Sunday, March 13, 2011

guess what?

guess what i just realized folks?
yes, JUST BARELY it hit me....

i'd like the L.O.M.L (aka my future husband) to:

  • not blame everything on me.
  • never, ever degrade me or make me feel worthless
  • appreciate the good qualities i have
  • take responsibility for his own actions
  • never yell or swear at me...or at any lady for that matter!
  • look over my flaws and shortcomings and still take me as a package deal
  • not fight with me all the time & say hurtful things on purpose
  • not be prideful
  • not get fed up with me every other second because i'm not perfect.
  • be kind in every word, thought, deed
  • have a heart full of patience. i need my time.
  • be on my team-always. he needs to wear my color jersey and not switch whenever he feels like it.
  • let me know he likes me.

but above all, just

be nice to me

is that too much to ask?


Rachel Nell said...

No. That is NOT too much to ask. And don't ever, EVER settle for anything less.

Nicole said...

:) thanks rachie