Saturday, July 5, 2008

i love new york

okay, so its time i write about new york...

so.. i went on this one trip with my theater friends and my way sweet theater teacher, and it was way awesome. first of all, because i've never been outside the western u.s. and second of all, i was going with people i loved. we went to ellis island..rode some ferrys..saw mario lopez..almost touched him but i froze.. took some awesome pictures...

saw some musicals.. my favorite would have to be wicked. i love love loved this musical, it was amazing. you know when you get chills from something way epic? yeah i definately got chills. and am madly in love with fiyero. oh and, i saw young frankenstien and xanadu..which i wont comment on.

the trip was so chill, we basically did whatever we wanted. i went to some awesome museums.. got lost on the subways... walked in central park..went and toured nbc studios.. oh and got caught in the rain many-a-time.

this is me and chris in times square :)

on the last night, me and some friends went to a jazz/swing dancing club which was amazing. there were alot of old people..and we probably were 10 years too young for this kinda club but we didnt care :)

and my favorite, how could i forget, we did baptisms in the manhatten temple. this is my teacher andra :) love her.

we also saw coldplay on the today show. wow. too much excitement in one week :)


It's ME! said...

Super super super cool!!

WHY DIDN'T YOU TOUCH A.C. SLATER?? WHY? You should have been like, 'hey, where's Zack and Kelly?'

I would have.

cole linnae said...

i froze! i literally was a foot away and froze in stardom.