Tuesday, June 15, 2010

jackie & georgie

so finally the wedding post. my oldest sister jackie got MAAAAARRRRRRIIIEEEEDD.
to the greatest guy ever ever ever. his name is george. also known as georgie or horhay.

Jackie= a home ec teacher in the ghetto. greatest cook ever. such a good girl. BIGGEST tattle tale on the face of the planet. prettiest nerd i know. such an example to me. gonna be the best wife.

George= funniest laugh. woulda been in the fbi but he was too freaking happy. (bless him) always positive and giggly. such a good guy. good heart. PATIENT. treats my sister so good... couldnt ask for a nicer guy. gonna be the best husband

and guess what? they are gonna have funny kids. and guess what again? they are perfect for eachother because jack finally found someone who takes MORE pictures than her. goooo figure.
can't wait for them to visit and play Ticket to Hell with us.

P.S... im glad i have an example from my dad and georgie as to how guys should treat girls =)

Welcome to the family Georgie!


Lauuur. said...

I finally figured out who you sound like when you write!!!!!


oh my... seriously, so much that is scares me. hahahahhahaha. p.s. did you mean ticket to RIDE?? hahaha

cole linnae said...

its ticket to hell in our family.

because all hell breaks loose.


Brooke said...

So I realized that your blog has a tracker. Oh. Kennesaw, GA anyone? Sick. I miss you and regularly check up on you. Keep your chin up, sweets.