Wednesday, February 9, 2011


frick. when will this blog challenge be over? i have a.d.d.

day 17. 5 things you are looking forward to the rest of the year.

1. summer. no more ice chilling son-of-a-b mornings where your breath freezes mid-exhale and you have to pray you wont slip on the way to school and break a vertabrae. hopefully i'll get a killer tan & maybe get skinny again so i can wear a bathingsuit and not be mistaken for a small whale.

2. possible summer nanny job... i'll update on that later. don't wanna jinx it, but crossing my fingers for awesomeness.

3. starting my practicum(internship) for social work in the fall and starting my senior year of college! i cannot wait! i'm either going to go to the hospital & hopefully work in the women&children unit, orrrrrrrrrr be a social worker at a temporary jail for naughty kids. i just am beaming with excitement, total seriousness. wherever they place me..i'll be stoked about it.

4. i'm really excited for the movie jane eyre that comes out in march/april? i dont know. but my family ( minus my dad) LOOOOOVE the book/ bbc movie and i just am so stoked to see it.

5. uhmm. definitely excited for my masquerade ball i'm putting together for my service organization. i will post pictures for sure. its going to be the best time EVER.

badda bing badda boom, day 17..more than halfway over with this challenge. not that any of you read this.. well..minus my roommates and my sisters. i'm gonna go to bed so i can wake up and get an education. kthxBAI

and.. heres a funny picture.
 floating llama? check.


Ryan Snow said...

you know i read and love this! i look at this err day

Tami said...

Floating LLama for the win!
PS - I was so sure HP7.2 was going to be on your list of things you're looking forward to. Me and Dumbledore are disappointed in you.

cole linnae said...

how did i forget?

............its cuz i lost my #@%& remembrall

Tami said...

I'll tell Neville to lend you his.