Saturday, January 8, 2011


Well, December has come and gone. which means all the best holidays are gone too.
  • Christmas
  • My birthday
  • and NEW YEARRRS.

Christmas was great- up until my puppy ate a nylon sock and we almost had to send her to the big doggie playground in the sky.. luckily the surgeon saved her.

My birthday was great- lots of family and presents and my sister jackie surprised me by being a sneaky snitch and having some of my friends come over to surprise me after dinner. How am i so oblivious? maybe i was too focused on my food at wingers to notice any sneaky sketchiness going on between my family members. SNEAKY.

New Years eve was rung in with work in logan, nannying for my two boys. Its always a party with them...i then consumed too much icecream and 2 delicious pieces of Great Value cheesecake and i'm pretty sure I stayed up till 5 a.m. God bless america!

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Jo said...

You had a birthday!? Hip hip hooray! I'm a little upset I wasn't invited to the party but whatever. What was your sister thinking of not inviting me?
SO, you are back in Logan? I wish you would tell me more about your life..the love in it...where you know, the works.