Friday, March 4, 2011

i know some day it'll all turn out...

one day:
  • a boy will love me. all of me. my laugh and my cry and all of that.
  • he will love me unconditionally.
  • his true colors will be only the best ones. no browns or blacks. only bright colors, and he will show them from the very beginning.
  • this boy will never hurt me.
  • or manipulate me.
  • or belittle me and put me down
  • he'd never dream of intentionally causing me pain.
  • he will lift me up spiritually.
  • he will make me a better person
  • he will be patient and kind and sincere.
  • he will be genuine and full of respect for everyone in his life.
i just haven't met him yet.


Christy said...

Love. love. love.

MissyJEE said...

corrrrect. :)