Thursday, March 31, 2011

3 youtube gems

today was a sucky day. but then..i played on the tramp with corbin, and then rachel showed me a billion youtubes that made me rofl. here are some highlights...enjoy if you have time:

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

zebrah-girl zebrah-licious + pilates nails were very zombie-dead when i ripped off the full set i got a few weeks ago..
maybe ripping off fake nails is the worst feeling in the world.
solution to pretty and painless?
 ...well, i smoothed em up and bought a new little gem...

kewl huh. they is stickas! sally hansen. @ walmart. 8 bucks. totally worth it.
don't worry that there is a little kick in my step now when people notice and compliment my cool nail polish adorning my midget hands.


it is time to get rid of this chubby girl inhabiting the skinny girl body inside of me.
jillian michaels.. zumba..and pilates.
for now, i'll start with pilates.
wish me luck cuz i'm gonnnnnaaaa need it.

Friday, March 25, 2011


I should have posted this ages ago. Remember how i'm the director of that old people club?

well....this year has been great. i shoulda blogged about it more.. but this event was the best one of the whole year! Mardi gras masquerade...we made our own masks, ate yummy food and danced the night away! I even got them dancin to lady gaga. hahah.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Day 20

And so it continues.. the 30 day blog challenge i swore i'd finish because i never finish ANYTHING.

Day 20: List your siblings

(yes, we sported the painfully awkward 90's mormon dresses..)

...(unfortunately here, we must have skipped documenting michelles awkward phase and picked up 10 years later)

Jackie: The eldest. a 27 year old tattle tale!!! home-ec teacher that all the boys crush on. tall, blonde, skinny drink of water. Married to a very wonderful man named George.

Tami: BYUI student...the creative one. loves literature, writing ,and the hippie of the family. (only because she hates zoo's and think they are evil)

Kristin: BYU provo. She sings when she empties the dishwasher and says whats on her mind no matter what. She prefers her men to be tall, thick, and able to grow a beard. a real man- if you will.

Michelle: baby of the family. stupid beautiful never-dyed hair. a bit quieter than the rest of us when it comes to talking about boys....a jr. in highschool and busy 'true darting' boys.

I like all my sisters. Thats lucky...and I am glad.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

corbin makes me rofl

corbin: wasnt michael jackson the prince of something?
me: the king of pop, you mean?
corbin: yeah. I wonder where he went.
me:..he died last year, you know that.
corbin. well i know. but i wonder where he went
me: huh?
corbin: ....Heaven or.. (pointing to the ground) the OTHER place. he made some baaaaaaad choices you know. He really did!

so glad my boy is worried about the eternal destiny of MJ.

Monday, March 21, 2011

animal photobombs+ (still need e-mails!)

oh just something to make you rofl. probably only my sisters will laugh ridiculously hard at these, but whatever. cheered me up.

**(p.s... i still am going private very soon on my blog, once i compile all the addresses. If i haven't gotten your blogger e-mail address yet, please please leave it in the comments so you'll still be allowed to read! over and out )**

anyway, happy photobomb.

Friday, March 18, 2011

going private :(

Dear everyone...

**if you follow my little blog or even read occasionally, pppplllleeeaaaassseeeee put your name and blogger e-mail address in the comment box so i can allow you to creep on my blog, or forever hold your peace!!**

due to recent events... i think i need to do this. so gimme your e-mails, snitches! i promise i wont send you creepy emails. ha. or..maybe.....

anyways. so in the next week or so i'll be going private at least for a while. i'll explain later maybe.
aka, if you type in my url someday and i didn't put you on the 'allow' list.......... you cannot creep on me...not that my life is interesting..i dont have a boyfriend, not married, no babies or pregnant belly to show.. am not a mormon mommy blogger yet...just a college girl. but. i know there are creepers out there. i doubt the 70 little faithful followers i have will all do it. but. would love it if you did.
welp. the dreams of becoming a blog superstar just went out the window.
bummer right? this explanation is way too long. maybe because its 5 in the morning. i'm loopy.

going.....going..... gone.......

type away, my friendsssssssssssss

drumroll please...

(drumroll looks weird spelled out. ya?)

Yesterday was, as my cute friend stated, "My own little christmas eve".
Which means: Today was Christmas.

I found out where I will be doing my internship all of next year for social work. Which could potentially lead to my first job in social work, and possibly my future career! (when i'm not raising babies of course.)

For the past few years I have wanted to go into medical social work..maybe in the E.R. or with new mamas in the women's wing...or maybe crisis intervention.. just a few options i was focusing on. But all of a sudden i got this crazy urge to do my internship at Juvenile Justice, which is a 45 day holding cell for first time offenders. It was my first choice and I was stoked. (Maybe i just wanted this cuz i love the MSNBC jail shows? I dont know.)
buuuuuuuuuuuuut...........thats not what i got this morning

I'll be the newest social work intern at McKay Dee hospital starting in September! wooooooo

Downside: Commute to Ogden..

-I get to choose my unit I'll be focusing on..such as..
-Women and Children Newborn unit..(new mamas, mamas who lost their babies, NICU, etc)
-Surgical Unit
-E.R. -(bereavemnt services)
-Cardiac Wing
..etc etc hospital hospital etc.

I'm just excited. and so what if i didn't get the jail internship? Maybe i'd get shot. My dad said I probably would. So. I'm just really blessed to get this opportunity :)

you know what ELSE this means!?!?!?

I'll be an intern.
Which means I could possibly meet a sexy medical resident.
And fall in LOVEEEEE.
And then we'll move off to seattle grace and live happily ever after.

The End.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

gospel gem

"Hope sweetens the memory of experiences well loved. It tempers our troubles to our growth and our strength. It befriends us in dark hours, excites us in bright ones. It lends promise to the future and purpose to the past. It turns discouragement to determination"

-James E. Foust

oh my sweet corbin

"wanna know why i just ate so much candy and keep eating more? because i want to get sick. want to know why i want to get sick? because i hate school."

"want some gobstoppers? they are sweaty. here, take two."

"today during recess i ran all the way to my house and back before the bell rang. and the teachers and ground dudties didnt even notice. what!!? i was bored!"

"i never sleep. i dont even need sleep. its like i'm remortald or something..."

"sometimes, when a little girl is crying, i run up to her and then punch myself in the face. and then run away like i wasn't even there. it makes them feel better."

Sunday, March 13, 2011

guess what?

guess what i just realized folks?
yes, JUST BARELY it hit me....

i'd like the L.O.M.L (aka my future husband) to:

  • not blame everything on me.
  • never, ever degrade me or make me feel worthless
  • appreciate the good qualities i have
  • take responsibility for his own actions
  • never yell or swear at me...or at any lady for that matter!
  • look over my flaws and shortcomings and still take me as a package deal
  • not fight with me all the time & say hurtful things on purpose
  • not be prideful
  • not get fed up with me every other second because i'm not perfect.
  • be kind in every word, thought, deed
  • have a heart full of patience. i need my time.
  • be on my team-always. he needs to wear my color jersey and not switch whenever he feels like it.
  • let me know he likes me.

but above all, just

be nice to me

is that too much to ask?

Saturday, March 12, 2011

baby come back

so what if me and my friends find hilarious pictures late at night and cackle till the early morning hours?

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

the world is full of crazies and fools..

who don't believe in sensible ruuuuullesss..

such as:
an eye-browless black woman and a very white man CANNOT naturally end up with a very attractive half-asian son.
rule broken.

what is it- you ask i'm talking about?
well, today my roommate and i stumbled upon the BET channel.. 
and this is what we beheld:

the bi-racial cinderella story circa 1997- starring the one and only, Brandy.
Don't remember? oh let me just remind you...

you better believe we sang along to every song. it was our 7 year old dream- reincarnated!
but one thing.. in all seriousness...
how did we not notice brandy's manly sideburns?

all i know is that i definitely want whitney huston as my fairy god mother.
(but i do not want her to do my makeup.yikesbikes.)