Monday, June 28, 2010

happy 300 & fish water

i'm a freakin blog hussie.
this is my 300th post...
eeek. thats a sign of too much time on the computer, dont ya think?

so today was quite the eventful day.
and by eventful, maybe i mean i wanted to pull my hair out..but it was just so ridiculous that i just laughed. all day.

i always know when the boys are up to something mischievious, because it gets reallllllly quiet. too quiet. so i had a feeling to go outside to the courtyard to where they were to peek and see what they were up to this morning. low and behold.... i see the boys filling up their squirtguns from the fish pond....and shooting the fish water into their mouth. THEIR MOUTH. omg.

i scold them and make them promise to quit doing it or they were going on timeout.

i walk back in the house...and hear giggles. perfect.
and then it gets quiet. and i hear a 'WOOOOAAAAHHH'
they definitely werent shooting the water in their mouths anymore, but through the laundry room window screen. youre kidding.

once more i do my meanest face/voice and say one more time and they are out. they promise to stop with the fish water. i walk back inside...because boys will be boys, right? and they were warned to STOP being boys.

i walk back outside for the third time, and once again they are drinking the fish water. i grabbed the squirtguns, and promptly escort them to their room. they knew they deserved it too.

mind you, all of this happened AFTER i found them drinking out of the dog bowl.
the only possible thing i could think was.. 'what the hell?'

they smelled of fish all day. and guess what? old stale fish water smells like old people diapers. exactly like old people diapers. call me crazy, but im being serious. it caught me so off guard. a few minutes later, i could not take it. i ignored their refusals to change their shirts, so i just made them put their fish shirts in the laundry before i passed out. so they ran around the rest of the day topless. what else is new.

so to punish them i forced them to watch harry potter with me. they were ticked off at first cuz they wanted to watch garfield. but nope. they LIKED it even though they wouldnt admit it. wanna know how i know? look at their little faces:


p.s. i'm not having little boys. i just.. dont..understand.


Ali Anderson said...

I LOVE THAT YOU LOVE HARRY POTTER TOO!!! LOVE YOU! and sorry i pretended to be engaged. lol, you were so freaked out for me

Lauren said...

gahhahahahahaha. I LOVE THIS STORY SO MUCH. and yes, you want little boys. because they are downright hilarious. I look forward to the times when my kids have giardia from the fish pond.

Kristin May said...

hahahahahahah!!! Gross. "one time andrew bergloff likced a fish tank and got really sick....'

This post made me rofl. And.. i think it would be okay to have little boys. As long as you don't have two in a row.