton and put this Glee CD on repeat till they fell asleep. Countless. Hours...of trying to put them to sleep and avoid wild hogs on the hawaiian roads.)
8. Adele- Make you feel my love (this song goes on repeat often. sigh. one of the best love songs...go youtube it. worth it.)
9.Tay Swift- You belong with me (maybe i sing this really loud by myself in the car sometimes)
10. John Mayer- Dreaming with a broken heart (pathetically has been my theme in years past. for all who really know me.. you KNOW this is true. pah. theh-tic.)

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