Sunday, February 6, 2011

day 15- island

day 15. If you were stranded on an Island, who would be with you and which limited 10 items would you two have?

Well lets see. If i were stranded on an island, i would want to be with.. my future husband. whomever that may be. (am i allowed to do that? yes. its my blog. my island. i'm allowed.) so, me and my husband would chill out, get a tan, and swim around with exotic fish. how un-scary and great would it be if you were stranded with the L.O.Y.L?
i would bring: ax (to cut open coconuts and chop down trees to make a tropical cottage for us)

2. sunscreen spf 100000.
3. razor. necessary. ever seen my dad? i got his genes.
4. a hammock built for two.
5. my fishing gear (for food of course)
6. swimmysuit
7. matches
9. soap & shampoo. infinite amount. 
10. flippidy flops. nothing worse than scorched feet.

i'd say i'm pretty ready for survival? yeah?

1 comment:

Rachel Nell said...

I don't think you'd need the swimmysuit if it was just you and your hubby... ;)