Wednesday, December 16, 2009

"get me a coke and a subway sandwhich"

i've never been so happy to go to work before. i was tired and cranky yesterday and now my only complaint is my aching back.. worth it. i missed being a hospice aide.

things that made my day:
-seeing a dinner spoon and knife fall out of graces 9 in the morning. and her being glad to see that she didn't 'misplace' them.
-when bessie opened her mouth to show me her gums and how proud she was that she didn't have any teeth
-seeing poor, dying margorie sarcastically order around her husband because she wanted a coke and some food. he willingly got her both. (she then explained to me that he caughed on her and gave her MS and everything was his fault. it was hilarious.)
-having marge's husband tell me i was so skinny because i couldn't lift his wife by myself. fail, but win also.
-introducing myself to marie again even though i used to be her aide, and her seeing me and saying in her monotone hispanic accent, "hello suweetie."

hard day. but good day.


Tami said...

she said he coughed on her and gave her MS? That is hi-larious.

Jesse & Katie Rindlesbach said...

i must add your blog to my "blog friends". it's too good. (i'm one of tami's best friends...) haha. keep up the great blogging. you have such a wonderful personality and it shines through in your blogs. i love it!! xoxo

cole linnae said...

hahah thank you katie!! =)