Friday, October 31, 2008

this made my entire day.

im voting for arthur reed for president. he is my hero.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

awkward party of one

today as i was in a rush to get to class on time, i stopped by the bathroom. i realized something was wrong when it smelled reaaalllllly funny in there..i had been to this bathroom before but it seemed alot smaller today. then i saw a man walking towards one of the stalls. ummm straight up walked into the mens bathroom. i put my head down, left shamefully, and prayed no one saw me.

curse my life.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

odd days and even days

so, my parents... being the wonderful fabulous parents they are, sometimes get into arguments. not often... but very seldomly they get into fights they seem like they cannot resolve. (all i know is im glad i have the sort of parents who only fight occasionally.) so, one argument they had a few months ago just couldnt be solved. both of them wouldnt back down and it seemed like they were at a dead end. so they decided together that if the issue can absolutely not be resolved, then my mom would win on even days and my dad would win on odd days. cute.

a few days ago my mom and i were talking and i heard that they had argued about something... and i said..
"well was it an even day or an odd day?"
and she said...
"well..since i'll be on chemo the next six months, every day is an even day."

i thought this was funny. and cute. i love my parents.

Monday, October 27, 2008

megans walmart dream guy

note: this man was 70 and possibly intoxicated

Old man: Where'd you get that red hair?
Megan: Jesus.
Old man: It's sexy. (touches her hair)
Megan: Thank you?
Old man: My wife used to be a red head... now shes a white head. HHA-HA-HA-HHA!
Megan: ......

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

best part of my weekend..

so, the highlight of my weekend was overhearing a conversation at burger king between two boys approx 20 years of age... talking about the destiny of Voldemorts soul. they went on for probably a good 25 minutes about this. and were serious. and were deeply picking apart all the possible options. thats all.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

proof i have sleep deprivation:

i put toothpaste on my washcloth this morning... to wash my face.

toothapasdre Pictures, Images and Photos

note to self:
-Toothpaste is for brushing your teeth.
-Cetaphil is for washing your face.

123 break!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Quotes long put off..

ohhhh man.

quotes from natalee's 70 year old nana..
talking about walking through metal detectors at the airport....
nana: "im always afraid i'd have to pull off my bra and pull out my tooth!"

nana... when we were watching a movie..
nana:"is that that colored snoop dog?"
us: "nana!!!"
nana: "what i meant to say was.... is that snoop dog thats colored."

family quotes from the weekend..
kristin: "koalas are like handicapped teddy bears"
mom: "jackson comma michael!"
mom: "double chin city."
jackie: "would YOU wanna carpool with abba?"

when my mother didnt want me to leave and go back to logan...
mom: "hmm.... hurricane gustav in logan utah!!!"

mom: "i cant get sick. im going to have to wear a mask."
me: :(
mom: (seeing my worry and tears....) "No, not a hospital mask... a Zorro mask!!!"
me: ........

anonymous: "that skunk smells bad... usually i like it."

Monday, October 13, 2008

chicken treats?

today in my college english class (note: not third grade class), we did presentations on halloween. and told halloween stories. i think that yi huang just wants to know more about america... so she makes us do presentations on things like that and my personal fav...our presentation on 'our favorite ad- versment.' (advertisement).

anyway, today she said... "fo halloween we have nice party time and carve pumpkin and maybe eat candy and have you dress up and chicken treats."

chicken treats?

..... it took me a long minute to figure out she that 'chicken treats' was translated to 'trick or treat'

Trick or Treat Pictures, Images and Photos

Sunday, October 12, 2008

i found a dead cat on the side of the road..

this made me pee my pants. if you are sensitive to people with doll hands, refrain from watching.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

please know, this will be in my nightmares forever

on a friday night.. sometimes me and my sister youtube when there is nothing else to do. if i could go back in time and change tonight, i would. i never would have burned my retinas watching this. beware.

thank you kristin for ruining my life.