Friday, January 21, 2011

eleben + hyperbole and a half

Day 11. Nicknames I have; why do I have them

cole- all my friends call me much that i dont really realize it. i answer more to 'cole' than 'nicole' . and when my close friends call me 'nicole' its weird.

coley-pokie- from the movie 'the other side of heaven'. i cant remember who started calling me this.. tami? dad? i dont know, but its funny whenever someone says it. i sort of wish they referred to me as 'feki'
 boo- this started out as a joke with a certain someone, but now he uses it more than he uses my real name. in fact, when he says my name, its weird.
nico- i think this one is used by my sister jackie, because we talk in speech impediments and/or like babies when we are with eachother.
coley- my sisters called me this when i was a widdle gul.
Ni-co-lito- (knee-cole-eeto)- my dad has odd names for us all. (jackelbuckybear, tambam, kristizzle, nicolito, and meeshell. wow. now that i write them out, they are WEIRD. ha. love it.) usually he yells them when the phone is for us, and i can only wonder what the person on the other line is thinking. once, someone heard my dad say "nicolito! tele-phhoooonnneee" in sort of a 'dad-accent' and they asked if he was mexican. No, he is not.
nikki- when i was fat, in the 5th grade, this was my 'new name'. i always tried to change my name, i dont know why..i was a weirdo..(when i was 4 i was convinced i would legally change my name to Kimberly The Pink Power Ranger as soon as i turned 18). anyways, there are a few of my friends who call me 'nikki' just to tick me off......its funny now. but still. nikki- ek. reminds me of a pigtail-wearin, overall-sporting, sketchers-wearin annoying 5th grader who wont shut up. aka- me
nikkipants143- this may or may not be my gamer tag :/

in other news, i laughed my pants off today in science class reading THIS blog post. click it. you wont regret it.

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Jo said...

Please let me call you Nicolito.