Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Quotes long put off..

ohhhh man.

quotes from natalee's 70 year old nana..
talking about walking through metal detectors at the airport....
nana: "im always afraid i'd have to pull off my bra and pull out my tooth!"

nana... when we were watching a movie..
nana:"is that that colored snoop dog?"
us: "nana!!!"
nana: "what i meant to say was.... is that snoop dog thats colored."

family quotes from the weekend..
kristin: "koalas are like handicapped teddy bears"
mom: "jackson comma michael!"
mom: "double chin city."
jackie: "would YOU wanna carpool with abba?"

when my mother didnt want me to leave and go back to logan...
mom: "hmm.... hurricane gustav in logan utah!!!"

mom: "i cant get sick. im going to have to wear a mask."
me: :(
mom: (seeing my worry and tears....) "No, not a hospital mask... a Zorro mask!!!"
me: ........

anonymous: "that skunk smells bad... usually i like it."


Tami said...

hahaha. Mom should really wear a zorro mask with her medical mask, because then she could be michael jackson for halloween. AND. Harry Pottah is magical. Why don't you accio me my 3 books that are missing!!!!!!!!!

cole linnae said...


accio books.

go check outside youre window.. theyll be flyin in soon