Wednesday, March 9, 2011

putting my face on...

so, most days/every day i dont get ready. and my boys, corbin and blake, always see me in sweats and glasses looking quite ruffled from a long day at school.

well, once upon a valentines day, i decided to put makup on my face and even curl my hair..which i haven't done in probably months. i walk in as usual, and the convo goes like this:

me: hey how was your day at school?
blake: hi. (turns to look at me. double take.) corbin-look!
corbin: woah
blake: you look........ pretty....(unsure if i was an imposter)
blake: yeah you look really different.
me: ha..maybe i should put my face on more often..(feeling like a complete idiot)
corbin: yeah. you look COMPLETELY DIFFERENT!! you really do!!! its like you're not even you! (notices my sparkly bronzer) your face is even... sparkling. why is it doing that?
me: (i pause and quietly say..)..its because i'm a vampire. vampire's skin sparkles in the sun, didn't you know that?
corbin: .................

im 75% sure he believes me.

and 100% sure its not exactly awesome to be told you look like a completely different person- a pretty person- only with makeup on. epic fail.

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That One Chick With The Face said...

My husband once told me how different (for the better) I looked with makeup after a year of marriage. NOW THAT is epic. I feel your...embarassment? Pain? Cha.