Saturday, June 12, 2010


so.... ever seen that scene in the exorcist where she projectile vomits? (i only saw that scene on vh1 once. i dont watch devil movies...(nor do i watch vh1, mom) )
or maybe where the griffin household has a puke-a-thon?
well that was me. from 1 a.m-10 a.m. yesterday...every hour on the hour.
it was misery.
being sick..laying on the bathroom floor and crying..calling my mom at 5 in the morning REALLY made me miss home. super super bad. this is just taking alot of adjusting. i'm sure once i get feeling better, i'll be a bit more upbeat.

also: maybe i started dating someone right before i left, and maybe thats made it a teensy bit harder to be a zillion miles away. he's great though. thats all. =)

some things i love love love about nannying though: when the boys are being good and i look back in the rear view mirror and they are just being so darn cute playing with their transformers making crashing and exploding sound effects. bless em.

i also love when chasey goes to tell caden to share his toys with him, he says, "caden.....MUHCOLE SAYS SO!!!!!!!!!"

this week has been quite new. rough but new and fun. learned alot already. i also learned that i'm terrible at building transformers out of legos....who woulda thought.


Lauuur. said...

why are YOU the cutest thing i've ever known? youre gonna be the best ma in the world, ya know that?

livvy said...

i miss my nicole. basiaclly you're amazing. and laur is right you will make the BEST mom ever! I LOVE YOU!!!

Tami said...

I told you that babysitting little boys is just as fun! I am sorry you puked. Bummer.