Wednesday, December 30, 2009

holiday updiggitydates

i need to put up birthday pictures soon.. but i have to wait till jackie puts them up because i was too lazy to charge my camera. fail.
okay updates!

-We had a sweater party at the Brian Residence.. at which, a VERY intense game of Harry Potter couch game was played. i wouldn't reccommend it for large groups.

-Christmas was great. I love my family, and am excited to add georgieface to the clan. (good job finally roping jackie in, hor-hayyyyy!!) I never thought i'd meet someone who took more annoying pictures than jackie.. but alas, I met George Petty. They are a match made in heaven.

-I'm TWENTY years old!!! Contrary to popular belief, I am actually an adult and not 7 years old, though my actions may speak otherwise. My day was so happy. =) lots of chocolate and pretty headbands and family time and ordering my little sister around to do my bidding and horseback riding. yeahhhhh horseback riding. im feeling the effects of it as i walk up the stairs. but. it was great =)

-Work is wonderful. Ira was being super mean to me the other day when i was showering her..but after i got her in her bed and all warm, she put her hand on my face and looked at me and just kept petting my head. I'm 99% positive that she was convinced I was her daughter. She kept smiling at me and brushing my bangs out of my face and just sat there looking at me. I played along, and it kept her happy.

-The break has been wonderful. Seeing old friends.. meeting new ones..playing kereoke with the fam...having fondue nights..playing Ticket to Ride (AKA Ticket to HELL) till the wee hours of the morning..sleeping in my big pink bed with my electric blanket..

mmm life is good.

quote of the day

"he said its up to you whether or not you guys will date? what the crap does that mean?" - mother

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

quote of the day

"Wait... I thought Billy Joel was black? And isn't he dead?" - michelle

Monday, December 21, 2009

oh daddy-o my dad. sometimes he forgets what season it is.

notice: my neighbor with his snow shovel.
notice: my father acting like its normal to fix his boat in the dead of winter.

bless that mans heart. i love him. that is all.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

"get me a coke and a subway sandwhich"

i've never been so happy to go to work before. i was tired and cranky yesterday and now my only complaint is my aching back.. worth it. i missed being a hospice aide.

things that made my day:
-seeing a dinner spoon and knife fall out of graces 9 in the morning. and her being glad to see that she didn't 'misplace' them.
-when bessie opened her mouth to show me her gums and how proud she was that she didn't have any teeth
-seeing poor, dying margorie sarcastically order around her husband because she wanted a coke and some food. he willingly got her both. (she then explained to me that he caughed on her and gave her MS and everything was his fault. it was hilarious.)
-having marge's husband tell me i was so skinny because i couldn't lift his wife by myself. fail, but win also.
-introducing myself to marie again even though i used to be her aide, and her seeing me and saying in her monotone hispanic accent, "hello suweetie."

hard day. but good day.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


sigh. people change. at first, they do it without knowing. but then they are sitting right next to you and you feel like they are a complete STRANGER and you realize that things can't ever be the same because people grow apart.and im kind of awful and adjusting to things. dramatic sigh again.

i can't sleep because i've been crying my pathetic eyes out and the only joy i'm getting is trying on virtual hats via my webcam while nomming on this delicious watermelon bubble gum. i dunno why it is forest green. bahhhh. i hope you get joy out of this hideous photo. i know i did. and yes, that bubble is real.

also, kristin, this ones for you. hope it cheered you up.

Monday, December 14, 2009

what is it with adorable asian kids?

whats the deal with asian kids being musical prodigies? i hope this is the same kid. (the baby is a boy.. right?) if it is.. i can't wait till he reaches the boy-band phase of his musial career. sign me up for that youtube premier! minus his speech problem, this is great. replay seconds :18 and :19. they are GREAT.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

quote of the day

"Don't listen to what anybody else says.. when you get your heart broken, you get revenge! Make them suffer!" -sharebear

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Goodbye Finals.. Hello Holidays!


I studied harder than I ever have in my whole 19 years of living. It was absolute muckduck. But the 10:00 finals howl in the library last night was pretty funny... all the kids going crazy in the Merril Cazier went out into the lobby and 'howled' for five whole minutes. I love aggie traditions.

Fact: i love catching my friends sleeping under library tables during finals week.

It was -10 degrees outside this morning, and I had to wait for the bus at 7:00 a.m. Don't worry though, me and heather somehow missed the first bus.. walked back to our apartment to scrape her car off.. saw another bus approaching our stop and SPRINTED to our bus stop across the icy street. All i could think of was slipping on the ice, breaking my back, and not having to take my final this morning. But alas, I did it. I think I did quite well.

This just in: I failed my math final i took a few days ago.. because Mr. 9 &3/4(he only has half a thumb on one hand) doesnt teach. he just shows us magic tricks. (Dude, whats with me getting screwed with professors? First, i had Yi Hong the ENGLISH professor who had never been to america, second.. the math teacher who can't add. awesome.) So i studied so hard for a week straight, and still failed. but don't worry, im not SUPER stupid, the class average was 50%. Though i usually blame my unfortunate experiences on outside factors, this one is legit. He sucks at his job. So, whatever. I still passed the class, life will go on, the sun will still rise, my mom still loves me. whoooo cares :)

When i was riding the aggie bus home this morning, 'chestnuts roasting on an open fire' came on the radio and i almost shed tears of sheer joy. No more cramming. No more library. No more of my butt falling asleep from sitting too long. I'm homeward bound. :) Next up: going to work for my hospice patients again, christmas, my 20th birthday, and new years eve. I feel like doing something irrational. like.. buying a puppy. don't tell my dad!


Tuesday, December 8, 2009

click click click

this just in: typing REALLY, unneccessarily loud drives away unwanted library bubble-poppers.

muahahahha. happy holidays.

Monday, December 7, 2009


when i walk outside of my apartment, it feels like im getting dementored because the air in my lungs freezes before it has a chance to escape. logan is sucking my soul out. slowly, and icily with its winter-kiss-of-death.

and, finals are kicking my butt.

and, stretchpants under jeans makes the world of difference.

and i hate it when people sit next to me in the library and violate my bubble. hate hate hate. I will send them gamma rays of hate via my eyeballs.

that is all.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

quote of the day

in testimony meeting..

"Its like.. its like I'm a spiritual crackhead. And my only fix is going to the temple! I need it and want it!" - Naufi

Saturday, December 5, 2009

USU spirit!

So.. im a loser and stayed home from the most exciting basketball game of the season..USU vs. BYU.. because i had to study for finals. fail!! this was serious business guys. like.. people camped outside the spectrum the night before just to get good seats. it was insane. me and my other roommate kels stayed home and watched it on tv whilst doing math homeowork... but my other roommates who went said it was AMAZING. The aggie crowd is known for being sort of brutal.. so i stole some pictures from some random fb account to show you just how rude we can be. ohhh bless you, aggie fans! and bless YOU, you poor, poor byu players & ONE old man fan.

'Welcome to hell' was right.

The classic 'ugly girls' poster

*(please note the stuffed cougar hanging from a noose)

We have this famous cheer.. where all we do is point to our bench and say, "WINNING TEAM!" and point to the other bench and say, "LOSING TEAM!"...and we magnify it by 10,000 fans. Awesome.

my personal favorites are.. "Your mom is a cougar" ..and "Fetch you byu!"

You bold, bold man.

Indeed, we have achieved classless. (p.s..thanks for the great jokes max hall!) Dear ol Cougs.. you'll think twice before stepping into the Spectrum again. Go aggies.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Good Day

You know its gonna be a good day when the Aggie Shuttle is on its way to campus jammin out to, "Lets Get It On" by good ol Marvin Gaye. Good times Aggie bus, good times.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Count Rugen..You pulled a fast one on me!

So I have a ballroom class every tuesday and thursday that i absolutely LOOOOOVE. its so great. And way fun. We rotate partners all throughout the class, and have been all semester. (though i have this one friend who i particularly like dancing with because he 1. Leads 2. Isn't sweaty 3. Doesnt smell..and 4. We dance really well together. and yes, he is JUST a friend. This actually has nothing to do with my post. Sorry.) Anyways, the other guys in the class are socially awkward..which is to be expected in a beginning ballroom class. One has very long greasy hair who only wears hawaiian shirts but is so nice, one smells so awful that I only breath through my mouth when I dance with him, one has hickeys on his neck constantly...they are nice boys but they never have rhythm and they never have good hygene.. bless their hearts.

So anyways, we are rotating during the west coast swing, and I start dancing with this one boy. With west coast swing, you don't do the traditional ballroom dance hold, its only a one hand hold kinda thing. So I'm used to one hand on the guys shoulder, his hand on my back, our other hands in an upright position, right?

So there we are, me and this boy.. lets call him Vern*(name is changed. actually, I don't even know his name.) We are doing the west coast swing, and as we are doing a sugar push, we have to tap left hands, kind of like a high five position kinda thing. And as I am approaching him, i notice that on his left hand, he has six fingers. yes he is the SIX fingered man. an extra phalange. two thumbs on one thumbspace. with two thumbnails. finger eleven, if you will. and my brain goes, "VERN HAS AN ALIEN TUMOR THUMB ON HIS HAND AND ITS INEVITABLE THAT I'M ABOUT TO TOUCH IT" and I tried to hold back my shock. Want to know why I was shocked? I'VE BEEN DANCING WITH HIM ALL SEMESTER!!!!!!!!! How did I not notice that I've been holding the hand of a six fingered man? Maybe because its the first dance position that isn't ballroom-ish..but I mean.. Cha Cha we had regular hand holds? I don't know how I missed this extra detail! As i quickly averted my eyes, i started thinking: I wonder if Vern's sixth fingernail grows like the rest of his fingernails. I wonder if he can move his sixth finger, and if it is advantageous to him.. I wonder if he is a super fast texter or a really good typist or I wonder if it just sits there like a limp noodle? It was kinda like this, but on his thumb:

As I am holding back my shock/curiosity, during a break.. he suddenly whips out his phone and starts texting. I almost started rofling and had to stare at my shoes while I held back a fit of shaking giggles. (Note* I was not giggling because this poor boy had three thumbs. I was giggling because I could not believe that I did not notice that i've been dancing with him for months and have not noticed). For some reason, I danced with Vern for most of the class, because our instructor forgot to tell us to switch partners. It was hilarious.

Count Rugen from The Princess Bride= Count Vern The Sixth Fingered Boy.

Please Meet: Nadeene

So, i have this friend. she is a little girl actually and she is really, really fat. and she lives inside of me. Sometimes, like over thanksgiving weekend and after other major holidays, she comes out to taunt me and she makes me gain 6 pounds in 2 days. Lets call her Nadeene. She looks something like this:

Nadeene is terrible. She has been coming out of her shell lately and its really starting to piss me off..She makes me the kind of girl who is sitting in her bed at 1 in the morning with nutella and pretzels...who is feverishly licking the chocolate off her fingers from dipping deep into the hazelnut spread so that the greedy little fat girl inside of me can get every last bit of chocolately pleasure. and then..i look down and realize i've consumed a whole jar of nutella in less than 12 hours. and i am ashamed. and she is victorious.

And THEN.. she does stuff like throw things in my cart when i'm grocery shopping!! She does it sly so i don't notice. I imagine its sorta like a grab-and- toss-behind-the-back kinda thing. So there i am at the checkstand and all these items are embarrassing me because only a CHILD would live off of them..and nadeene is very pleased inside. very, very pleased. pleased because the checker thinks that i have a goal of reaching 250 pounds, and pleased because she has won. This is serious business folks.

The fat girl inside me MUST be stopped! Operation starvation is starting! (not really starvation, just operation eat at LEAST one healthy thing a day to replace all the chocolate i consume. starvation just rhymes well.)