Wednesday, December 30, 2009

holiday updiggitydates

i need to put up birthday pictures soon.. but i have to wait till jackie puts them up because i was too lazy to charge my camera. fail.
okay updates!

-We had a sweater party at the Brian Residence.. at which, a VERY intense game of Harry Potter couch game was played. i wouldn't reccommend it for large groups.

-Christmas was great. I love my family, and am excited to add georgieface to the clan. (good job finally roping jackie in, hor-hayyyyy!!) I never thought i'd meet someone who took more annoying pictures than jackie.. but alas, I met George Petty. They are a match made in heaven.

-I'm TWENTY years old!!! Contrary to popular belief, I am actually an adult and not 7 years old, though my actions may speak otherwise. My day was so happy. =) lots of chocolate and pretty headbands and family time and ordering my little sister around to do my bidding and horseback riding. yeahhhhh horseback riding. im feeling the effects of it as i walk up the stairs. but. it was great =)

-Work is wonderful. Ira was being super mean to me the other day when i was showering her..but after i got her in her bed and all warm, she put her hand on my face and looked at me and just kept petting my head. I'm 99% positive that she was convinced I was her daughter. She kept smiling at me and brushing my bangs out of my face and just sat there looking at me. I played along, and it kept her happy.

-The break has been wonderful. Seeing old friends.. meeting new ones..playing kereoke with the fam...having fondue nights..playing Ticket to Ride (AKA Ticket to HELL) till the wee hours of the morning..sleeping in my big pink bed with my electric blanket..

mmm life is good.


Dallas and Amylee said...

Happy Birthday!!!! I'm a bad friend, so I'm lucky you still like me.

Jesse & Katie Rindlesbach said...

you are so pretty!! looks like you had a great holiday/bday. cute pics :)