Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Monday, June 28, 2010

happy 300 & fish water

i'm a freakin blog hussie.
this is my 300th post...
eeek. thats a sign of too much time on the computer, dont ya think?

so today was quite the eventful day.
and by eventful, maybe i mean i wanted to pull my hair out..but it was just so ridiculous that i just laughed. all day.

i always know when the boys are up to something mischievious, because it gets reallllllly quiet. too quiet. so i had a feeling to go outside to the courtyard to where they were to peek and see what they were up to this morning. low and behold.... i see the boys filling up their squirtguns from the fish pond....and shooting the fish water into their mouth. THEIR MOUTH. omg.

i scold them and make them promise to quit doing it or they were going on timeout.

i walk back in the house...and hear giggles. perfect.
and then it gets quiet. and i hear a 'WOOOOAAAAHHH'
they definitely werent shooting the water in their mouths anymore, but through the laundry room window screen. youre kidding.

once more i do my meanest face/voice and say one more time and they are out. they promise to stop with the fish water. i walk back inside...because boys will be boys, right? and they were warned to STOP being boys.

i walk back outside for the third time, and once again they are drinking the fish water. i grabbed the squirtguns, and promptly escort them to their room. they knew they deserved it too.

mind you, all of this happened AFTER i found them drinking out of the dog bowl.
the only possible thing i could think was.. 'what the hell?'

they smelled of fish all day. and guess what? old stale fish water smells like old people diapers. exactly like old people diapers. call me crazy, but im being serious. it caught me so off guard. a few minutes later, i could not take it. i ignored their refusals to change their shirts, so i just made them put their fish shirts in the laundry before i passed out. so they ran around the rest of the day topless. what else is new.

so to punish them i forced them to watch harry potter with me. they were ticked off at first cuz they wanted to watch garfield. but nope. they LIKED it even though they wouldnt admit it. wanna know how i know? look at their little faces:


p.s. i'm not having little boys. i just.. dont..understand.

Saturday, June 26, 2010


i feel like.. as of late i've realized that there are really wonderful people in my life that i don't thank my Heavenly Father enough for.

lets name a few. in no particular oder.

my family (obviously)sharon. brion. jackie&george. tami. kristin. and chelle.
my family i nanny for out here
my Kona ward.. {Auntie Trish & Melia}
my roommates: liv, chris, britt, heath. bless our hysterical laughter nights.
my new friends from san D: laur, tay, kam, chav, brade, chad, errin.. possible sprang brayke trip i coulda asked for
my advanced theater friends: missy, kirk, jordan, amylee, andra&fam & the love they still have for me.
my best friends i grew up with: val riss heath brooke chris
my cute boy who treats me like a fricking princess, even across an ocean
my best friends i don't see often enough: syd & kath & katie
my friends from freshman year: bunt & ry & liv

thank you for being wonderful and blessing my life. seriously. what would i do without such wonderful people in my life?

Thursday, June 24, 2010

playgrounds and sunsets & too many pictures

so i was at the playground with my boys...just hangin out. while they were on the swings, i decided to walk across the way and play on the tireswing. well..maybe i got in the tireswing and my bottom fell through the hole..and i sort of got stuck haha. wanna know what i hear from across the playground? giggling boys, in shock.
(so they proceed to get into my purse, get my camera out, and take a picture of my big fat butt while i was stuck in the tire hole.i promptly deleted it. that is now their favorite saying to mock me with. in public.)

twenty minutes later as we were leaving the playground.. i heard a little giggle from my chasey.
"what are you giggling at? my big fat butt still?"
hysterical laughter followed.
they are so cute that i can't help be mad sometimes. i'm a push over.

also.. can i tell you how beautiful hawaii is? it truly is. the sunsets here are amazing...and whenever i'm driving anywhere, i look over and see the ocean. sometimes i pull over to take a picture. and the horizon is half ocean, half sky. its amazing...and so weird at the same time. on a clear day, i'll look our the window and see ocean, then this weird random mountain looking thing. nbd, its maui..just hangin out. its a little different than the huge mountains i'm used to at home.

also, did i tell you how i love how everyone greets eachother with a kiss on the cheek and a cute little 'aloha'? its so adorable.

i made playdough the other day for my boys outta flour, water, veggie oil, and some good ol blue jello powder. it took up a good 2 hours of the day. definite time waster. brilliant.

Queens Marketplace in Waikaloa has become my favorite place. a coy fishpond and hawaiian performances in the town square? perfect.

tomorrow im going to kona to go to the ysa conference...and hopefully i'll get to explore kona a bit. they have a ton of little shops there i can't wait to go take pictures of. also, they have a white sand beach and a black sand beach right next to eachother. awesome.

also..maybe i'm super tan. maybe i'm trying to fake that i'm hawaiian. sue me

ps i'm awesome at chalk drawings. my boys think im frickin van gough.

and that has summed up my week. over and out.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

oh nie.

anyone who knows me, knows i'm obsessed with Stephanie Nielson and her wonderful family.
(if you haven't read her story.. you need to.)
she is such an inspiring woman.. and this special post
just made my heart burst at the seams.

can't wait to have this love with my husband.
and guess what? i know its gonna happen sooner or later.

(ps. i vow to vandalize a 'falling rocks' sign before i die)

the end.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

silver lining..

"Even if you cannot always see that silver lining on your clouds, God can, for He is the very source of the light you seek" - Jeffrey R. Holland

Friday, June 18, 2010


so.. lately has been hard. and by 'lately' i mean about every other hour since i arrived here in hawaii. i didn't think bein out here alone would be that hard...because its paradise, right?
i dunno.. things just werent really falling into place. sooo on sunday i made the 40 minute drive to our chapel in Kona, right next to the temple. (it was the first time that i've put on make up, and curled my hair and actually looked like a naturally when i went to grab the keys, my boys hid from this stranger in their house. awesome.)

anyways.. i walk into church..and moooostly i'm the only white girl there. nbd, it was awesome. i wish so freaking bad i was hawaiian already! they are so beautiful. but i walked in, and immediately was greeted by the bishop, ward clerk, etc.. finding out who i was, and wondering why i was sitting alone on a pew by myself in their chapel. it was just the cure for a lonely girl 22,000 miles away from home.

i almost started laughing when they started out sacrament meeting with an 'alooooooo-ha!' because it caught me so off guard. (if ever i marry someone who's a bishop, im going to make him start out our sac like that!) anyways ps, this blog is so random and my thoughts are so scatterbrained..maybe because i'm laying in bed still trying not to die from these bug bites...myyyy apologies.

but sacrament seriously was so so so wonderful. it really felt like it was the first one i ever paid attention to, and my heart was just SO grateful for every little detail in that moment. for one of the ward elders, it was his last sunday there, so the congregation sang 'aloha oe' to him while people went up and presented him with laies. i of course being an idiot, stood up and had no idea what i was singing, so i just mumbled along and smiled when anyone looked at me.

anyways, everyone in relief society and sunday school was SO kind, and they acted like we had been bff's for years..i've never met a group of nicer, more genuine people in my whole life. I met the most adorable girl, Melia, and she is wonderful...she just graduated college and nannying here too. The bishoprics wives invited me to the bishopric family dinner that night, and i've never felt so welcomed in my life. and MANNNNNN i love real hawaiian bbqs.
steak.. chicken.. shrimp... mmmmmmmmmmm.

i look forward to the next 6 sundays i have here.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

jackie & georgie

so finally the wedding post. my oldest sister jackie got MAAAAARRRRRRIIIEEEEDD.
to the greatest guy ever ever ever. his name is george. also known as georgie or horhay.

Jackie= a home ec teacher in the ghetto. greatest cook ever. such a good girl. BIGGEST tattle tale on the face of the planet. prettiest nerd i know. such an example to me. gonna be the best wife.

George= funniest laugh. woulda been in the fbi but he was too freaking happy. (bless him) always positive and giggly. such a good guy. good heart. PATIENT. treats my sister so good... couldnt ask for a nicer guy. gonna be the best husband

and guess what? they are gonna have funny kids. and guess what again? they are perfect for eachother because jack finally found someone who takes MORE pictures than her. goooo figure.
can't wait for them to visit and play Ticket to Hell with us.

P.S... im glad i have an example from my dad and georgie as to how guys should treat girls =)

Welcome to the family Georgie!

Monday, June 14, 2010

quote of the day

today when chasey was cuddling me during morning cartoons....
he hugged around my legs and with gritted teeth and a disgusted face said,
"WHY...does the hair on your legs itch my face.....?"

he seriously couldnt figure it out.
i started laughing...i swear its only been a few days!!!
i'm just a little busy monitoring their intake of granola bars they have everyday..
and making peanut butter sammys for them.. 24/7.
they. never. stop. eating.
but. i now am off to shave my legs silky mooth again for the beach.
i'll become a lady once more.
sorry kiddo. won't happen again.

Saturday, June 12, 2010


so.... ever seen that scene in the exorcist where she projectile vomits? (i only saw that scene on vh1 once. i dont watch devil movies...(nor do i watch vh1, mom) )
or maybe where the griffin household has a puke-a-thon?
well that was me. from 1 a.m-10 a.m. yesterday...every hour on the hour.
it was misery.
being sick..laying on the bathroom floor and crying..calling my mom at 5 in the morning REALLY made me miss home. super super bad. this is just taking alot of adjusting. i'm sure once i get feeling better, i'll be a bit more upbeat.

also: maybe i started dating someone right before i left, and maybe thats made it a teensy bit harder to be a zillion miles away. he's great though. thats all. =)

some things i love love love about nannying though: when the boys are being good and i look back in the rear view mirror and they are just being so darn cute playing with their transformers making crashing and exploding sound effects. bless em.

i also love when chasey goes to tell caden to share his toys with him, he says, "caden.....MUHCOLE SAYS SO!!!!!!!!!"

this week has been quite new. rough but new and fun. learned alot already. i also learned that i'm terrible at building transformers out of legos....who woulda thought.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

they are back once more..

the freckles.

by the time i come home from hawaii, my whole face will be covered in them.

Monday, June 7, 2010

we are in HawAWwAaaaiiiiii

yes, i've been saying that statement to myself the past few days.

the plane ride was fine. i was sure to check everyone out on my know.. just to make sure that if we crashed, i had at least a few people who could help me set up camp on an island, ya know? the old couple in the vacation shirts were totally way the kids with Dora backpacks on would survive.. i DID find a Sun and Jin, they looked nice. the old man sitting next to me though looked like he had a PAST. man, wonder what his back story was. bet it was awesome.

the best part about the flight though was what you ask? no..not the nasty breakfast burritos or kinked neck i got. it was the child with the speech impediment announcing, "Daddy, we are extremely high up right now. If we were to fall and crash, and if we fell on a sharp object, we would be sure to die."

i got super nervous when i landed in honolulu and was waiting for my connecting nervous that i started crying. and with some help from a few wonderful friends whom i love dearly, i manned up and realized it was not the end of the world and i need to be an adult for heavens sake. i think the skater-tatooed boy sitting next to me thought someone died, so he avoided all conversation with me.

the boys i nanny for are very energetic.
i am very sleepy and have nothing to write.
too tired to upload pictures.
my apologies.
that is all.

Friday, June 4, 2010

check and check.

12 hour drive- check
rice krispie treats, m&m's, pretzels..etc...for the car ride- check
5 gas station stops and one jack in the box dinner trip- check
dad doing embarrassing dance moves while driving- check
having allergies 6 of the 12 hours of driving- check
ear plugs for the annoyed- check
drugging myself to be sedated in the state of nevada- check
dad nodding off and waking up when we drifted to the rumble strips- check
mom joking like she was tripping down the stairs and actually tripping- check
michelle's horror filled face when told that me and her would have a hotel room all to ourselves tonight- check ( "i'm skeptical of new places okay!?" )
preparing ourselves for the wedding weekend extravaganza....check.