Tuesday, November 30, 2010

a lifetimes talk

"love isnt an act. its a whole life. its staying with her now because she needs you; its knowing you and her will still care about eachother when butterflies and daydreams, fights and futures, when all thats on the shelf and done with. love.. i'll tell you what love is: it's you at seventy-five and her at seventy-one, each of you listening for the others step in the next room, each afraid that a sudden silence, a sudden cry, could mean a lifetimes talk is over." -Brian Moore

Monday, November 29, 2010


bloggiebloggieblog is bleh to me.

maybe because i made it up senior year of highschool when my creativity level was that of the amount of calories in frozen yogurt. and maybe i was too caught up in texting and being obsessed with boys who wore' pokemon shirts. (shiver) thank heavens for english 2010.


Saturday, November 27, 2010

sorry indians.

sooo we whipped up a quick thanksgiving due to us not being able to visit jackie for thanksgiving. (boo)

of course, for SOME REASON... the bad november holiday joojoo came and haunted us again. for some reason... right around thanksgiving...my family gets in a strange fight. heaven knows what causes it..maybe its the stress of making all the food..maybe its because we arent fully prepared for winter and it sneaks up on us and it seems to back-attack us.. or maybe the oven is just turned up too damn high. (we dont do well with heat. i personally get a littttttle pissy when i'm hot. dont cross me when the heat is up)

anyway, things ended up being fine like always and we had our thanksgiving dinner just fine. while stuffing our faces, we all discussed our worst injuries. it was great. we went around the table and shared things like this:
-3 broken arms
-2 run-ins with sliding glass doors
-1 standing-on-the-basketball-trick gone wrong
-2 times my face got smashed into bleachers
-3 incidences of falling off the monkey bars and hurting limbs
-1 chubby diaper butt stuck with sat-on staples

and so on and so forth.

then we watched 2 episodes of the office, 2 episodes of hoarders...were all too tired to play any games so we saved that for yesterday.. (how did i not win when the green card was "filthy" and i put down anne frank?)

so, we celebrated the holiday like the rest of the U.S...by ticking off PETA and jumping over the fact that we are celebrating a holiday about us kicking the indians out of 'our' country.

God bless America.

Monday, November 22, 2010

updates, legos and fish.

i've been M.I.A lately. sorry.

I've been hating the recent snow. hate hate hate. instead of going outside and doing normal daily tasks, i watch animal planet and eat cookies with my roommates.

speaking of cookies, i keep gaining that stupid winter fatty weight from Nadeene and its killin me.

harry potter 7= epic. i love everything about the magical world of witchcraft and wizardry. and someone...got a very special letter from that school.. i'll post pictures soon.

i cant get enough of 'no doubt' lately. i just love em. maybe cuz my friend nannies for gwen.. but seriously. i love her.

i nanny for 2 sweet little boys a few days here in logan. here are some funny things i've been meaning to post..

corbin: and then we crashed the lego cars off the cliff and pretended they exploded!
blake: corbin, that is violent. (sincerely with a thoughtful look) i just.. dont get violence.

corbin: i want to play my legos in PEACE!!!!

corbin: you shouldnt feed fishsticks to fish. thats like having a human eat their arm.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


some girl dropped her phone on campus, so my dearest roomie christy, of course.. picked it up and found 'mom' in the contacts and called her telling her that her daughter lost her phone.. cuz christy is just a good person like that.

so, after a few days of the phone sitting on our table waiting for her to pick it up.. this happens:

me: i wonder if theres any good texts in there?
christy: read em!!!!!

so what if i'm a snoop? SUE ME. big fat whoop. its the only excitement in my life next to talking about incontinence and elderly sex life in social gerontology (shivvvvveeerrr. eeek. and i'm kidding.)
and maybe there was someone texting her telling her they got kidnapped and needed help asap? i was just trying to do my civil dutyand getting a kick out of it as a plus. maybe i just like harmless snooping in strangers lives. get over it.

i proceeded to read texts such as..
"hey can you work for me saturday?"
"hey did you get ahold of our boss?"

i scroll down..

from: Edward
oh honey bee i wuv you so much! muahw!

from: Edward
When i hold your face all i see is beauty! you are my queen! muahw! OH i can't wait to see you! muahw! :) :) :)

from: Edward:
how about after work you give me a good foot and back massage? How about some nice hot coco with whipped cream? ;) ;) ;) i just love you

-_-  i'll stop there. edward obviously likes making the kissing noise in text lingo to sound chinese..or a mix between alien/larg feral cat? i dont know. muahw. muahw.

and then:

from Mckenzie:
so did you work things out with Alex?


either she is a cheatin hobag and is gonna end up on true life: cheaters or she has a freakish twilight obsession and calls her boyfriend  'Edward' who is really named 'alex' and is going to be on true life: twilight intervention.

beats the heck outta me. i think she's cheating.
Poor Alex.

Monday, November 15, 2010

best advice..

me: whats your advice for me today?
mom: don't listen to any advice from anyone. make your own decisions based on what YOU think is best.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


quote of the day

"I'm just going to bed. I'm not showering. Showering is for girls with boyfriends."

Monday, November 8, 2010

The Livvy-Cole Diaries: Speical Episode

yes. my sweet little olivia is ENGAGED.

go ahead and watch this video as much as you like. i witnessed a REAL proposal. my best friends! i was even involved!!!!!!!!!

he shook so much he almost put it on her pinky!!!
i love them and cannot wait for their wedding in may.
livvy is going to be the most wonderful wife and mother. and her house is going to be decorated SOOOO cute! so, another one bites the dust. and i couldnt be happier! they are so happy together.

quote of the day

"he called me today just to talk.
kill me as soon as possible so i can die thinking we'll end up together!!!!!!!!!!!!"


today it snowed.
sir winter is back.
kill me fast.
the boy is out of town for a week....its winter...

therefore: i craft with lauren!!!!
modge podge here we go.
pictures to come!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

zombies vs. humans

the other day, i saw a bunch of college ADULTS running around with nerf guns, and something neon tied around their forehead like the karate kid. the labels read "HUMAN" *blank stare...*

the next day, there were more and more groups of college ADULTS running around with nerf guns, and nerf bullet holders strapped to their chest. and now, most of the names read "ZOMBIE". *alarmed stare...*

what. on. earth?

apparently, the university geeklings decided to have a week-long zombies vs. humans nerf gun fight. it started with 1 zombie, and the rest were humans. once the 1 zombie hit you, you were "infected" and became a zombie...hence..the growing population of zombie nerfgunners.

as andrew and i were on our way to the library to study around 9 p.m. (mind you, this goes on all day, all night, and even on the campus BUSSES), we saw a group of dungeon and dragon-type looking kids running quite speedily towards the TSC, clad in the neon head wraps and equipped with nerf ammo.

5 minutes later i saw an ambulance speed down 700 E..
stupid zombies probably ran into the street trying to infect a human...
maybe THAT will teach you to grow up and go to college instead of playing a dead-corpsy gun game you morons.

instead of speedily rushing to class everyday like i always do, i made sure to not have a run-in with a zombie OR a nerfed out human, just in case one decided to turn on me and force me to play their evil game.
p.s...the only zombies i like are the ones in the 'thriller' music video. don't you agree? over and out.

Friday, November 5, 2010

halloweenie photos

yes, finally. hermione granger happened. i've only been meaning to dress up as her for 3 years. seriously. and yes, my mom asked where i got my 'wig'. the booth fam had a little halloween celebration, and as always it was fabulous. even the parental unit dressed up. even the dogs dressed up. (ozzie was ronald weasley, incase you were confused.)
i love booth holidays.

wonderful. happy halloweenie.


Monday, November 1, 2010


insta-care is an oxymormon. its really instawait. because you get here, and they tell you "it will be about 45 minutes until you are seen." and wanna know what "until you are seen" means? it means: "thats when we'll bring you back to weigh you and then send you back and laugh at you because you got punked and have to wait another 20 minutes".

poor lauren. maybe we shoulda made her sickness more urgent and say that she has gangreen or something instead of a hurt toe.

anyways. halloween was wonderbar. pictures soon. thanks for nothing, logan instacare.