Tuesday, July 15, 2008

im a walking food baby.

so last night i got really hungry. so i went to the fridge and got this HUGE lump of left over garlic mashed potatoes. after i buttered and warmed them up..i realized that those potatoes sure did look alot like a nice bowl of icecream.... so THEN.. i decided to get out the new breyers icecream and make my own home made unhealthy chocolate peanut butter treat.. then i decided to shove down a few rolls just for kicks, and realized that i felt like edward when he was thirsty for some grizzlies.

kill me please.

also, i was reading in my journal today from oh.. i dont know.. eighth grade? it went like this..
- "oh my gosh im so stressed out, i weigh like 110 pounds. i'm so fat."

i no longer have my 9th grade hot volleyball body (even though i sat on the bench the whole season..) but yes. i eat what i want. im gunna get what i want.

JUST NOW.. i realized that ive eaten my chocolate peanut butter ice cream concoction about everynight for the past two weeks. yes, i can now grab my love handles. all i have to say is real women have curves. and, with that thought, i'm off to the fridge.


Dallas and Amylee said...

You crack me up! People that eat a lot of crap are sexy.

It's ME! said...

Hahaha, I enjoyed your reference to Twilight.

Eat whatever the heck you want. I do. I gat what I wan.

Kristin May said...

remember when i felt fat so then we went and ate donuts? that was way awesome.