Wednesday, March 9, 2011

the world is full of crazies and fools..

who don't believe in sensible ruuuuullesss..

such as:
an eye-browless black woman and a very white man CANNOT naturally end up with a very attractive half-asian son.
rule broken.

what is it- you ask i'm talking about?
well, today my roommate and i stumbled upon the BET channel.. 
and this is what we beheld:

the bi-racial cinderella story circa 1997- starring the one and only, Brandy.
Don't remember? oh let me just remind you...

you better believe we sang along to every song. it was our 7 year old dream- reincarnated!
but one thing.. in all seriousness...
how did we not notice brandy's manly sideburns?

all i know is that i definitely want whitney huston as my fairy god mother.
(but i do not want her to do my makeup.yikesbikes.)


Tami said...

...I distinctly remember loving her eye makeup when I first saw this. Oh, man.

cole linnae said...


Michelle said...

First of all, let me just tell you I own this movie. Secondly, I knew as soon as you started describing the white excited man and eyebrowless woman, I knew exactly who you were talking about! hahaha

brittyd23 said...

oh my I RECORDED this movie when it was the abc's disney family movie...i'll bring it up along with my vhs player. I love this movie.