Wednesday, July 16, 2008

fourth of july

im horrible at blogging on time. anyways. the fourth.

ummm okay so holidays are a big deal in my family...i mean, a big deal. on the fourth, we have a feast of patriotic colored food...we always wear appropriate colored clothing to match the holiday.. (christmas: red or green.. easter: pastels.. 4th: red, white and blue.. etc..) and occasionally we have the family fight but mostly thats just on thanksgiving. we had some family over..but we missed my two sisters away at the moment, tam and jackie, and the other booth girl, steve groch, who usually graces us with his presence on national holidays.

my mother, being the patriotic woman she is, decided that this would be the appropriate center piece for our feast.

yes, its a sparkler in the salt shaker. i love my family.


Princess Michelle said...

The other booth girl, aka Steve... had his chance, he didn't want to come. He should be shunned! Just an idea...

It's ME! said...

hahahahah THAT IS SUCH A FIRE HAZARD! I'm so mad I missed it.

Shelby LaNece said...

First of all... That is the best thing I have ever heard.

Second of all.... He dumped her. Two days ago.... Ahahhahahah. And we talked on the phone for two hours last night.