Wednesday, March 16, 2011

oh my sweet corbin

"wanna know why i just ate so much candy and keep eating more? because i want to get sick. want to know why i want to get sick? because i hate school."

"want some gobstoppers? they are sweaty. here, take two."

"today during recess i ran all the way to my house and back before the bell rang. and the teachers and ground dudties didnt even notice. what!!? i was bored!"

"i never sleep. i dont even need sleep. its like i'm remortald or something..."

"sometimes, when a little girl is crying, i run up to her and then punch myself in the face. and then run away like i wasn't even there. it makes them feel better."


KB said...

Ha. I feel like you were his mother in another life.

livvy said...

ahhhhh i miss those boys so much!! Can't wait to see them thursday!! and you too!! :)

Christy Marie said...

haha I love Corbin quotes.

Rachel Nell said...

The last one... adorable. I hope that in my future family of all boys, I get one as awesome as Corbin.