Saturday, March 5, 2011


today i walked into my boys house and sat down on the couch next to corb.

corb: "i heard you were sick yesterday. you look miserable. are you okay?"
me: "yeah."
corb: ....................
me: "well, one of my old friends called me a bad name today and it made me cry a little."

his friend jareden came down the stairs right before he was going to say something. corb got quiet, turned super red and sincerely stared at the ground for a minute. when jareden wasnt paying attention to us, corbin shyly came closer, looked at me through his little glasses and quietly said,
"i'm sorry... thats really mean. i hope you feel better...are you sure youre okay?"
he put his head on my shoulder and i rested my head on his little 3rd grade noggin while put his arms around me for a quick second.

i love that little guy.

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