Thursday, June 24, 2010

playgrounds and sunsets & too many pictures

so i was at the playground with my boys...just hangin out. while they were on the swings, i decided to walk across the way and play on the tireswing. well..maybe i got in the tireswing and my bottom fell through the hole..and i sort of got stuck haha. wanna know what i hear from across the playground? giggling boys, in shock.
(so they proceed to get into my purse, get my camera out, and take a picture of my big fat butt while i was stuck in the tire hole.i promptly deleted it. that is now their favorite saying to mock me with. in public.)

twenty minutes later as we were leaving the playground.. i heard a little giggle from my chasey.
"what are you giggling at? my big fat butt still?"
hysterical laughter followed.
they are so cute that i can't help be mad sometimes. i'm a push over.

also.. can i tell you how beautiful hawaii is? it truly is. the sunsets here are amazing...and whenever i'm driving anywhere, i look over and see the ocean. sometimes i pull over to take a picture. and the horizon is half ocean, half sky. its amazing...and so weird at the same time. on a clear day, i'll look our the window and see ocean, then this weird random mountain looking thing. nbd, its maui..just hangin out. its a little different than the huge mountains i'm used to at home.

also, did i tell you how i love how everyone greets eachother with a kiss on the cheek and a cute little 'aloha'? its so adorable.

i made playdough the other day for my boys outta flour, water, veggie oil, and some good ol blue jello powder. it took up a good 2 hours of the day. definite time waster. brilliant.

Queens Marketplace in Waikaloa has become my favorite place. a coy fishpond and hawaiian performances in the town square? perfect.

tomorrow im going to kona to go to the ysa conference...and hopefully i'll get to explore kona a bit. they have a ton of little shops there i can't wait to go take pictures of. also, they have a white sand beach and a black sand beach right next to eachother. awesome.

also..maybe i'm super tan. maybe i'm trying to fake that i'm hawaiian. sue me

ps i'm awesome at chalk drawings. my boys think im frickin van gough.

and that has summed up my week. over and out.

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