Wednesday, January 12, 2011

mambo numbo five. (+happy birthday chelle)

5. Something that makes you feel better.

well.. a few things.
maybe this is selfish and prissy of me...
but the one thing that always makes me feel better? like when i have a suuuuuper bad day or get dumped by a boy?
a new pair of shoes.
honestly. it doesnt matter if they are flats or heels. my last break up i got sneakers... the one before that i think it was black stillettos..  haha. and i have QUITE the collection. I'll just leave it at that.
getting my nails done
my mama knows when i needa manicure. she'll force me to go 'get beautiful' if i am having a depressing week. after i get my nails did, i feel all purrty and confident. haaaa. self centered? maybe.
my mama
Shes my best friend. and ALWAYS has some sort of advice...whether its good advice or bad advice haha. (you know its true, mother.) She always makes me feel good about myself- and i know she is the one person i can always go to if i need anything...because she will always think i'm wonderful, even when i'm not. thats how mamas should be.
my little sister is 17 today. ahhhhh. my LITTLE sister. i remember the day she was born!!! how weird.
she is so pretty and cute and nice and is just great. so glad she was born. enjoy these little pictures from the mid-90's.


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