Thursday, December 10, 2009

Goodbye Finals.. Hello Holidays!


I studied harder than I ever have in my whole 19 years of living. It was absolute muckduck. But the 10:00 finals howl in the library last night was pretty funny... all the kids going crazy in the Merril Cazier went out into the lobby and 'howled' for five whole minutes. I love aggie traditions.

Fact: i love catching my friends sleeping under library tables during finals week.

It was -10 degrees outside this morning, and I had to wait for the bus at 7:00 a.m. Don't worry though, me and heather somehow missed the first bus.. walked back to our apartment to scrape her car off.. saw another bus approaching our stop and SPRINTED to our bus stop across the icy street. All i could think of was slipping on the ice, breaking my back, and not having to take my final this morning. But alas, I did it. I think I did quite well.

This just in: I failed my math final i took a few days ago.. because Mr. 9 &3/4(he only has half a thumb on one hand) doesnt teach. he just shows us magic tricks. (Dude, whats with me getting screwed with professors? First, i had Yi Hong the ENGLISH professor who had never been to america, second.. the math teacher who can't add. awesome.) So i studied so hard for a week straight, and still failed. but don't worry, im not SUPER stupid, the class average was 50%. Though i usually blame my unfortunate experiences on outside factors, this one is legit. He sucks at his job. So, whatever. I still passed the class, life will go on, the sun will still rise, my mom still loves me. whoooo cares :)

When i was riding the aggie bus home this morning, 'chestnuts roasting on an open fire' came on the radio and i almost shed tears of sheer joy. No more cramming. No more library. No more of my butt falling asleep from sitting too long. I'm homeward bound. :) Next up: going to work for my hospice patients again, christmas, my 20th birthday, and new years eve. I feel like doing something irrational. like.. buying a puppy. don't tell my dad!


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