Monday, February 28, 2011

gospel gem

"Faith is something greater than ourselves and enables us to do what we have said we'll do, to press forward when we are tired or hurt of afraid, and to keep going when the challenge seems overwhelming and the course is entirely uncertain."

-Gordon B. Hinkley

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

harry potter tumblr photos

because its ALWAYS okay to surf weheartit at 1 in the morning looking for HP pics.

Monday, February 21, 2011

hipster disney princesses

thank you to my sister tami for introducing me to these gems. rofl.
i really do not like hipsters... or thick glasses... or people who wear ripped clothes on purpose. quit trying so hard to discover everything before everyone else, and dont try so hard to look like you havent showered for at least 17 days. it makes me wanna slap ya across the face.

 hipster princesses=funny

follow me for other rofling pictures i post way too much :)

in other news:

click my 'popular posts' link on my sidebar to see funny harry potter photos....Cinderella/Royal Wedding uncanniness..and mucho more that will make you rofl.

Falk-Chase Me

Catchiest chorus ever? I'd say so.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Friday, February 18, 2011

So what 4 years later + and 400th!

400th blog post? seriously?.........

is that cool or pathetic? i'd say pathetic. but whatever. i've had this thing for like 3 years, so shut up.

once upon a time i went to efy when i was skinny and cute at the age of 17. no love-handles, pretty young face- hot stuff. ahhh those were the days. DANGIT.

 anyways,  i had a darling counselor named savanna who gave us the 'so what' challenge. she encouraged us to write down the facts about us and give them the 'so what' aspect. what action did i want to take with these things? how was i going to let it affect my life? how was i going to move forward and what would happen?

well, four years later. here it is, thanks to my handy dandy diary.

"i'm seventeen and will graduate next year. so what?
i've had my heart broken. so what?
i'm a cna. so what?
i'm going to college soon. so what?
i often sleep through early church. so what?
i want to get married and have kids. so what?
i slack off in school. so what?
i'm scared to give my heart away. so what?
i know i'll get married in the temple someday. so what?
i still don't know who i am. so what?"


  • i graduated highschool. hip hip hooray... thank heavens for a few best friends and advanced theater for getting me through my senior year. it would have been a LOOONG one without that class. graduating means i wouldnt be stuck flippin burgers and eatin fries the rest of my life. i'd say graduating dear ol davis high was a major plus.

  • i didn't really learn much from my heartbreaks, just moved on from one stupid highschool fling to the next, with plenty of tears involved. i did however get hurt alot by immature boys, got really depressed and wished away problems a lot which got me nowhere but into the arms of my mother, which was a good thing. i can't tell you how many times i've walked into the laundry room on the way up to my bedroom, and just stood there and held out my arms out for a hug when i'm coping with a heart break. i guess i did learn that mothers know best, even if they are just forcing you to go get your nails done to cheer you up. thanks mom. and thanks 'star nails'

  • starting the summer before my senior year, i started working in hospitals and saw peoples lives slip away every day. i saw grieving families come together and comfort eachother while they watched their loved ones die...i heard life stories and learned life lessons from those much older and wiser than me, and i also had some of the most spiritual experiences of my life. (i also wiped a lot of biggie.) and it all happened because i simply decided to walk into the office one day and apply for the CNA course. it has honestly changed my life... who woulda thought? my sporratic personality would come in handy some day :) (minus stealing my sisters car when i was fifteen. hee-hee?) :/

  • i'm in my 3rd year of college and will graduate next spring. i can't believe i've made it this far, i never expected that out of myself. my whole life people have pointed out that i'm a quitter. and mind you, i do tend to take the easy road in life.. so what if i quit violin, ice skating, clarinet, jazz, ballet, tap,.............etc....!? but forreals, i never thought i'd get this far in school. its one thing i can be proud of. shazzam.  

  • sleeping through early church is never good. so its super early and i usually dont go to bed till 3...but..i need to put oil in my lamp, even if its just a little bit. the only way to be happy is through the gospel. and giving equal time to the Lord is the least we can do.

  • i've always wanted to be a mom. i dream of rocking my baby to sleep in a little baby nook i'm going to force my husband to build me. and, note to heaven- i want all girls. i will sell my boys on ebay if i have any.

  •   i did slack off in highschool. little did i know that finding time to get to the library and studying was going to be a PRIVELAGE in college. i don't slack off anymore really. well, at least not as much. maybe its because college costs benjamins, so its gotta be worth it.. right? if its not worth it i'm gonna be pissed.

  • i've always been scared to give my heart away, but who hasn't? you are lying if you say you've never been scared to make yourself vulnerable. the feeling makes me wanna puke. but.....  you cant steal second with your foot on first.

  • i still know i'll get married in the temple. no excuses. how would i ever cheat myself or someone else out of a completely happy eternity by not marrying in the temple? its just silly to give that up. duh.

  • i still dont know who i am. i wont know who i am till i'm 85 and giving my grandkids sherbet ice cream talking their ear off, because i've barely nicked the beginnings of my life. i'm 21. i'm obnoxious and insecure still, and havent learned the things i want to learn. i cant exactly tell someone my life story before i've lived it.

So, thats what.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

day 19

Day 19. A song you love at this very moment.

well, i have three:
t swift,
ha. they are: heartbreak/ funny angry/ and a teenage LOOOOOVE song!!

tswift song is kind of really long, so just listen to the chorus. its goooood. (kristin, don't cry. )

note: this song is ONLY acceptable on glee. because otherwise, it is crass.

( im in love with darren chriss)

my boys

on corbs birthday, loving the helicopter my mom got him haha.

(this is when i made them make a time capsul. and wrote future notes to themselves..i'm sure they will thank me later. corbins said something like, hey old corbin, are you chewing gum right now? blakes was much more refined of course.)

blake: UGHHH corbin! you forget everything. you are so.... FORGETTABLE!

blake: YOU HID THE GRANOLA BARS!?! I'm telling. You. are. so. bad. Dad would be absolutely ashamed of you corbin. ASHAMED.

corbin: here sit right there, i'll land my helicopter on your hand.
me: no it will get in my hair
corbin: no just try it, i promise it wont.
(he flies it right into my hair.)
me: oh okay i'm outta here.
corbin: no please! that was rare! very rare that that would happen! it was one time and rare!

corbin: umm nicole?
me: yes corbin?
corbin: (squinting his eyes).. why are chinese peoples eyes so... flinched all the time?

everytime me and corbin are in the car, we play 'yellow car' (where you call yellow cars and get points.)
anyways, i was winning by a TON and he started calling ridiculous things.

me: yellow truck
corbin: no point, its a yellow DIESEL.
me: fine. yellow car! yellow car again!
corbin: yellow tractor! yellow bike!
me: ok that doesnt even count, bikes don't even have engines.
corbin: YES HUH. they are simple machines, and those are engines so it counts. i'm being serious, simple machines count. double points for me.

corbin: so this kid pushed over the WHOLE line of kids in the play, and he got sent to miss jackie's.
me: whos miss jackie?
corbin: shes the teacher who bad kids go to. people say shes mean, but shes not. she's really nice if you get to know her real well.
me: ...and why do you know her real well?
corbin: well..this one time in second grade i got sent there because i kicked a boy in the face and gave him a black eye and bloody nose. i got suspended for two days.
me: WHAT!? why would you do that. corbin gregory!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that is not okay.
corbin: trust me, you don't want to know. he waas being SO uh-naushus!!
me: tell me now.
corbin: well.... he was just totally uh-naushus. he pulled down his pants and underwear in front of everyone. so when he was sitting on the grass, i stood up and kicked him right in the face.
me: ...............oh. well, i probably would have too then.

(i hate to say it, but i was proud of my little boy for doing that. hahaha. i'm a terrible nanny.)

Monday, February 14, 2011

my heart

disclaimer: i apologize for being honest in a flowery, dairy-like kind of way. but, its valentines.

happy fourteenth day of february. valentines has never been too special for me.. mostly because i've had experiences in my dating years like: the one time i got dumped 2 days before valentines/the night before my prom...somehow ending up in tears crying to my mother every other year, etc...

i've never had an extrordinary valentines day, ever. ever ever.
 i just want one extrordinary day. i do! i really do.

since me and boy broke up things have been really just...blah. i wont go into too much relationshippy detail, but not having your other half is kinda weird. when i found him? my heart kind of went, 'oh, there you are. i've been waiting for you.'

and now? no one to laugh at my painfully lame jokes, no one to eat oatmeal and fruit salad with, no one to grocery shop with and go down every single aisle with picking out the good stuff the other one likes, no date nights or stay home dinners to be made for each other, no more finding love notes on my computer, no more hiding love notes in his room, no more dropping me off at class when i'm running late, no more walking into my room to a surprise, no more redboxing movies and never returning more honking and waving at random strangers walking by, etc. and realizing that the valentines gift you thought of 5 months earlier won't ever be given.... sort of isnt the funnest thing in the world.

just no more bestest other half puzzle piece best friend. and its sad. and people can say i'm better off..maybe because they just want whats best for me, they hate seeing me cry and just hope for my happiness because they love me. i respect every piece of advice i get and take it into consideration..
 but in the end its me..its my experience, my feelings, i know every piece of whats going on and what its been like the past 9 months. they arent the ones going to bed with half of a heart and waking up everyday trying to remember how to function with the other half of it gone. and its difficult.

so whaddoo i dooo? be bitter and eat valentines candy by myself? watch love movies and cry my eyes out? rember how much love i had in my heart for a best friend i thought i'd never find and just be pissy all day?

i dont mean to sound like a hippie- but i dont think valentines day is meant to be bitter for all the single people out there. i just dont think the hearts and candy and flowers are meant to be rubbed in peoples faces and make them cry.. i dont think people should want to punch the check out lady just for being overly-giddy and wishing you a happy valentines day. i think its a day to appreciate the fact that there is a little thing called love in this world! in all the bad everywhere, just knowing that it exists in every culture, every person, every place makes the world a tiny bit less bad, dont you think? think about it..some people live for it. some people claim theyll never find it. some children crave it. some friendships grow into it. some marriages lack it. some strangers give it. some die for it. some feel it through religion. some teenagers fall into it. some people would do anything to love and be loved. its evvvverrryyywheeerrreee.

i just feel lucky to have felt it in my heart already, and i'm only 21.

i know it exists. i see it when i catch my best friend staring at her fiance, i hear it when an elderly person talks of their long-gone spouse, i feel it when i earnestly pray, and i see it when my friend holds and kisses her baby.

i love:
the gospel
my wonderful family
my friends
the opportunity to serve others
people who have loved me in return

the people in the world who are willing to give you a sincere smile and wish you a happy valentines day at the check out stand.

moral of the post: dont punch the happy people. love them. and be grateful if you're heart has felt love.

Sunday, February 13, 2011


Change is never easy. You fight to hold on. You fight to let go.

-The Wonder Years

Friday, February 11, 2011


18. A habit you wish you didn't have.

..........facebook stalking.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


frick. when will this blog challenge be over? i have a.d.d.

day 17. 5 things you are looking forward to the rest of the year.

1. summer. no more ice chilling son-of-a-b mornings where your breath freezes mid-exhale and you have to pray you wont slip on the way to school and break a vertabrae. hopefully i'll get a killer tan & maybe get skinny again so i can wear a bathingsuit and not be mistaken for a small whale.

2. possible summer nanny job... i'll update on that later. don't wanna jinx it, but crossing my fingers for awesomeness.

3. starting my practicum(internship) for social work in the fall and starting my senior year of college! i cannot wait! i'm either going to go to the hospital & hopefully work in the women&children unit, orrrrrrrrrr be a social worker at a temporary jail for naughty kids. i just am beaming with excitement, total seriousness. wherever they place me..i'll be stoked about it.

4. i'm really excited for the movie jane eyre that comes out in march/april? i dont know. but my family ( minus my dad) LOOOOOVE the book/ bbc movie and i just am so stoked to see it.

5. uhmm. definitely excited for my masquerade ball i'm putting together for my service organization. i will post pictures for sure. its going to be the best time EVER.

badda bing badda boom, day 17..more than halfway over with this challenge. not that any of you read this.. well..minus my roommates and my sisters. i'm gonna go to bed so i can wake up and get an education. kthxBAI

and.. heres a funny picture.
 floating llama? check.


My roomies have the bieber fever. When i was making fun of them for singing along to his youtube, i said he was "Almost as bad as that pre-pubescent Billy Gilman kid."
wrong. thing. to. say.
my livingroom then proceeded to sing the full version of, 'one voice was heard' and now i wish i kept my mouth shut and just listened to their 'aww he is so adorable!' and..'i cant wait for his movie to come out, i'm gonna go at midnight!' and.. 'its not creepy to be totally obsessed with a 16 year old..' comments about the Bieb.

(for those of you who dont remember, about 10 years ago Billy Gilman was a one-hit-country-wonder who often mistaken for a five year old girl desperately in need of orthodontic care.)

i'll admit to everyone and anyone,
Bieber > Gilman

bieb is wayyyyy cuter than creepy billy gilman, i'll admit that too. (i cant believe i'm 21 and just professed that to the blogworld. i'm in college. its late. i need to go to bed.)

bottom line, put em in a cage together and i'd root for Bieber. but thats the only exception.

ps...just in case you were wondering,
what do you get when you cross a post-puberty gilman with a bieber hairstyle?


thanks google images.

Monday, February 7, 2011


Day 16. Post a picture of you when you were young.

yup. hat, gloves and handbag.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

day 15- island

day 15. If you were stranded on an Island, who would be with you and which limited 10 items would you two have?

Well lets see. If i were stranded on an island, i would want to be with.. my future husband. whomever that may be. (am i allowed to do that? yes. its my blog. my island. i'm allowed.) so, me and my husband would chill out, get a tan, and swim around with exotic fish. how un-scary and great would it be if you were stranded with the L.O.Y.L?
i would bring: ax (to cut open coconuts and chop down trees to make a tropical cottage for us)

2. sunscreen spf 100000.
3. razor. necessary. ever seen my dad? i got his genes.
4. a hammock built for two.
5. my fishing gear (for food of course)
6. swimmysuit
7. matches
9. soap & shampoo. infinite amount. 
10. flippidy flops. nothing worse than scorched feet.

i'd say i'm pretty ready for survival? yeah?

Thursday, February 3, 2011


day 14. Your favorite quote.

well. this one is posted right by my door in my room so i see it everyday when i leave. i'd say it has become my fav over the past year. yes, its from 1953. awesome. enjoy :)

“A beautiful, modest, gracious woman is creation’s masterpiece. When to these virtues a woman possesses as guiding stars in her life righteousness and godliness and an irresistible impulse and desire to make others happy, no one will question if she be classed among those who are truly great.”
-David O. Mckay

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Falk- Must've been me

musical snack # 2 from the falk sisters....
so proud to call these cuties my best friends.
listen to the whole thing.. you wont regret it :)

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

day one three

day 13. take a picture of the contents of your purse. explain if needed.

well. i would... but you see, i have probably 3 purses i play duck duck goose with day by day..but somehow i always end up dumping all my junk into the front pocket of my backpack. wanna know what it contains? well i'll tell you. nothing exciting:

camera in a christmas sock.
glasses case.
pens that dont work.
lotion i never use.
more pens.
gum wrappers.
old gum i spit out into wrappers..

not very cool stuff like normal girls. :/

but...the purse i DO take out to a night/event where it is important enough for me to put makeup on.. is this little beauty.
classy, eh? love it. thanks ol st. jackieclause!
ps i cant believe i'm only on day 13. gauhhhgh. i have to finish...only because if i don't i'll be pissed at myself that i wasnt even able to finish a dumb blog challenge. fail.