Friday, March 7, 2014

One more little thing...

I forgot to tell you little readers, (if I even have any anymore)....please let me  just be a teenage girl for a moment:

I'm in love with an amazing boy. And guess what! He loves me back. Flaws and all.  Emotional, crazy, stressed, inappropriate ME. He loves ME right back.  How lucky is that? That two people can love each other back?

I dated him once a few years ago, and  I guess he decided  that second times a charm. He's the dreamboat I've always compared every guy to...and blogged about wanting him to get married so I could move on. (Pathetic? Yes. Do I regret  holding on? No.)

So...having my dreamboat comeback? It's more than I could have ever asked for.  I'm enjoying getting butterflies and giggling every time he says those meaningful words to me. It's truly more than I could have ever dreamed of. I realize that sounds disgustingly cheesy, but i don't care. Because it's the wonderful truth. I'm giving Disney a run for their money here. 

I adore him and our story. We'll see where things go. For now, I'm enjoying every day I get with that sweet, kind boy.

Here's to good men in the world: *CHEERS*

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Hi again


Mostly...I am happy.

I am still a social worker in slc, and living close to work. its awesome...but I still am late for my morning everyday at 8:30. because what normal human gets up at 8:30 in the morning anyway?

Work is hard. the ratio of good days to stressful crazy days is like... 1:7.
But that 1 day is worth it.

Today I taught one of my classes and focused it all on Les Mis and the change Jean Valjean went through...and it was super beautiful and super amazing. I had the women do a timeline/lifemap of their lives before treatment...
"my parents died."
"I got abused"
"I went to jail"
"I started smoking"
"I was charged with armed robbery"
"I got pregnant and lost the baby"
"I started smoking meth"
"My family member got murdered"
"I tried crack"
"I went to prison"

...these are the things they put on their lifemaps.

And then, I had them do their future lifemaps. If they choose a life of change..if they make the choice to have the motivation to BE someone like Jean Valjean and refuse to let their past hold them back..and stay sober...they can have anything they want.
The maps went like this:
"Get my daughter back"
"Get a stable job"
"Raise my children"
"Get married to a healthy man"
"Start my own business"
"Travel to Europe"
"Go to my son's high school graduation"
"Hug my grandkids"
"Become a motivational speaker"

I told them they could do all of those things.
Because they can.
And if they stay sober, they will.