Friday, July 25, 2008

gravity.. wants to pull me towards john mayer.. ohh gravity..

i went to this with one of my bffs christy brian, as shown above, and it was great. the old man next to us clad in a hawaiin shirt, khaki shorts and a bandana under his hat, was equipped with his binoculars and so kindly let christy use them. just christy, not me. anyways, it was great, and i'll tell you when john asks for my hand.

he's a shmexy hunk.


Dallas and Amylee said...

I don't think you understand how much I love him, and how bad I hate that you got to get a picture of him that close up!!! He is my absolute FAVORITE! (Okay, so he's probably tied with Sarah McLachlan, but you know what I mean). You and Christy are too cute for your own good.

Kristin May said...

I feel the same way about colbie. But she is pretty good live. I totally forgot about slow dancing in a burning room. Add that to my mp3 collection. check.

jackie herself said...

yay for jm.