Friday, March 18, 2011

drumroll please...

(drumroll looks weird spelled out. ya?)

Yesterday was, as my cute friend stated, "My own little christmas eve".
Which means: Today was Christmas.

I found out where I will be doing my internship all of next year for social work. Which could potentially lead to my first job in social work, and possibly my future career! (when i'm not raising babies of course.)

For the past few years I have wanted to go into medical social work..maybe in the E.R. or with new mamas in the women's wing...or maybe crisis intervention.. just a few options i was focusing on. But all of a sudden i got this crazy urge to do my internship at Juvenile Justice, which is a 45 day holding cell for first time offenders. It was my first choice and I was stoked. (Maybe i just wanted this cuz i love the MSNBC jail shows? I dont know.)
buuuuuuuuuuuuut...........thats not what i got this morning

I'll be the newest social work intern at McKay Dee hospital starting in September! wooooooo

Downside: Commute to Ogden..

-I get to choose my unit I'll be focusing on..such as..
-Women and Children Newborn unit..(new mamas, mamas who lost their babies, NICU, etc)
-Surgical Unit
-E.R. -(bereavemnt services)
-Cardiac Wing
..etc etc hospital hospital etc.

I'm just excited. and so what if i didn't get the jail internship? Maybe i'd get shot. My dad said I probably would. So. I'm just really blessed to get this opportunity :)

you know what ELSE this means!?!?!?

I'll be an intern.
Which means I could possibly meet a sexy medical resident.
And fall in LOVEEEEE.
And then we'll move off to seattle grace and live happily ever after.

The End.


KB said...

GIRL!!! I am so jealous of you. Please look for: Child Life Specialist internships. That is my future dream. And i need an internship.

Sydney said...

Ha Congrats thats cool! My mother in law is working on her masters in social work and she got an internship at the juvenile place. You could have been friends.

Kiley said...

I KNEW greys would come into this when I first read intern at a hospital... LOVE it. and LOVE you!

Tami said...

When I imagined you working in the hospital as an intern, my first thought was of Greys as well. You can be Lexie Grey.

MissyJEE said...

yaaaayyyyyy wonderful!!!

Nicole said...

:) i'm stoked.
and i'm determined to date a doctor there.

morgan said...

Nicole-- I am so excited I just found your blog! (creepy?.... maybe) Whatever. Congrats on your practicum. I think it's fitting for you.... as long as you don't have to see blood, or eyeballs. :)

cole linnae said...

MORGAN! you big creep! how come i cant see your blog?

loooooooove you :)

and i'm praying i dont see blood or eyeballs

morgan said...

OH NO! it doesn't show up??