Sunday, January 9, 2011

30 day blog challenge- Day 1

Good way to start off the new year. so, here goes...found this on a cute blog i stalk and i hope to start and finish this little challenge.

Your name and 5 things about you that no one really knows

Nicole Linnae Booth
1. When i was two, i swallowed my grandpas heart pills because i thought they were flinstone vitamins. went to the hospital in an ambulance and they made me drink syrup of yackitup- or ipicac.
2. i used to fake injuries so i could go to the doctors when i was a kid. i dont know why. i'd think, 'hmm..nothings been wrong for a while. owww! my arm!!' then my brain would make my arm hurt..and walla-  a cherry sucker and if i was lucky, i'd get an x-ray and i could add a sticker to my x-ray sticker collection. sorry for all those co-pays mom. (i think you knew i was a faker sometimes)
3. i used to love the smell of newspaper. i'd smell it when i was little and once my sister noticed a grey mark between my eyes and said it was from rubbing it on my face. i tried to wash it off, turns out it was a little birthmark. hmmm. kinda familiar to the story when i tried to wash the 'dirt' out of my hair when my sisters told me i had 'dirty blonde hair'.
4. My biggest fear is hitting someone while driving. Maybe because i saw a 'touched by an angel' episode where a lady in a red car hit a little girl and it ruined her life. hence, why angels had to visit her, dar dar dar.
5. i've always wanted to be an actress. but the world is so smutty, i'd never let myself pursue it.
that is all. carry on.

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Lauren Parker said...

yayay! so glad you started the challenge :)