Wednesday, October 29, 2008

odd days and even days

so, my parents... being the wonderful fabulous parents they are, sometimes get into arguments. not often... but very seldomly they get into fights they seem like they cannot resolve. (all i know is im glad i have the sort of parents who only fight occasionally.) so, one argument they had a few months ago just couldnt be solved. both of them wouldnt back down and it seemed like they were at a dead end. so they decided together that if the issue can absolutely not be resolved, then my mom would win on even days and my dad would win on odd days. cute.

a few days ago my mom and i were talking and i heard that they had argued about something... and i said..
"well was it an even day or an odd day?"
and she said...
"well..since i'll be on chemo the next six months, every day is an even day."

i thought this was funny. and cute. i love my parents.


Dallas and Amylee said...

I don't think anyone has as good of a sense of humor as your Mom. You should love your parents. They sound wonderful.

cole linnae said...

i do. im convinced they are the best parents on the face of this earth!

Kristin May said...

awww cute.