Tuesday, July 29, 2008

the brain.. the brain.. the center of the chain

so there i was, flipping through channels.. when i stumbled upon abc family. i thought i recognized this show, but wasnt sure.. it was of some girl taking a test, and had all these good luck charms sitting on her desk.. i.e.. a rabbits foot, a horseshoe.. a starfish? anyway.. as she begins to tap her pencil.. she starts to chant.. 'the brain, the brain, the center of the chain..'
holy cow, blast from the past. blast from the past as in begging my mom to run to hollywood video and rent this movie, blast from the past as in wishing i was asian because of one of the main girls on that show was, blast from the past as in wanting to change my name to Dawn, and blast from the past as in wishing with everything i had that i was thirteen. "thirteen!?!?!? thirteen!!!"

yes, the babysitter's club. i got so excited i almost peed my pants, and sat there on my moms bed, alone, having a moment. and laughing at all the funny things they said and texting all the quotes to my sister. whenever i'd pretend to cry when i was little, i remember always wanting to say, 'its just an allergy! its an allergy okay!?!?' and i also wanted to catch some mean girl from my school in wet cement and have the only evidence her gray, spray painted sneakers. and i remembered making my friends in kindergarten all put their head in a circle like in the beginning of the movie. hahhaha. most of you wont even understand this blog except for my sisters. but it completed my heart to watch that show.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

quote of the day..

i'll leave the author out of this.. for her sake.. :)

driving past the park yesterday...

"its a hundred and one freakin degrees!... (glances at soccer field..) oh ya, lets go play soccer since its so cool outside.. (glances back at the road she was neglecting..) get out of my street!!!!!!!!!!!!! Watch out or i'm gonna get ugly!!!"

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

quote of the day..

my mom was sitting on her bed flipping through the channels..

mom: fine. i'll just watch animal planet!
me: i want a monkey...
mom: ohhh mannn they'll bite your face off!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

nananananannana batman

this is paul being a creepster joker. people were camped out for DAYS for this.

so..seeing batman was the highlight of my week. and im not a movie person really... it was a plus because:
1. christian bale was either in church clothes or his bat suit.
2. heath ledger stole my heart as a killer sociopath
3. maggie jillenhall whoever wasnt even that cute in the movie, which makes me feel great about myself.

christian bale makes me swoon. mother may i. but really, every five seconds this movie would make some drastic change and i'd gasp everytime it happened. im quite sure my cute date was pretty annoyed at me by then. such a dark and twisty movie i LUH it and i want to marry it.
me and scotty.. (best math class crush ever!)

also, i saw everyone from my highschool at the premiere annnnd wanted to die. there are a select few i love. theater kids, and a few others. this nice boy scotty who took me. but mannnn im glad i'm outta there. anyways, basically all i'm trying to say is heath ledger (rest in heaven) can kidnap me anyday and i'll gladly let christian bale swoop down from the rooftops in his tight batsuit and rescue me.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

fourth of july

im horrible at blogging on time. anyways. the fourth.

ummm okay so holidays are a big deal in my family...i mean, a big deal. on the fourth, we have a feast of patriotic colored food...we always wear appropriate colored clothing to match the holiday.. (christmas: red or green.. easter: pastels.. 4th: red, white and blue.. etc..) and occasionally we have the family fight but mostly thats just on thanksgiving. we had some family over..but we missed my two sisters away at the moment, tam and jackie, and the other booth girl, steve groch, who usually graces us with his presence on national holidays.

my mother, being the patriotic woman she is, decided that this would be the appropriate center piece for our feast.

yes, its a sparkler in the salt shaker. i love my family.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

im a walking food baby.

so last night i got really hungry. so i went to the fridge and got this HUGE lump of left over garlic mashed potatoes. after i buttered and warmed them up..i realized that those potatoes sure did look alot like a nice bowl of icecream.... so THEN.. i decided to get out the new breyers icecream and make my own home made unhealthy chocolate peanut butter treat.. then i decided to shove down a few rolls just for kicks, and realized that i felt like edward when he was thirsty for some grizzlies.

kill me please.

also, i was reading in my journal today from oh.. i dont know.. eighth grade? it went like this..
- "oh my gosh im so stressed out, i weigh like 110 pounds. i'm so fat."

i no longer have my 9th grade hot volleyball body (even though i sat on the bench the whole season..) but yes. i eat what i want. im gunna get what i want.

JUST NOW.. i realized that ive eaten my chocolate peanut butter ice cream concoction about everynight for the past two weeks. yes, i can now grab my love handles. all i have to say is real women have curves. and, with that thought, i'm off to the fridge.

Monday, July 14, 2008

quote of the day..

this was right after i walked in the door from going to my singles ward...

dad: "see any cute boys?"
mom: "ya, dads lookin for some..."
me: "oh i'll let them know.."
dad: "...you guys suck."

Saturday, July 5, 2008

i love new york

okay, so its time i write about new york...

so.. i went on this one trip with my theater friends and my way sweet theater teacher, and it was way awesome. first of all, because i've never been outside the western u.s. and second of all, i was going with people i loved. we went to ellis island..rode some ferrys..saw mario lopez..almost touched him but i froze.. took some awesome pictures...

saw some musicals.. my favorite would have to be wicked. i love love loved this musical, it was amazing. you know when you get chills from something way epic? yeah i definately got chills. and am madly in love with fiyero. oh and, i saw young frankenstien and xanadu..which i wont comment on.

the trip was so chill, we basically did whatever we wanted. i went to some awesome museums.. got lost on the subways... walked in central park..went and toured nbc studios.. oh and got caught in the rain many-a-time.

this is me and chris in times square :)

on the last night, me and some friends went to a jazz/swing dancing club which was amazing. there were alot of old people..and we probably were 10 years too young for this kinda club but we didnt care :)

and my favorite, how could i forget, we did baptisms in the manhatten temple. this is my teacher andra :) love her.

we also saw coldplay on the today show. wow. too much excitement in one week :)

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

that grand ol canyon

soo our big family vacation this year was going to the grand canyon. oh and we stopped in powell on the way back. let me say, the car ride there wasnt THAT bad, except my family wouldnt turn off the music in the car, and i couldnt concentrate on harry potter seven. if youve read this book, youll know how frustrating that must be

we also played the alphabet game..where you go in a circle and name things that start with the letters of the alphabet. subject: people... example:

nicole: adam.. from adam and eve.
michelle: brian booth
mom: cwazy moto.

cwazy moto? ya.... cwazy. like a small child trying to say crazy with a speech impediment.

another one... subject: animals

kristin: Horse
Nicole: Iguana
Dad: .....Jackass...(giggles mischeviously like a little boy)

the list goes on, i just cant name it all

some more memorable quotes from the car include..
"you cant bite through an umbelical cord unless youre a conehead"
"she cant even get her letters front words!"
"vulupta raptor!"
"shakespeare probably had spyhillis"
"the bug is falling! the funny bug!!!!
"stay away from the edge slim! youre gonna get blown right off the mountain!"
"isnt that an ana-snazzy?"
"that would be so cute if there were a thousand bunnies jumping in that field"

we got to the canyon, and saw it. alot of it. my mom was being a dare devil and walking by the cliffs. we all scorned her.

we didnt have a tv in our cabin, so we played catch phrase and rode horses for entertainment. that, was hilarious.

then we made it to powell. and the highlight of the last day is etched into my mind forever.
my mother was getting into the boat from the shore, and was about knee deep in water. she shimmied her way onto the nose of the boat, and she was totally horizontal. then, she began to slide. it was in slow motion from there. her legs went first into the water. then she curved into the letter c, and tried to hold on for dear life as her legs went under the boat. it was hopeless and absolutely hilarious. i then saw my mom plunge into the water, glasses and baseball cap and all. she was down for approx. 2 seconds, and i was afraid she was dead. she got up and gasped, and i didnt know whether to laugh or not... or if shed be mad. she got up and i havnt seen her laugh harder in her whole entire life. she got up, her freshly permed hair dripping wet and laughed for the next 20 minutes. if you know my mother, this is 20x funnier.

the ride home took twice as long as it should have, but thats normal for us booths.

oh AND, another great part of the trip was watching my mom and dad play 'name that 60's tune' and have my parents be both so competitive, my mom kept score on a sheet of paper.

quote of the day..

"i figured out a way to lose weight. people should just put a clothes pin on their nose, so they dont smell food. then they wont be hungry.... (she plugs her nose and says very nasaly...) GIVE ME A CLOTHES PIN!"- once again, i'll leave it anonymous.

ps. im really behind in blogging. i have the grand canyon to blog about, and my new york trip. that will take a while. be prepared.

beee preeppaaarreeddd

Be Prepared