Monday, June 7, 2010

we are in HawAWwAaaaiiiiii

yes, i've been saying that statement to myself the past few days.

the plane ride was fine. i was sure to check everyone out on my know.. just to make sure that if we crashed, i had at least a few people who could help me set up camp on an island, ya know? the old couple in the vacation shirts were totally way the kids with Dora backpacks on would survive.. i DID find a Sun and Jin, they looked nice. the old man sitting next to me though looked like he had a PAST. man, wonder what his back story was. bet it was awesome.

the best part about the flight though was what you ask? no..not the nasty breakfast burritos or kinked neck i got. it was the child with the speech impediment announcing, "Daddy, we are extremely high up right now. If we were to fall and crash, and if we fell on a sharp object, we would be sure to die."

i got super nervous when i landed in honolulu and was waiting for my connecting nervous that i started crying. and with some help from a few wonderful friends whom i love dearly, i manned up and realized it was not the end of the world and i need to be an adult for heavens sake. i think the skater-tatooed boy sitting next to me thought someone died, so he avoided all conversation with me.

the boys i nanny for are very energetic.
i am very sleepy and have nothing to write.
too tired to upload pictures.
my apologies.
that is all.

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Lauuur. said...

gurlll... you will do awesome. I am jealous. You have such a great opportunity in front of you, for reallls. And listen- even if you ARE hundreds of miles away, you better call me when you need encouragment. I love helping you. Because I still owe you. I always will.