Thursday, March 24, 2011

Day 20

And so it continues.. the 30 day blog challenge i swore i'd finish because i never finish ANYTHING.

Day 20: List your siblings

(yes, we sported the painfully awkward 90's mormon dresses..)

...(unfortunately here, we must have skipped documenting michelles awkward phase and picked up 10 years later)

Jackie: The eldest. a 27 year old tattle tale!!! home-ec teacher that all the boys crush on. tall, blonde, skinny drink of water. Married to a very wonderful man named George.

Tami: BYUI student...the creative one. loves literature, writing ,and the hippie of the family. (only because she hates zoo's and think they are evil)

Kristin: BYU provo. She sings when she empties the dishwasher and says whats on her mind no matter what. She prefers her men to be tall, thick, and able to grow a beard. a real man- if you will.

Michelle: baby of the family. stupid beautiful never-dyed hair. a bit quieter than the rest of us when it comes to talking about boys....a jr. in highschool and busy 'true darting' boys.

I like all my sisters. Thats lucky...and I am glad.


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In the last arm looks like a christmas ham.